Turn off the gas!!

Slight departure from my usual post but had to post this. Hilarious but quite scary!

Been laid out with another bug this weekend. I was completely out of it in bed on Saturday afternoon. My friend Julie tried to call me numerous times but I was completely gone. She came round to check on me and found the house full of the smell of gas!

If you look at my short Kitty Crack, one of the first things I ever did with an adaptor 18 months ago, you can see how crazy cats go for these treats. I foolishly left a tube on the work top by the cooker when I went to bed (i was given stacks of them a month ago as the company who make the treats want to use it for their website!) My crazy cats had jumped up and knocked the cooker’s hob on when they tried to grab the tube. Leaving it going for at least a few hours!

I think killed by Cat treats would not have been the way I would have wanted to go out!! Percy I love ya, but dude, you knock me off and who feeds you?!

I had one killer headache for the rest of the weekend!

Here are the two homicidal cats. Siamese Twins Bertie and Percy. Captured in full 35mm adaptor glory using the Brevis CF3 and JVC HD201


  1. Lucky,
    we had a lady here that smelled something and opened the refrigirator.The spark from doorlite caused the whole house to explode.None living.Lucky indeed.

  2. jesus that’s awful!

    I realise I am very lucky. Think am lucky I live in such a drafty old house!

    Man, would have been gutted to croak before I had achieved proper edge to edge sharpness with my EX1 and Letus Extreme!

  3. Dont worry.You have 18 lives now(If you kill both your cats)
    What are your plans at NAB?
    By then I will have 2 reds and a story.May be we can discuss.I am in US. (will arrange everything)

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