EDIT: NOT the first glimpse of new firmware for Canon 5dmkII

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EDIT: I have just had confirmed that what you are seeing on the screen is from the 1dmkIV menu. Sorry to disappoint. We will have to wait a little longer!

“No idea when this is actually coming out but this video courtesy of Cameradepartment.tv show us the new 5dMKII menu options including the fabled 24p and thankfully 720 60p (and SD but we don’t talk about that even if it is for some reason 60 frames per second now) Don’t worry 25p and 720p 50p are there, you just need to select PAL instead of NTSC in the menu system to have those options.

Be great to be given a firm date when this is out. We are desperately waiting for some of that sweet 24p/25p 5dmkII goodness!! Maybe they can release it the morning of 25th December as a Christmas present to all of us?”

Screen shot 2009-12-06 at 11.47.37

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    1. Around 5 min. or so into the video, Tim Smith mentions that the 24p rate is going to match the 7D offering of 24p, and it sounds like he says 23.98. Kind of muffled, but I think that’s the deal.

  1. Good to have 24p for the 5D confirmed out side of rumors. Thanks for posting. I’m also glad the 1D will have the same frame rates.

    Currently I favor the 1D for the fabled low light performance, but am awaiting some hands on reviews. At the price point I expect the video image to be just as good as the 5D. Although I may hold off the 5D until Mark III comes out.

  2. This is great news. I didn’t have high hopes of getting the faster frame rates, so this is a very pleasant surprise. I had heard 1st quarter recently from a reliable source recently, and if they are starting to show it, then January seems worth hoping for.

    Dan S, I presume this is going to work in the same way as the other 7D & 1D, so all the ones you see on the screenshot are the US ones and are drop frame including 30p which will be a change to your pre-firmware footage. The PAL set are exactly 25p & 50p. This might be a bit of a pain if you are mid-project on 5Ds but will be a boon if you are trying to mix footage with a 7D/1D. Suddenly a 7D second body sounds a good idea again….must resist…

  3. Hi Philip

    I’m a long time follower of your blogs. Always great stuff.

    I have a question regarding frame rates, which noone seems to bring up (so perhaps only I care). My main area of filmmaking is action and stunts. I’m very impressed by the examples of the 5DmkII, 7D etc, but the “deal breaker” which stops me splashing out is the absence of being able to undercrank. Action sequences can be greatly enhanced by shooting certain setups at 23fps,22fps, and on occasion even faster.

    My question: If clever folks can design software which can get the 5D to shoot at 24fps, is there any chance of an update (official or not)which would allow for even more flexible changing of frame rates?

    Right now, for me the best really low budget filmlook setup for action is Sony Ex1/3 with 35mm adapter – (RED does the job but costs more). If a DSLR could handle undercrank as well as 50p 720, I’d be a very happy boy.

    BTW, I’m not a fan of speeding up in post. It just doesn’t have the same effect.
    Many Thanks.

  4. Don’t get too excited at 60p if it’s even close to the 7D 60p modei t will be highly unusable due to the horrible moire and aliasing. It has already ruined over 20 shots that I even took care to avoid patterns.

    Don’t try to shoot birds at 60p if you want good detail, the feathers alias so bad it ruins the shots.

    Now they need to fix AGC, give us sound control & levels!

  5. i just called canon.

    as people have been saying, the reps are really helpful, this is what i got from the rep in bullet form…

    * a whitepaper update will probably be announced in th enext few weeks

    * the firmware update will probably be in the first QUARTER of 2010

    * rep: “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature”

    (i then pushed him further to elaborate on this)

    * “my guess is that it probably will have all the video features of the 7d”

    so its seems its looking good for the 60fps feature in the next firmware update dues in the first quarter of next year. i was a little worried when he said “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature” but when i asked again, he did change his tone sounding more positive about this feature

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