Choosing the right camera for the right job…MacVideo Expo talk in London

We lost a true visionary today. As I write this on my MBP Apple is everywhere in my life. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Steve.

Choosing the right camera…

It’s a big question and one that I will be addressing in my keynote speech at the MacVideo Expo on October 18 in London. It’s a packed event with many topics covered including colour grading, using CS5.5, a look at the G-Tech Thunderbolt expo and much more.

It’s a bargain ten quid so no excuse not to come. It should be a lot of fun.

My speech is tackling the difficult question of just which camera is right for you, or more importantly right for the job you are doing. I will be looking at and comparing everything from DSLRs to FS100, F3, AF101 and the RED Epic. Right the way through the camera spectrum. I will be showing footage from all the cameras and taking questions from the floor.

The address is:

Royal Society of Medicine

1 Wimpole Street




More details here including booking information. I hope to see you there!




  1. R.I.P Mister Jobs. You were a true visionnary, maybe a bit too much a visionnary, but a true genius too. Thanks for everything you did. You deserve to rest in PEACE. My thoughts also are with your family and friends.

    Philip, any chance to see you doing that kind of stuff in France ? (near Cannes would be neat ^^) I can’t afford the ticket to come to Londooooooooon !

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