I get asked a lot of questions so I was going to compile a fact sheet about using the ex1/ JVC HD201/ F350 and also about using the Letus Extreme and Brevis.

What do people want to do?

Do you want to know basic stuff about framing, zooming etc?

More complex stuff about what lens to go for?

Maybe you want to do why you should use a DOF adaptor, what could it bring to your project.

Now I am going to NAB in April and I will be holding an informal briefing at the Penthouse of he Wynn Hotel. Tickets are 10,000 each. Kidding, am sure we can find a room or a street corner!

Anyway compile a list and i will create an FAQ


P.S. Just heard the Letus are releasing their EX1 fix, we will now have edge to edge sharpness heaven!!


  1. hi Phillip,
    Great work. Wanted to see if you ever shot something cool with an EX-1 WITHOUT the Letus. I’ve been hearing that the 1/2″ sensors makes it quite nice D.O.F. wise. What do you think?

  2. Hi!

    Amazing footage!

    I own a Sony V1-E, does the Letus work with that one?

    i´m thinking about buying the EX-1 just for the sharpness and DOF, but maybe one still have to get the letus, what is e.g. the focal length if you use a Nikon 50 mm with letus extreme on a EX-1 or V1-E?

    Best Regards

  3. Just about to do a multi-country travel show, and hoping to purchase EX1 as B cam for timelapse, beauty shots and run-and-gun, to be used along with an XDCAM F350. Can you please post suggestions for plane travel with the new kit. We will go for 10 day stints. I’m used to my Z1U. I can fit my entire doco kit in a backpack that fits in an overhead compartment. Instead of 20hrs of tape, I need to figure out how to pack a macpro laptop, and hard drives as well. We normally shoot for three days upon arrival with no extra shoot days for lost luggage. I like to travel with everything for three days (as much is realistic!) of shooting. How do you pack your gear?? I’m most concerned with the new regulations at Heathrow. 1 Bag limit with camera gear? Gulp. Flying departing from North America, so limits are bigger until we get to Europe. That’s what I’m worried about. Any insight would be much appreciated. If you’ve got a pre-made list of gear for Isle of Mull, I’d love to see it. Thanks – Scotty

  4. I’d like to know what post production processes you use. How you, personally, go about CC’ing to make the image “pop” a little….

    As for the 35mm lenses…I’d like to know if you swap lenses whenever you see a shot, or if you whack a lens on and look for shots with that particular lens. I know, a little from column A and a little from column B…but do you swap out lenses alot?

    Also, I’d like to know a little about your EX1 workflow and backup procedures. How many cards do you have going?

    Finally, what’s your favourite curry?

  5. Anders,

    I have a Letus Extreme with a Sony V1…it works GREAT! You need a special step ring, I got my whole set up from Zacuto. They just made it happen and sent me the right step rings, the Letus (no waiting like if you order direct) and a great rod system. I’m in the process of setting up a website and you’ll be able to see footage then.

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