Why I love the RED Epic and why I don’t have one anymore

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With my Epic on location for HOST

Please read my ethics statement here.

I did not want to write this but a lot of nonsense is being written about me and more importantly my integrity was being attacked, so I had to explain the actual facts. I also owe it to my readers to be completely honest and transparent. If I did not explain my reasons too many questions would have been asked. I have been trying to figure out how to deal with this problem for quite some time and it’s been a massive weight around my neck as this all happened about 3 weeks ago and it has been really getting to me.

First off, let me state this…I love the Epic. It’s a wonderful camera. The best I have ever owned, also of course the most expensive. I love the image, the features, the look of the camera, the way it operated, the resolution. I spooned it every night.

I bought one this summer. It was fully mine. Not co-owned. My biggest investment since buying my house 17 years ago. I used it for 2 paid jobs and numerous personal ones. I stopped using it though for paid work as I was having some technical issues with it and it had let me down twice. RED were very supportive and helpful in trying to figure out what the issues were. I should mention that the Epic M is classed as a BETA camera by RED.

RED took my camera in for repair at the beginning of November, where they were trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera after shooting the short film “Host” which we had HUGE technical issues with. In the meantime they kindly supplied me with a loan camera, with that I shot a music video, the Homeless video for Turin Brakes and the Redneck Hippy. I had sound issues with the latter but the other two were fine. I had also shot with Eric Kessler’s Epic and had no issues on the two projects I shot with it.

So why don’t I have it anymore?

Well it comes down to a number of things…numbers 1 and 3 being the major ones, 2 being the irritant…

1: I was no longer comfortable with using the camera on paid jobs. I had the camera back but they could not find the fault, they did a full rebuild, but it would mean I would never know what the issues were and if they really had been fixed. I have never shot with a camera where I was so unsure of it to the point if I took it on a job would it work?

I had some incredibly unhelpful remarks from people (not RED) saying it was my fault for going on a paid job with no second EPIC as a backup. I am sorry but I am not rich. I can only afford one (barely as I had planned to pay it off over the next year) and if I went to client explaining what that extra £1000 per day on my quote was for (an extra rented EPIC as mine was unreliable) that would simply not wash with them.

2: I wrote a blog post, a very balanced blog post in my opinion, about why you should or shouldn’t get a RED Scarlet. It was for the most part very well received. Especially by current RED owners and for people sitting on the fence. I explained whilst it is a great camera make sure you are budgeted for the extras and are well aware of the method in which it records higher frame rates. I also said that I had one on pre-order and was looking forward to it! Whilst is was well received I was also subjected to a lot of abuse from, let me just call them fanboys, who did not like me saying anything negative about the camera. Ridiculous. This went past that though with an insane thread on REDUSER.NET which has mostly been cleaned up but at the time was completely out of order. It was offensive to me, rude, nasty and then it became libellous when some bright spark asked if I had been paid by Sony…yep that is what he said, to write the blog post. He was citing my recent competition I was involved in with Sony to win an FS100. For the record, again, I am not, will not and have never been paid by any camera manufacturer to give a public opinion, a review or anything close to that. The only time I have been paid by a camera company is to do the odd job for them at shows or like the FS100 competition. So, that comment on the thread crossed the line by and I had to act upon it.

3 I emailed someone very high up at RED complaining about this being on that thread. That person did act on it thankfully on reduser quickly and shut them up, but then he also subjected me to a LOT of emails which were more and more upsetting to me due to the words being used and what was being said. I had also literally just stepped off a transatlantic flight when I was getting them. Bad timing!

This person said me talking about the issues I had with the camera (completely ignoring all the wonderful complements I had given the camera too!) was against our “agreement”. He said when I got the camera early it was on the agreement that I would not talk about it’s issues. This was not the case. First off…I didn’t get the camera early, I got it when the Red.com website said “Buy today, shoot tomorrow”. The Epic M was in stock and it took 3 months for me to get my bits for it. Secondly… I have not and would never agree to be silent about any issues I personally had with a camera, especially one that ended up costing me close to $80k with accessories. I of course paid the full price for the camera. That is not who I am, I am open and honest about my experiences. My whole website, facebook and twitter is about sharing my experiences. How could I possibly do a blog post about a shoot, share the footage and NOT mention I had serious issues on the shoot? Sorry but that is not me. I had no written agreement. There was also no verbal agreement as I had never spoken to that person. There is no way I would not be honest on a product and if someone asked me to not to post negative issues then I would not get involved with said company.

As the emails went on that person DEMANDED to buy the camera back as they didn’t want me to have it anymore. I of course was utterly shocked. I tried to explain the value of me talking about the good AND the bad and how I got past the issues, I explained the value of having openeness about my experiences, after all RED have been great in helping me get it up and running each time and this was a huge positive!

I could not believe what I was reading. For me this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I put up with the issues as I loved the camera, for the most part I loved the support I had received from the community (owners not fanboys), some in particular were fantastic. They know who they are. But getting abuse from this high up when I should have had support was not on. I decided if I was to be treated like this by ANY company, I wanted nothing to do with them. Especially one that I had invested in so heavily. I accepted the offer, which also very generously I must add, included taking back any 3rd party accessories I had bought for the camera. At this point I was also banned from REDUSER permanently (considering the emails I was receiving I do not believe this was a “mistake” but a deliberate ban.) I was reinstated two days later without an apology. I have not posted there since.

This person did two days later apologise for his completely out of order actions and I accepted the apology. He also retracted the demand for the camera back, asking if I wanted to keep it but understood why I would not want it anymore. But I was done. I had dealt with too much. After all it was just a camera and no camera is worth the amount of grief (listed above). No camera. All I want is to shoot and create. Not deal with this nonsense.

