Ex1/ Letus Extreme edge softness fixed go to Steve Cahill’s blog!

The genius that is Hien at Letus has worked out how to solve the problem with edge sharpness by creating a new achromat and a new piece of glass that sits between the ex1 and the letus.

Go to Steve Cahill’s blog to see loads of photos and video of it in action as well as some incredibly comprehensive tests and great interviews. Please ignore the one with me though!


Mine arrives tomorrow so will shoot something with it very soon!

This really makes the EX1 the ultimate adaptor cam.

Where does this leave the Brevis? No idea. I have repeatedly asked for info on how to make it work with all three diffusers and had no answers. You can just about make the CF1 acceptable, but not the other diffusers.

If anyone is reading this knows please let me know!


  1. Are you saying there is better edge to edge with the CF1 over the CF1L? That is interesting. I too have not received any answers from Cinevate. They just posted some footage which looks sharp but requires many workarounds that I am not crazy about.

  2. sorry i am abbreviating. I have the CF1LE. Its diffusion means the camera doesnt need to be so wide open.

    I really need a good workable option. What are Cinevate saying is the workaround?

  3. Hey phil. Didn’t quite know where to put this so here goes. Don’t know if you’re up to date on the discussion on DVINFO, but theres a lot of hassle about getting a good SD downconvert of the HD footage from the EX1.

    Do you have a workflow for this? And should I shoot 50i when planning to use in DVCPRO50 projects? Having a hard time figuring this one out

  4. As you may have seen on the Cinevate forum (probably because I have been heckling Dennis for weeks), they have a EX-1 solution in the works, How soon? Who knows.
    Thanks for your shoulder mount demo too. That was useful. Did you buy all those for testing purposes? Do you have money left after all your video purchases? Clearly you do not have a wife breathing down your neck at large credit card bills!

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