Premiere of Season 2 of “Critics”



12668_188107437321_117920342321_3096169_4306783_nHere it is…finally! Longer, more critiquing, more discussion and more English…hope you enjoy it!!!


  1. Excellent, definitely improved by the 28min running time.

    For the record, I also thought the airport lobby short was pants, felt like a M. Night Shyamalan short but even more predictable (if that’s possible). Who are we meant to feel sorry for anyway? The silly cow shouldn’t have said no, our man has just saved a couple of thou on the ring and is tapping some new ass! Maybe the bloke with the case is trying to remember where he parked at the end?

    Looks good granted, but so do suspenders, doesn’t mean my Nan can wear them and get away with it.

    1. loved your points, funny. can’t remember where he parked? awesome! and yes, she shoulda said yes. hesitation shows uncertainty in my opinion, serve’s her right. “oh bugger, wait! I do love him” to quote randy from american idol “Sorry dawg,aint happenin”

  2. I’m sorry but I had to scrub through this entire clip. Steve Weiss, you are a typical loud mouthed yank with no work to back up your opinions, extremely unlikeable. I will never hit play on another video with that dude in it.

    1. Wow over genralize much man?

      I find Weiss to be pretty funny myself.

      I really liked the religious piece in this episode. Not for the content so much but for how well produced it was.

    2. Really? Steve has done a lot of work in his 60 year career. Seriously he has. I really would not call him a loud mouthed yank. Yank, yes. Loud, maybe because his hearing is failing. But other than that I respect his opinions more than anyone, even though we disagree on much

    3. Caleb,
      You really need to be more informed before you talk. Just so you know, I’m sure I’ve created more content then most folks on the internet. Between 1983 & 2000, I was entirely in production under the name 1st Generation Film/Video. It wasn’t till I got burnt out on corporate production 2000 that I created Zacuto. I produced and directed over 500 projects for clients like Jim Beam Brands, Firestone, Masonite, Sears, Zenith, and more. My work for hire career ended in 2000 but I came back in 2001 when asked to directed several projects for Nextel where I interviewed Rudy Giuliani after 9/11 and created several videos from that interview. Plus while at Zacuto I conceived and directed two very successful webisodic programs Filmfellas & Critics. You can see some of my film and video work at as well as my photographic from 1973 – 2009 at so I think I’m more than qualified to critique web based video content.

      1. I’ve kind of made the decision on that one. Some like the talking over the clips, some don’t. I think it’s always disturbing to have talking while someone is talking in the clip. Since these clips were very talk-talk, I didn’t feel it worked well. Plus I think you really needed to hear every word in all of these clips. It’s a directorial decision.

  3. Great selections. Have you been to Ted Chung’s website? He has a great reel, but they are all pretty much about the same thing. But he is great at the “cupid’s broken arrow” type shorts.

  4. Love it, I actually really enjoy the banter. …but I miss the running commentary over the films. Personally I have no problem whatching the films themselves outside the show if I feel the need, just put the Vimeo links in the post and off we go. But really, put the running commentaries back =)

  5. Hey, Mike. I produced the religious piece. I really appreciate the comment. I can understand why you didn’t really enjoy the message. If you got any questions, or anyhting, let me know.

    1. Hey D.C.,

      I didn’t have anything against the content, I actually work for a large religious non profit. Itt wasn’t so much about the message as the way you delivered it. It looked great and flowed great.

  6. In regards to “On Time” I feel as though a lot of people are getting caught up in the romance. In my opinion the story is really about the man with the suitcase. It’s his power, the limitations of the power, and his realization that in trying to help the world he’s only made it worse that make this film really interesting. The romance just helps drive the main plot.

  7. Fantastic episode – I totally agree with you Phillip, the first film looked incredible, really interesting shots & use of light and a hugely engaging delivery. On Time was a great piece of work but didn’t really do it for me in terms of the narrative. I cant believe these 3 films are just lurking around the webosphere – Keep it coming! I’m off to watch series 1.
    Lovely stuff.
    p.s. also made me watch 1000 words – beautiful film!

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