I have a lot of respect for RED, the camera, Jim Jannard and what they have achieved. I hope they understand why I had to write this and my name is not dirt now for them. I do hope to rent Epic’s again in the future and I hope things like this never happen to anyone. It certainly has made my time back home since this happened on the 22nd of November very stressful and time at home with my family is precious even more so at this time of year. I wish I didn’t have to write this, but there was too much false information circulating and I certainly did not appreciate my integrity being questioned. It is everything to me.

At least I have my fond memories of the time with my Epic and of course the work I did with it. Host was rescued in post and will come out in January, please check out the teaser below. One music video is still to come out and the documentary I shot mostly with the Epic for Eric Kessler is currently in post.

I know I am going to get a lot more abuse from writing this but I need to put this to bed and draw a line under it and unless I do this it won’t go away.I just wanted to get the facts out there so I can close that door and move on. Of course I have cancelled my Scarlet too. I still have many other cameras to shoot on and after all, remember….it’s not the camera…it’s the person! But bloody hell will I miss it!

I appreciate the support in the comments but if we can refrain from RED bashing I would appreciate it!

EDIT: Big props to Jim Jannard who has made a public apology on REDuser.  Be good to put this all behind us and move forward.


Great Wooden Boats: RED EPIC from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Strongman: RED Epic from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


  1. Sheesh Philip.

    Every company no doubt has some little penpusher somewhere whose sole object in life is to make it as miserable as possible for those around him, and even more for those who he sees to have had more success than him. I am sorry to hear that you have run into such a person and has had a miserable experience.

    From my point of view your posts have never been anything but open and honest, you have never praised any camera without stating the negatives. As such your blog has been well balanced and you have clearly not been financially influenced by any of the big companies who push their cameras to other blogs and then get wonderful reviews.

    I will always trust your ability to be open and answer honest and true discourse. So, keep up the good work and strength to you in the future.

  2. I read the thread on Reduser. Unfortunatly, the more well known you get the more crap you’ll have to deal with, especially on forums.

    Best thing to do is create your own forum, at least that way you have the power to ban/delete. If you need help setting one up, get in touch as I’ve set up a few in the past.

    As for RED, look on the bright side. You got to own an Epic for a while and then got all your money back because it was unreliable. I know a load of Range Rover owners who would love to be in that position. 😀

    Now cheer up and start looking forward to that C300 that’s coming to you next week!!!

  3. Philip,

    Thanks for the honesty. In the end, integrity is we have and it will far outlive the next great camera technology. There are many who make final purchase decisions based on your reviews and contribution to the film community.

    Keep on doing your thing. Create ans share my friend. Im looking forward to more good stuff.

    Now, go enjoy your close companion(s), have a gin & tonic and let the drama fade.

    Randy Noland

  4. Good grief, that’s a bit much 🙁 As always, thank you for taking the time to make a thoughtful, balanced, considered, calm and erudite post.

    It is that calm, balanced, thoughtful and informative writing that I come here for. You give the hands-on experiences of a seasoned, skilled cameraman actually shooting projects. I have found this very helpful as I’ve tried to get up the learning curve from stills photographer to film-maker.

    It is bizarre that because your high quality writing has attracted a deservedly large number of readers, you are some sort of “celebrity” and therefore feel free to post personal attacks on you as if you were some sort of cartoon punchbag, rather than a working professional. Definitely the dark side of social media, and very distasteful.

    I hope you can now get back to normal!

  5. Philip,

    Earlier this week I received a tweet from you that puzzled me: “I don’t have a RED!”. I replied by saying that I thought you owned an Epic and ordered a Scarlet. I knew of your problems with the Epic, but was totally unaware of the things going back and forth between you and RED. Now it all makes sense. Thanks for clarifying this.

    I’m sorry that you had to live through this. I totally agree that no manufacturer should expect you to be silent about any faults in an 80k package, regardless of its status as alpha, beta or gamma. As a cameraman I largely base my purchase decisions on the experience of others and, if you can’t trust that, then what else is left?

    Over the years, you have inspired me with all your blog postings and I really hope you will continue to do so. Look forward to seeing your next (and honest) camera/gear review!

  6. No matter how good a product is on paper or in action, if you don’t have confidence in it working all the time it is like a weight around your neck. Companies with good customer service (and there are a few) will try to fix the item and if they can’t, replace it. If that is not an option (for the customer) then refund and say sorry it didn’t work out, we did our best.

    The customer is then so impressed with the company he will not only consider future products but encourage others because the customer service is so good.

    That level of service should be for every customer but when you are dealing with one like Philip, who has a huge following for his honest opinions, you double your efforts.

    It is a lesson every company should take on board, but sadly, few do.

    And Philip, like an affair, it hurts when you lose something you love, but the next one could be even more exciting…

  7. It’s so sad to see your work being destroyed by a small group of people. They simply don’t see the point: you wanted to improve the product and keep the camera.

    You lost your lovely camera, but RED lost much more. They now have to work even harder on solving this problem. Keeping it silent is so very very wrong.

    This whole situation also happens at other companies: Apple, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and many more. I guess it takes a strong man or a woman with courage to acknowledge the problem and really try to communicate with their customers to solve it. I too prefer a perfect working product, but at the current rate of building new and better products it is a true challenge for any of them to make it 100% perfect. Actually, it’s almost impossible! It is all built by human beings and it takes just one of those thousands of people to fail….Just think: millions of electronic parts and in every camera is software embedded.

    When they send a man to the moon, there were about 150.000 parts inside the Apollo not working…it was a bloody miracle they got there! Afterwards everyone was cheering, but I’m sure the three astronauts weren’t told this before they stepped inside the capsule before they started their journey.

