UPDATE: PB Pocket Dolly latest batch go on sale Tuesday! The Kessler Basic Controller and an upgrade path to the Oracle Controller

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Ethics statement: Kessler Crane are one of my main site sponsors and this is a blatant plug for their products, but they make the best stuff (especially my rather lovely signature dolly) simple as that! If they didn’t I simply would not have them on my site!

By the way the next batch of my pocket dolly’s go on sale on the Tuesday the 26th of July!! 1100 EDT and 2100 EDT




Motorised timelapses are sweet. We all know that. They add a lot. Digital movement in post is nice but there is nothing like optical movement to add that third dimension. The problem is the investment in a dolly, be it a Cineslider, Pocket Dolly V2, or my Signature Edition adding a motor kit with an Oracle adds a lot to the price. So if you want to get into motorised movement. Both timelapse and real time and don’t have the spondoolicks  to get it all in one go this is the answer you have been looking for. An upgrade path!

Click on any of the images to be taken to the products!

Me and Eric at the HQ who has become like a brother in the past year.

Whilst visiting Kessler HQ recently for the first time Eric and I talked about how many people want to get into motorised timelapse but simply can’t afford it in one go and that is where the basic controller came into the conversation. I didn’t realise that it was actually very usable in timelapse mode. He showed me some thing from some guy in Boston that has done a video blog on it and I was interested 🙂

I suggested an upgrade path. All the bits that go with the motorised kit, like the motor, mount and of course dolly are standard. It’s up to you whether you buy the Oracle or the Basic. There is a price difference and a big feature difference. But if you are just starting out and money is tight then the basic controller is the one for you. So the idea is you buy the basic controller for $250 and use it until you decide you want the more advanced features, or you may decide it’s all you need, and then you return it to Kessler for a $100 rebate on the Oracle controller. Simple!

When you want to upgrade simply email them tell them you want to upgrade and then will go through the simple procedure with you.

The Basic controller package with all you need is $630 whereas the Oracle package is $1315.

Basic Controller


Oracle Controller

You can motorise with the basic controller any of these sliders….


Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly




Pocket Dolly V2
Shuttle Pod