Three of my favourite movies this year as featured on “”

My friend Jon Connor started this website/ blog recently and gradually as the content grows it is becoming another independent resource for information and opinions. Jon is a new owner of a Canon 7D and is sharing his experiences with it as he discovers a new love of photography and video. Along with his better half Cristina Valdivieso he is doing some really great work.

He asked me to pick some movies that inspire me for an article on his blog. I picked “Moon”, “Colin” and “The Fall”.

Please check out his site to read why I chose them. They are all very different but all have one thing in common. They inspire me.

Bloom Reel Inspiration Take 2



  1. I love all of these resources popping up for VDSLR shooting. We just ordered our first 7D and I am hopefully shooting an online promo with it next weekend.

    Thanks for posting up another resource Philip!

  2. “If you don’t know who Philip Bloom is you must be living under a rock.
    He’s boldly trailblazing a new breed of cinematography, filmmaking without the film, utilizing 35mm adapters and VDSLR’s. His recent work, besides being co-founder of the highly popular online training resource F-Stop Academy , includes films for Discovery HD, Five, Living, Sky One, Greenpeace and too many others to list here.
    He’s an invaluable asset to the filmmaking community. I am very glad to have met him and consider him a true friend. He tirelessly works doing what he loves most and in the process educates, inspires and sets the bar higher in the filmmaking community. ”

    This guy LOOOOOVES you 😉

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