    Nobody is perfect and I think it is time for the companies to realize to act on these situations. In your case I would suggest them to lend you a second camera to prove their products can work. Secondly they could ask you to cooperate with them finding the problem. Working together and solving the problem will only improve their product for everyone.

    Yes, they have to earn money to survive. But don’t sell a product which is not working! I am VERY sad they did not see it that way and I feel your pain Philip. I have 20 years of experience with selling, repairing and working with camera’s and other electronic equipment. This whole situation is not new to me and let me tell you this: If I had sold you the camera this wasn’t the end of the whole story. Service is still my middle name and many companies still remember me fighting for the customer. I never would accept this whole situation, ever (from a sales point). I do understand why you sold it back and I’m glad they offered too you, so it didn’t end in a financial drama too.

    As for those persons on the forum: please think, before you write and try to help. Tomorrow it might be you having problems with your camera. (ANY CAMERA).

      1. For you personally (I’m sorry I forgot): Aim your energy towards people who appreciate it or those who have to courage to have a honest, positive and open discussion about any subject. Enjoy the camera’s who do work and keep on doing the right thing: telling the truth about things.

        Enjoy the stay at home with family, friends and cats en I wish you all the very best for 2012 and beyond.

  8. I was reading over Red forums about another user having a lot of problems with 25p. Red is more of a Hollywood camera for NTSC and I think 25p might be not just as important to them when their working on beta firmwares.

    Its a little like cheap pocket camcorders sold in the UK they are all 30p or 60p.

  9. Phillip –

    It takes me forever to trust a blogger. You are one that I have come to trust. I read your blog every day and trust what you say because I have always found you to be genuine and honest. You are one of the few bloggers who reveals enough about himself that a reader can feel like he/she knows you personally.

    Your words carry a lot of weight with me, and that is because I have found that you always tell it like it is, even at some personal risk. Your reputation is your most important asset. Advertisers and readers should realize how important that is.

    If the people at RED were smart, when they finally fix everything, you should be the one they come to to announce that the camera is reliable. Who better?

    I’ll buy one when you tell me the coast is clear.

  10. This sounds like a mix between a really bad break up and a nightmare. I am sure that when you got the email saying they wanted the camera back, you had the lurch in your stomach and immediately wondered if your fun working with cameras was over.

    I personally don’t think any other company (or prospective customers) will hold this against you much. Most people know RED is a company that beats to a different drum and will accept that you said some fair things about an imperfect camera system (and ecosystem).

    Personally, before I look to getting a new camera, I usually check to see what your thoughts are before jumping all in. I do this because because of your honesty. I won’t call out other web celebrity filmmakers, but a lot of them are clearly trying to sell me something and never list the cons of a particular product. That is never really the case with you(unless it’s a crane with your name on it ;).

    Thanks for your honesty and remember the most important ideology of the internet. “Haters gonna hate.”

  11. Hi Philip,
    I have been following your blog and reduser for the past years. Never have posted before either on reduser or your blog, but today I just felt the need to do so. Mostly to thank you. Even though I am a 12 year old free-lance professional, the “free” knowledge I have acquiered all these years through such generous sites as yours is simply priceless. For instance, I bought a 7D (as well as accesories) and learned the basics thanks to you and benefited enormously from this purchase. And what I valued the most was that I never saw or felt that any brand (whether Canon or Sony or whaetever) was behind your reviews, and that is definitely something that is very difficult to find thes days on the net.

    At the same time, I am a RED enthusiast and have bought a Red Scarlet myself, for which I’m terribly excited and I am certain I am going to profit enormously in the shortrun (financially and “artistically”), just like I did when I bought a DVX or HVX200 in the past. And I frankly found your Scarlet review as unbiased and helpful as all others, as well as generous. I’m surprised (and disappointed) to hear that a Red rep. dealt with your Epic issue that way, though. At the same time, I am not surprised at all that you got badly treated by some red “fanboys” at reduser, just becasue that would happen at any “open” forum in the net. I think you got disrespect mostly by newbies who had just purchased their expensive Scarlet and sadly acted as fanatic hooligans who could not tolerate anyone questioning their purchase.

    But I know that you know that the people that make reduser valuable are precisely those peple that, like you, are there to share their knowledge, and 99% of the time those people are respectful and generous, just like you have been all these years. I am also sure that the people from RED are the first ones to regret losing you as a customer.

    I also hope that you reconsider buying a Scarlet or an Epic some time in the future for the sole reason that I am certain that I will once again benefit from your valuable feedback.

    Take care and sorry for this long reply, as well as my english (I am not a native speaker). And thanks for all these years!

  12. Philip,

    I don’t think anyone with a right mind could ever blame you for being
    guided in to a judgement or belief, or for that sake, manipulating
    your audience into some kind of direction.
    I’m a dedicated reader and fan of your site as well of your work and
    honesty. Keep up the good work and shake of the dust and grease
    from the antagonists out there. You rock man!

    from Sweden

  13. Seeing as you don’t have a studio full of technicians and Red at your beck and call, I think your comments and opinion on the Epic are fair and balanced. The Epic just not ready yet. I’m sure Jannard and co. will get it right and it’ll be making great images in a reliable body sometime soon. They’re not stupid.

    I follow your blog/tweet feed (along with many other tech blogs) because I like to know what’s out there technically. You opinion matters. Stuff the fanboys (and girls).

    Keep up the good work.


