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On the 28th October I am taking my DSLR workshop/ seminar that I held in London recently oop north to the wilderness of Northern England. A brave thing for a southerner like me to do! 🙂

It’s at the Northern Ballet Theatre in Leeds so I will be teaching the whole thing through modern dance technique. Actually, let’s scrub that. That would be silly!

Why Leeds? Well I wanted somewhere that had good transport links to big cities all over the North. Birmingham was too south. Manchester too far from Newcastle and Leeds is a great city!

It will, as in London, take the form of an interactive seminar. The topics I will cover and more (more because it is guided by you! If you want more detail on things for me to cover, things not on the agenda, ask!)

I would call it intermediate. I will assume you already know the beginner basics of the cameras.

This is a one day class for a larger group to keep ticket prices down. But not so big that you are unable to ask what you want.

I won’t go over the mega basics as that will be a waste of time. If you want those please watch my Vimeo lessons.

These are some of the things we will cover in the London interactive workshop. You don’t need to bring any gear with you as there will be no actual shoot taking place, but you are welcome to bring your cameras to make a film of the day, in fact I encourage it!


Pros and Cons of the cameras and how to work around them.

The importance of sound. Techniques of sound recording. Tips and tricks. Dual system sound.

Camera movement. When to and when not to. 

Lighting with DSLRs.

Documentary filmmaking. Interview techniques and working with DSLRs in this field.

large chip camcorders.

In depth timelapse lessons including motion controlled and HDR.

Post workflow. Conversion. Grading.


The rest of the day is guided by YOU! You ask what you want and we cover it. It’s a nice freeform style that encourages participants to get involved and ask. This is not a dry keynote workshop! BUT it will be a very full on day!!

There will be adult language occasionally and lots of dry British humour that I know will go down better than it did on my tour of Germany recently! (lots of tumbleweeds blew by!) 🙂

The key is that you will learn, it will be a lot of fun and you will get to meet a lot of great people.

All for the bargain price of £95!!

You can book here!

There will be a meet up afterwards! Location TBA



Just a couple of days before Leeds, I will be in London for the second year running at the Canon Pro Solutions show. We are still working on what I will be talking about there, but it’s free registration and worth going along to see all the goodies there and listen to some fascinating talks!!



  1. Hmm. It’s actually reeeeeeeally tempting to pay for a flight to somewhere in Europe where your going to meet up with you and do a workshop.. but as a 17 year old college student with not much money I’m spending it all on equipment for now! You best get somewhere up north (Yorkshire) soon! That’s where it’s all happening now with the opening of Media City UK in Leeds!

  2. In fact I wasn’t kidding because it’s a real problem. And maybe you can do something about that Philip. At least ask for more women to come to your sessions. It is awfully important that we have more woman’s view of this world ! It shouldn’t be only a man’s world, a man’s point of view. So please, Philip, insist on that topic and tweet about it. Lens and gear is important. But the WAY WE SEE the world is even more important. Let’s see more movies made by women. Let’s discover the world with their eyes, their voice, their smile. Anyway, you see what I mean.

    1. yes, it´s sad. but take a look at any artform, subculture or even science and whatever.

      guess you need an attitude like “everybody say´s that the world is a disc? i say it´s a ball and if you want to burn me for that, go ahead sucker!” and that seems to be a male-thing… mostly 😉

      but i don´t think that this would make such a big diffrence, because every artist is diffrent anyway.

  3. Might have to make the trip down from Glasgow for the Leeds one (unless there are any plans for one further north / in Scotland?)

    Can I ask how in depth is the audio section going to be?

      1. Thanks for the response,

        Road trip to Leeds it is then 🙂

        I just feel a like I haven’t quite mastered the sound side of it
        (dual sound and syncing on post is fine, it’s the actual recording side of it, settings, levels, best mic for the job etc…)

        Coming from HDV (Sony z5) I pretty much left the sound on auto and it did the job, this is no longer the case.

    1. Hello Philip,
      what about the Frenchies ???

      Some Frogs do not go out only on rainy days.
      Almost everyone has seen us, slimy creatures, hopping into a pond or heard calling an Autumn Evening :


      If you can make it to NICE, close MONACO and CANNES,

      we would be delighted.

      Merci Monsieur.

  4. Hi Philip,
    I’d love to come to the Leeds workshop but was wondering if it might be a bit advanced. I have a reasonable knowledge of SLRs and have played around with still photography for a few years, but the film world is very new to me. Do you think the workshop would be appropriate for a film beginner with a photography background?

  5. Can’t wait for Leeds. Graduate, struggling to get a job. Want to be a runner, start paying off my overdraft, learn and be busy. Thursday will be great and a day away from applying for jobs on the internet that I know I won’t get. I’m going to enjoy every minute of the day. The north is ok by the way,don’t be frightened but brings your clogs and flat cap then you don’t feel over dressed!!

    1. Hi Phil,
      I’m booked on the Leeds course, but I have no info of starting time etc and apart from knowing its at Northern Ballet Leeds and my receipt no other info. Any info please? Thank you

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