Very interesting open source video editing project

This was brought to my attention earlier today, and it piqued my interest enough to invest in it to become a BETA tester for it. It’s an open source editor that lets you do real time collaborative editing no matter where you are. Could be really useful (or a massive pain in the arse!) but it’s a great idea. What I am most interested in is whether this is going to be totally stand alone, as in will projects cut in this be transferable to local editing systems like FCP, Premiere, AVID, or do we have to edit on this the whole time? Lots of questions!

Personally I am looking forward to doing a collaborative edit, and when that person says they are just nipping to the loo, I’ll add a cross dissolve to EVERY cut for a laugh!

I love the idea that the rushes and renders will be in the cloud as well as local. Of course with my recent hotel internet experience, I know editing there will be a no-go. Am lucky to load a Vimeo 3 minute video in a hour at some places!

This is from the team:


“We’re nearly done with hardest part of our collaborative editor (dealing with files). And that means we’re close to having a tool that can do honest-to-god real-time collaborative video editing. By our count, this will be a world-first.

We’d like you to be one of the first 100 people in the world to experience collaborative editing. So if you’ve got $299.99 burning a hole in your pocket for some reason, you can help us deliver the future, plus make sure you’re first in line to try it.

If we meet our funding goal, we’re confident we can deliver ground breaking collaborative editing, although likely with just a few of our planned editing features implemented. But we’re in this for the long haul, and should this project blow up in the press, that means we can charge full steam ahead for that much longer before needing to stop and scramble for money again.”

Check out the kickstarter page! and do invest in a really worthwhile project!




    1. @Zak Ray – Avid certainly has a lot of name recognition, but in my own opinion as a young-buck DSLR toting video guy, it’s a name that connotes “OLD” and “CLUNKY.” Unless they’re working on a framework shift in hopes of capitalizing on the FCP blunder I think that this could go for (*if* it works and isn’t too convoluted).

      @Philip – Your take seems right – either revolutionary or a pain. Let us know how it goes!

  1. i have read about novacut weeks ago… seems interesting. please, philip, keep us informed. i hope that your post will help to improve their proyect. thank you in that case.

    i´m still searching for a professional open source editor (and affordable), and i´m sure there are many with the same search. i would love to abandone windows plataform.

    lightworks, from editshare, seems really interesting too… in the other side, adobe doesn´t seem to hear this need (i would go right now for cs5.5 if it could run on linux… :-(… there is nothing to wait for in apple … and now we have some new info about avid… please zak, are you meaning that avid is looking into an opensource editing suite or maybe into a collaborative/cloud editing suite?

    (why i want an opensource editing suite running under a opensource s.o.? is ideological, nothing else 😉

  2. How about Lightworks which became open source about a year ago. I personnaly never tried it since i’m a mac user and it’s only available on windows so far but they say it should be coming to mac before the end of the year. I will give it a try when it will be available since i’m looking at other solutions to replace final cut pro

  3. Hey Philip,

    This company is doing something interesting:

    You can upload and share all rushes – they have drop in centers to do this quickly. You can then sync up edits with things like FCP or do rough cuts directly on their site.

  4. Hi,
    I wonder how is this project Open Source ? I can’t find the sources on the website.
    If I want the sources of Firefox (for instance) which is really an Open Source project, I just have to go on their website.

    I might be wrong, but for me this is not (yet?) an Open Source project…

  5. Nice one!
    I hope it all goes pretty well, just like Blender3D as one of successful 3D animation opensource. (but Blender3D requires lot of time to learn !)
    I’m using Sony Vegas @Windows for now, and have other computer installed with Ubuntu (especially for e-mail uses and love finding free-opensource apps) and still have difficulties on finding acceptable NLE @Linux.

    The recent release of Lightworks from Editshare now still requires Matrox Video-for-Windows codec, which can replace standard video codec, especially DV, including one is used by Vegas.

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