  14. What they have done to you is extremely unprofessional, whoever that person is or how high his position, he should have dealt with this in a more mature level. Trying to suppress you for your honest observations is not the right way. About the fanboys who is trying to throw the dirt at you already know that it will not stick. We have been following you for a while now and we know what you really are, so don’t worry let them worry and you just stay happy and continue enlightening and guiding us. Thanks for everything.

  15. Wow, Phil, I’m so sorry you had to go through this. As someone who has a scarlet on order, I read your post about it with great interest. You seemed to be the only person out there offering a sensible real-world perspective on the camera and its workflow. When I saw the ranting thread on reduser, I was horrified (horrified, but not surprised – the fanboys are a very strange lot)!

    There are many of us out here who really appreciate what you do, so please don’t get discouraged and keep up the great work!

  16. There certainly are a lot of douchebags out there. So nice of you to call them fanboys. Yeah having a backup Epic on a shoot is such an obvious solution…….Let me just say, if your going to bring a camera on a shoot that costs more than the average mans yearly salary (or any camera), it better F’ING WORK!

  17. Hi Philip,

    I just read your post on RedUser. I am really sorry for your bad adventure with the Epic and the reduser community and I understand very well your attitude. Don’t forget that in such forums, for 1 who speak, 10 just read, like me. Especially if they are not fluent with english.
    Today, I am out for my first real job with my Epic X. I hope all will be OK. After all, all these gears are only technology and computers, and they can fail.


  18. Dear Philip,

    Do you think the apology was sincere?

    Or, are they afraid of the “Philip Bloom Effect”?

    As I write this, there are 1,000 visitors on your site. Your words carry a lot of weight.

    As usual, you are an honest, stand-up guy. Thanks!


  19. I like RED in concept. But I’m on a GH-2 budget:-) This situation is more interesting to me because it focuses light on something reviews don’t touch on. Usability. My Uncle bought a high-end scanner. Top rated. Tons of features. But the software required an engineering degree for each slide or negative scanned. Megapixels, Dynamic Range, RAW, etc. are good ways of comparing cameras and manufacturers, but the “Experience” created when using any camera is also very important. I’ve also heard from Cinematographers in LA, they had reliability “Glitches” when shooting RED. So, I’m glad Phil, has been open about his “Experience” rather than keeping things under wraps. On the other hand, After years of using Canon, Panasonic and Nikon equipment in many crazy environments flawlessly, we become spoiled.

  20. Despite being more a stills than a video type (I’ve been dipping my toes into video, but don’t yet own a video camera, but hope to replace my 40D with a 7D or similar in time), I have been following/reading your blog and stuff for some time.

    I respect that you try your best to give honest, “real world” and unbiased reviews. I also understand how giving an honest and possibly unfavourable review can effect you. I have also been on the wrong end of a sh*tty stick from a computer related community.

    I think most of us understand your position, especially with the costs involved in this case, and your need to be able to deliver to the customer, etc. It’s just a shame that a few halfwits have been stirring it.

  21. When buying an Epic, RED gave my boss an EULA to agree to that included wording that made it clear that any issues were to go through RED and nobody else. Would be really surprised if you didn’t get the same terms of use.

    1. 100% certain. Also when on a shoot and your camera has crashed and you are on a shoot and there is no phone number for RED to help you HAVE to ask the community for help. Doing anything else is just plain stupid. How would I explain that to a client? “sorry am waiting for red to email me back. Should be in a few hours”

      1. Maybe you should have had a B plan! Equipment will fail or stuff up at some time. If you already know that there is a likelihood that something may not work according to the “ideal” plan then one should always have a backup. How can you honestly expect that any company will be at the beck and call of its customers? Unless of course you are a special customer and even then your movements and itinerary would have to be synced with the company’s reps etc etc. In any case there is no doubt that you are a special customer. It’s just bad luck for you and RED that you happened to get a dodgy model. It happens to a lot of people a lot of the time. Furthermore, for the 80k you say you spent on the camera, special customer or not, you would expect RED to be more forthcoming in their approach to fix the camera or indeed replace it entirely. In this case and context RED’s representatives have done the company a great disservice. Especially when the competition is fierce.

        1. I did have a plan B. I finished the first failure with my 5D!

          I have never in 23 years of shooting, maybe I have just had good luck, considered that I need to have two expensive cameras with me for a job until this happened. Financially it just doesn’t work!

      2. Intersting that a company would sell a person an 80K camera and NOT have a tech support line for those occasions in which something may go badly from a software/hardware pov.

        Though we like this new world of internet communicating, it does NO and never will convey real human emotions on any subject properly. Be it a camera or whatever! This “EMAIL ONLY” support system so many companies have adopted has never settled well with me.

        Live and learn I guess.

    2. I guess you’re posting that because you think if Philip did sign a EULA then Red were in the right.

      On the contrary I think it’s shocking that Red would demand their customers agree to a EULA like that!

      If I was considering buying an Epic the existence of that EULA would be a significant factor in my decision, more so than some of the technical features of the camera. It says Red don’t trust the people who buy their products to behave openly and honestly, and makes me doubt Red and their product’s ability to stand up to open use and discussion.

      Did your boss sign the agreement? If so you’ve just broken it for him, because the EULA is a MASSIVE issue and you’re not going through Red to discuss it.

  22. Hi mate,

    I’ve already told you, but I’m with you 100% on this. Utterly ridiculous behaviour by those involved. Glad to see you shared this with your readers as the b*llsh*t was totally getting out of hand. I’m personally still pissed off about the whole situation by the way. You’re to be commended for your integrity!

    Best, Ronald

  23. Thanks for your honesty Philip. Keep it up.

    At this time Epic is a beta camera. I think you’d probably need two at least to feel comfortable on a shoot, and both with different firmware likely…or 48 like on The Hobbit.

