Very surreal but silly video of me as Blake Whitman at Vimeo HQ

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The things we do when hungover!! I think we channeled “The office” quite well! For some reason Vimeo “God” Blake Whitman wanted to be me, and for me to be him. Silly man! 😉

Philip Bloom @ Vimeo HQ from Sam Morrill on Vimeo.

Philip Bloom drops by Vimeo HQ for a chat with Blake.

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  1. Off topic, sorry don’t know where to write this 🙁

    Phillip, let’s commission a 7D magic lantern asap! (posted this on Cinema5D)

    Here’s my idea, quite simple really:

    Ask Tramell how much is needed for him to put his efforts into this to get a 7D firmware in X amount of time.
    Let’s say it is $10,000.
    Assume at least 250 of us want it; that’s $40 per person!
    (I bet there are more then 250 of us!!!! if you blog about we’ll have hundreds).

    If Tramell can’t stop his day job to do it then we hire some other person who knows how to accomplish these things and voila!

    1)Commission somebody and find the price
    2)Create a list of all who are interested in paying (so we can figure out the price per person)
    3)Gather the money from all of us (we’re talking international, that’s a-lot of people that are interested!)
    4)All who paid get it free and those who didn’t pay can buy it for $10 more then what we paid for. This way it pays to sign up and pay before hand and it will mean less per person to comission somebody!

    I see we commission somebody to do it in 30 days, if that’s realistic! Many will sign up to prepay for this and the cost per person will be very small in my opinion!

    This is very doable IMHO!

  2. Haha….awesome. The scene where you just sincerely ask for a warm cup of coffee….with a semi-automatic in your hand haha 🙂 lovely, You should make a whole series of them and sell them on DVD!

  3. Hey Philip!
    I got a Q for you. If you’d have a limited budget (let’s say around 6000-7000 euro) would you buy a stronger DSLR (which one would be your choice…5d, 1d?) or a cheaper one (the rebel or the 7d) to save more money to buy good lents and other “accessories” ?

    Well, simply. Let’s say you start from zero with this budget. What do you buy?

    Just a suggestion. Thank you! You’re great!

  4. I get in trouble for calling Andrea – ‘Un-drea’ all the time as well. Seems Australian Andreas like -‘An-drea’. Whatever. You guys just don’t know how your name is supposed to sound.

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