    My local film co-op has purchased one of these cameras, probably the only co-op in Canada with one, and I am sure there are going to be some local film-makers having massive problems initially, until it moves out of beta, given they will have only one of these to shoot with. It’s a lot of money to invest in a beta camera, perhaps money that should have been invested in other technology. But Red fanboys are everywhere, even in the Great White North… 🙂

  24. This is the world upside down… I mean it’s word you have to give any explanation on this. Sure I dream about owning a RED and a lot of people do. But when it failed you’re free to share the complains about a product. How can a company claim silence over issues? no way!

    I write reviews on my side and always give a 100% independent review. Sometimes products are good and it makes me happy to give a five star rating. Sometimes product are not good and it doesn’t feel good to give a one star rating but it feels fair to the readers of the reviews.

    I know a lot (realy a lot) of people are following Philip and sometimes I got the feeling he got a pop-star cultus and reading some people write about Philip like hes a half-god makes me feel (donno how to translate in english in the right way) vicarious shame. The status of Philip got good and bad sides. The bad side is people may have a ‘follow the leader’ attitude, the good side is Philip is like an important chain for the community. He helped me with the first steps in DSLR filmmaking.

    Writing this bring me to a very important point, Philip should always be fair and independent because so many people are following Philip. It will destroy all of his reputation when he will say the product is good just because a company asked him to do.

    Philip: You’ve made the right decision when you shared your experience with the camera. In my opinion this statement is not necessary because you don’t have to accountability under pressure of a company of community. Freedom of speech!

    One line of critism: I’m a long time follower of the Philip blogs and I learned a lot of it and it gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation. But alle the Zacuto and Kessler banners are a bit overdone 🙂 Philip go on and F*&^ that Fan-boys that will never ever use or own a Red and just life dreaming without making any Red production at all.

  25. My dear Philip, for the last couple of years you have been very honest on your blog, about everything and I say anything, you gave me your support 2 years ago when my gear was stolen, and you were happy I got some of the equipment back from the thieves, I’m a “million” miles away in Panamá, I have never used a Red One but have edited a couple of spots from footage from it, the storys about crashing and reeboting are endless. It seems that support from Red has always been there, but as you say how good can it be when you are on location in other continent with elements coming down on you? RELIABILITY is the issue here.
    The second camera reminds me of a story of a biker friend of mine (changed his Harley for a Honda) he found himself in a bar were the owner was a Harley man, this guy was givin him a hard time because he changed to Honda, and the guy was bragging about his TWO Harleys, and my friend asked him, why TWO Harleys, and he answer: I use one when the other is on the shop, point made. My friend changed because of reliability, you can feel the king of the world sounding great but if the machine doesn;t take you from A to B, what is worth?

    I own a EX-1, 7D, 5D, planning on getting a F3 or a C300 leanin to the later because of all the glass we already own.

    Keep up the good work

  26. Horrible story and completely understandable reaction from you.

    By now we all know how ignorant fanboys can be, especially online. But to see a manufacturer completely mess up their own PR to this extent must be a first !

    Props to you Philip and enjoy the next few weeks with your family.
    And kudos for sharing this and being so open about it. Reminds all of us how different this site is from other reviewers and people sharing their experiences (and helping all of us by doing so).

    I wonder if they’re gonna give Patrick Moreau from stillmotion some flack too for his remarks about shooting weddings with a Red …

  27. Philip, the reason that we trust your opinions, is because you tell us your personal real life experience. Thanks for sticking to your guns on this one (again). You just increase the amount of trust we have for what you write and say.

    … catching light in motion.

    Movies by Depuhl

  28. First off, I appreciate everything philip has said here. Having said that, I hope people see a dividing line between “fanboys” and professional people who use RED products.

    Ive encountered some of the problems Philip has, nothing as catastrophic, but luckily we have multiple cameras, including MX to fall back on if the S@$T really hits the fan. (something I have not had to do)

    However, I guess the truth is that you may not see the same issues on any two cameras. Weve had our MXs for nearly 4 years and have never had to send them back due to faults. Other people seem to have been sending them back quite often.

    I wouldnt write RED off. Their customer service has always been stellar in my experience. I like to think that is the rule, rather than the exception.

    Sorry to hear youve had such a bad experience, but Good luck with whatever you do on whatever system philip and hope to see you in Dubai.


  29. lol.
    I was just reading the response to this on reduser… and the whole thread suddenly went away!?? (…or is it just me??)
    I guess that´s why there is no negative talk on reduser.

    Cencorship is usually something i associate with Iran and China..

  30. I’d be willing to bet there are more Philip Bloom Fanboys than Red Fanboys. We’re probably a “bargain basement” fanboy crowd compared to the Red fanboy crowd — but you know — we’re “good people” too.

  31. Sorry to hear about that. I read some of those comments way back and was shocked.

    It seems like that community is very insular. Some there seem to view anyone talking outside of “what they perceive” as approved channels as a no no.

    I’m glad you are open and speak your mind about these things.

    1. Thanks Philip, sorry in those instances I couldnt have helped more.

      There are a lot of people on REDuser who have never touched a RED product. These are more often than not the Trolls. There are also a lot of very experienced people who contribute greatly and have helped me no end over the years.

      The mods are usually very fair and in this case deleted a lot of the aggro comments and threatened any further libellous action with banning from what I remember.

      This doesnt make up for Philips experiences, but its a community and in every community there are a few bad apples.

      Lets not make this REDuser vs the rest of the world.

      We’re nice people, I promise!


  32. Philip,
    Great post. Red is a beautiful camera and it does make beautiful images but sometimes the cons out weigh the pros. Not having a reliable camera is really frustrating especially on big jobs. Generally when shooting with a Red Epic it is probably a big job.

    I was just on a shoot with three Epics on Angenieux 12x zooms and we had to swap the body out multiple times on two different setups, it was no fun, especially because we were out of a big city with a rental house. 2 of the cameras were owned by operators or assistants, and we seemed to have trouble with the camera owned by the rental company.

    In the end we got the footage and were lucky to have a back up Epic body on set and had to send one back to be swapped. I still feel this camera feels more reliable then the original RED.

    Good luck!

  33. Philip,
    Good for you! I have greatly benefited from your fair assessment of every piece of gear you have ever reviewed and everyone wants to know the good and bad in order to make an informed purchase.

    Thank you again for your honesty and sharing with your community.

    Just know that the actions of a few don’t speak for the larger group of us who appreciate you living such an open life and selflessly sharing your experiences with the entire world.

    Thanks for the generosity of your time and lessons learned and I look forward to your next post.

    If I can help in any way, please just ask.



  34. I am sorry to read that and sorry for you.
    As “fan” as I can be of Red products, the person who sent those emails to you acted very badly and your reactions are right. You got my full support on that !
    And any fanboy or anyone at Red should read your post carefully to see how you didn’t bash them, didn’t say their products were Bad, you only said YOU had a bad experience with it and with some Red’s person.

    Take care Philip.

  35. Red is not a camera — it’s a cult. Steer clear.

    Seriously, you say the camera is great, and I’m sure there’s truth in that; but it seems to me that Red is trading on attitude more than on product. You could argue that they have great technology, but honestly, a lot of what they do is just bad. And it doesn’t even matter if they can’t deliver a real product — i.e. reliable, on time, in volume, and at a reasonable and transparent price.

    No codec in the camera? A $5k codec that you have to buy and add on your PC? And this they claim is a plus! And even with that absurd corner-cutting in the camera they have terrible battery life — and of course such huge files that you have to spend $10k on storage.

    The whole Scarlet project crashed and burned, so we get binned-down Epic parts instead — and they call this bringing a bazooka to a knife fight. I design tech products for a living, and I know an organization that can’t execute when I see one. A camera that can’t be trusted is just a toy, and $80k is too much for a toy — no matter how cool.

    With their lack of transparency about what the camera costs (Scarlet is “$9,750”), I’m seriously concerned that a lot of people will get badly burned. It’s people like you, with real integrity and a willingness to take risks (and abuse) on behalf of the rest of us, that help us get through this minefield without getting blown up. Thanks.

    And as you said, it’s just a camera. It’s a matter of time before someone else builds a 4k camera — and hopefully that’ll be someone who knows how to actually deliver a product.

  36. I can’t think of many other independent directors/DPs with quite the solid reputation that you’ve built for yourself. The more successful you are, the more haters you’ll get, but they’re not the ones who matter.

    Keep calm & carry on. Thanks for the post!

  37. Wow! Behind the veil of the internet people can be so quick to judge and negative. I have owned a Red for 4 years and I also have an epic X. I admire your work very much. I recently (november) had a couple of shoots in Europe with the X and while for the most part it went well there were some very odd hickups with the camera, in particular the sound and time code issues. I feel your pain. While most the people on reduser are great there are those who jump on bandwagons and it only takes a couple to turn a thread to shite. Like most people who have responded to your honesty and forthcoming openly articulated perceptions, I find it both refreshing and enlightening. To be honest I really did not know who you were until this was posted on reduser and subsequently (quickly) removed. It was stated there that the person who posted your statement in its entirety should not have done so. Which I believe it was in very bad form to delete the thread from reduser. Thanks for your insight and integrity.

    Best, Peter

  38. Philip,

    Sorry you have to deal with this. I’ve learned (and continue to learn) such an incredible amount from this blog, and have continuously been inspired by your work. Whenever I need inspiration, reference material, or guidance, I turn here first. Keep up the great work and don’t let it get you down!

    Simon – SLRCG (www.slrcg.com)

  39. What a horrid account! I feel for you Philip, and am sad that you have such a bad taste in your mouth for RED. I personally have not had the pleasure of shooting red, but this really puts me at arms length. Production equipment should be extremely reliable, and this does not sit so well with me. Perhaps Apple will enter the fray one day. =>

    Good luck Mr. Bloom.

  40. Think about this…

    If Red sells a ton of Scarlet Xs, they will have a huge customer base. How will they take care of them? If they are dumb enough to dump on Philip Bloom, they are obviously not going to care about the lowly Scarlet owner.

    Secondly, Reduser is full of pompous dopes who think they are in the billionaires club. How will they treat all the lowly Scarlet owners?

    I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg folks. Unless Red learns how to provide plain ole’ customer service, I think they are in a heap of trouble.

    1. I totally agree Chris. not to mention the fact that the sensors for the scarlet are not going to be as ‘good’ (seeing as I have read they are the sensors rejected from being used in the Epic) I anticipate there will be a lot of problems with the Scarlet. Being mass produced as opposed to hand made like the Epic will only lead to more issues.

      1. Everyone knows that Red is cutting/bleeding edge stuff. There are always problems with tech at the bleeding edge.

        As with any business, it is how they are handling issues as they arise.

        Moreover, Red has CULTIVATED the culture that is exclusive and ripe with macho/elitism.

        My last comment is this…

        A company takes on the attitude of it’s leaders. Everything flows DOWN. Take a look at Jim Jannard. His comments, attitude, even his CAR. The man is hugely successful and feels accountable to no one….Just like the rest of the Red spawn.

  41. First of all, I’m really sorry to hear about all that fuss you went through and more important, what RED put you through.

    It’s really important that you stand up for companies like this when something wrong and come forward with the truth, even if it hurts your relationship with RED or some RED users. In the end you’ll have the respect of thousands of people for telling it like it is.

    I too went through something “similar” that started around the same time yours did: my Canon 5D Mark II just stopped working while giving error 70 and, more often, error 80. I’ve documented everything on my blog: http://mutelife.com/2011/10/canon-5d2-and-errors-20-70-80/

    Technical support was everything but helpful and I had to contact Canon Portugal, Canon Europe AND Canon Japan for the issue to be delegated and resolved. I even asked you to retweet my issues so I could speed things up.

    Granted, my problem was different — not to mention the price difference of both cameras —, but it all boils down to standing up for your rights and being treated like a paid customer deserves.

  42. All I am going to say on this topic is just to personally thank you for the help you have given me. It is rare for someone so gifted to be so humble and personable as well (see also Tom Lowe and Vincent Laforet). Your unbiased opinions and answers to my questions over the years have been influential on my success today. Thank you again and I am sorry for the negative treatment you have been receiving over the past month.

    P.S. my grandfathers double mastectomy went amazing and they think they got everything, now they just have to find out if he has a gene that an be passed down.

  43. Equipment fanboys are just lame and CREEPY! If anyone out there is one, please get a life and direct your fanaticism to a film, series, or a personality, and not a microwave, hammer, vacuum, or camera.

    Out of all the bloggers out there Phil, you give IMHO the most honest reviews of EVERYTHING you get your hands on and it’s very much appreciated. I can point to other bloggers and say so and so is a big ___ user but you’re one of the few who uses and abuses every equipment to give us thorough reviews. Keep it my man!

  44. You handled the situation incredibly professionally, but Red’s managers acted like rank amateurs. Here’s the core problem: Every RED csmera sold from the very beginning has initially shipped “undercooked”. It’s fine to ship beta software or online services, because a) Problems can be fixed quickly and easily, and b) Generally, they’re not sold–they’re distributed free of charge. If RED had loaned you your EPIC M for free and you were part of a private beta-test shakeout, they might have had a right to demand that you not comment on the camera. However, they sold it to you at full price, as a camera that was fit for the purpose for which you purchased it. You found that it wasn’t usable, and you were right not to rely on RED’s assertions that even though they had found nothing wrong, it was fine to use in production.

    In hindsight, RED may have done you a favor by demanding that you return your EPIC M. You were lucky that you were able to return the camera to RED and get all your money back. There are undoubtedly many RED owners who have similar struggles with their cameras but have no option but to wait for the next firmware release and hope that it fixes their problems.

  45. Philip,

    What a dreadful experience! Now I know why Peter Jackson has 30+ Red’s on his shoot, half working, half in the shop.

    I have been following your blog for a while and have found it an unbiased account of your personal experiences with equipment. There are plenty of sites that just cut an paste PR-BS (BS= Bull Shit, something we have a lot of in Arizona) from the manufacturers websites and call it a post, I do appreciate an unvarnished account of your experiences with gear. Cameras are not religious icons, they are tools, at least to me, though from your account of the RED-ligious furor I can see that worship reigns over reason.



  46. I’m very sad that happened to you, I totally understand you. I still don’t understand why somebody would ever judge you if writing some bad things from some camera that cost more than some people houses. I just have to start thinking the people are starting lose their reference point.
    I would say that so expensive camera should never ever have any quality problems. Actually just opposite, it should have that kind of brand that nobody have ever heard them failing. If somebody would notice some clinch, that would be real news and would be celebrated that somebody made the impossible, found a bug.

  47. Who in their right mind agrees to buy a camera with a EULA as part of the deal, what the hell are RED scared of…or have you just become their nightmare.

    I was once in your position with a £7000 SVHS JVC edit deck it became unreliable and the job I had to return it with a refund was nobodies business.

  48. Sorry you got all this and builder blues too!
    You look at the whole market and have come from a TV background, it is one of the reasons I follow you.
    Cameras come and go, some people get obsessed with one manufacturer and won’t hear anything against them.
    At the end of the day clients pay us the cash and content is king. The right camera for the right job, the RED EPIC wasn’t.
    Hiring high cost cameras will always be smart, if it doesn’t work it’s there problem not yours and when there are failures they can get in another unit or cross hire.

    Integrity will always be priceless.

    1. I have been a follower of you and your site for 4 plus years. I only registered now to reply to this post.

      In all that time I have valued you and your opinion for exactly what you mention
      your straight forward opinion on the use of these tool’s no bias just user opinion.

      The Ego of RED has long been known and this story is really only another brick in that wall.

      As you can see from all the comments on this post there are probably more of us who value your work and honest opinion’s than Fanboy’s that have taken out aggression on you for you offering the simple truth.

      I would just like to thank you for your time and efforts and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year


  49. Philip
    like many others who posted before me, I want to commend you for standing behind what you truly believe in. I can only imagine it was a difficult decision to let go of your Epic, but in the end, they really gave you no option. Those of us who follow your blog religiously know and understand your ethics in reviewing and endorsing products. The fact that you parted with the Epic only makes me respect you more. Cheers

  50. A tough place to take a stand. But a sound one it is. I suspect they’ll be in touch. But I think this is good for the c300 crowd as you’ll love it more. Might not spoon it, but I bet you’ll bend your eye differently at it. 🙂

  51. Well some of the reasons I always follow your stuff is that apart from your great skill, your a man in a hurry and so you review stuff in a no nonsense style and tell it like it is…It makes things very clear with choices on products.
    The humour too!!

    You have tempered your anger by being fair to RED with your comments dispite provocation…this one employee has made one huge error of judgement and you’d want to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting his bosses pulled him into as a result of this negative publicity.

    I never have that same gut wrenching feeling as when Technology, cameras mostly give errors on a once off job and you see people looking at you as if to say “some pro this guy is”.

    You invested 80k and recieved a lemon and to be treated like this?
    I’d be disgusted too Phil.

      1. Wow… this says a lot. Unbelievable!

        Philip, thanks once again for sharing your experience – especially since it wasn’t a pleasant one. I signed-up just to show some support, and to say that I’ve always enjoyed your site – just wished this could have been more of a “Season’s Greetings from Austin!” type post 🙂

        Take care.

      2. It’s pretty shocking to see this kind of behavior coming from a company that brands itself as the response to big camera companies and their historical secrecy. Shows a distinct lack of confidence in their product. As someone who was aware of many of the limitations you pointed out in the scarlet and had heard stories of Epic failures, nothing you wrote was surprising or misleading. If anything, it was information people could have easily found on their own. It’s unfortunate that you bare the brunt of the abuse for simply compiling it in one place and sharing it with the filmmaking community.

        I find it surprising however that a company like RED wouldn’t want to keep you on their side. As others have said, you clearly have influence in the industry and are not someone I’d wanna burn bridges with as an emerging manufacturer. Whether or not you have had issues, they clearly should have been concerned on winning the war, not just the first battle. Red showed their true colors on this one and as many of us had suspected through their history of negativity toward certain aspects and entities of the community, they aren’t what you’d expect from a serious technology company. I have a hard time picturing Sony or Canon trying to pull this kind of thing on you, or any other consumer for that matter. As you mentioned, you weren’t under an agreement to keep quiet, so why would they expect you to do so? Especially with your history of honesty and transparency about any and all products you use.

        The epic and scarlet weren’t looking like they would be a part of my workflow anytime soon. Now moe than ever this is the case. While the day of the launch left Canon and the C300 looking like a big flop, I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that a real, working, professional system from a company with a history of reliability and customer support is more important than shooting billboard size images… At least for many of us.

        The Epic is an incredible piece of equipment and many have done outstanding work on it. But with RED conducting business like this, I would be afraid that they won’t be around to provide support and “render obsolescence obsolete” in years to come. And if I’m right, those cameras (and, ironicly, all of their proprietary components) are going to make for some expensive paper weights.

        On a side note, it seems rather apparent who this high up culprit might be. Pretty astounding.

        1. Absolutely right Steve. Truly unprofessional and maddening. I can’t believe RED treats people like this. When they treated me poorly I was blown away… But treating somebody as popular as Philip like this? It’s like suicide for RED’s reputation. I’m proud of Philip for being so humble about all of it. I would personally be a lot more angry. Great guy Philip is!

      3. Philip, you have every right to be upset. I cancelled my Scarlet order for similar reasons. I was simply treated poorly, as if I didn’t matter. And I don’t like that from a company either.

        Their camera’s are great. But not great enough to where we can’t use something else and not get the same results if not better. I think they need to realize that. We don’t HAVE to buy from RED. Alexa is around the same price point, and C300 is coming soon for even cheaper. RED better suck down the bitter pill and realize they don’t own the market. You can only push people around for so long.

  52. Wonderful post. This is why I read and continue to read your blog. Your blog post really help me evaluate my needs for the Scarlet. I was unaware of the crop issue until you mentioned it. No where was that stated in the feature list for RED. At times I feel like RED is Apple. but without the execution. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the C300. Stay humble and stay honest Mr. Bloom. I know you will.

  53. damn shame how it’s all played out, but as most people have responded here, i too only enjoy this blog and your reviews because of their candor and honesty. marketing hype is as misleading ever so it’s practical experience and hands-on knowledge that helps us fellow creatives.

  54. Poor Philip, if only 1% of this story is true then shame on Red and their nasty behavior. They should get their feet back to the ground and get back to the reality or call an angry management service. I understand they they care for “their babies” but they must understand that we must care about our investments and clients. Im no pro DP, but I very well know that horrible feeling when your camera have any malfunction on set during the very important shooting. It happen me twice, damned I was insane, it wasnt important how much camera cost if 10$ or 100 000$ it just didnt working and I got NO picture!!! So it must go.
    I really like picture from RED cameras, I used to read and post on Reduser from very begining but since all free spirit there changed to positive dictatorship and now to less AND less possitive dictatorship I dont find so much pleasure to be there, unfortunately. 90% I know about cameras and lenses I know from there. Life is too short to waste time with rude and nasty persons. I prefer not to tranfer my struggle and problems on any other persons. Hope Red will clear it up to stop all useless spining rumors.

    So Philip your problém with Epic was around shooting in 25p?

  55. very appreciate your demand Philip.

    such posts like this ensure that you are a serious and professional filmmaker.
    there are simply too many of us hassling for the latest gear and dream from EPICs etc. and neglecting their original aim, to produce sexy videos.

  56. Hey Philip

    I have been following all your videos for a while now, and well I never leave comments or anything on any website, but reading all this crap. Just had to say something, apart from you having so much integrity and always being honest about whatever product you are using, no company or said employee of a company has the right to vilify , libel and in part degrade you in public or in a public forum, the crazy part is that negative comments to most people from a person of your training and expertise I would see as constructive criticism to which they could improve the product and essentially win more clients from. In the end they really have lost more than they have bargained for and for them to actually offer to buy the camera back and how they have treated you proves a lot to me and a lot about how they deal with feedback and customer relations.

  57. The hard fact of professional TV life is that when you do paid work you need the camera to work out of the box every time no matter how good the camera is. Sadly whenever I’ve had to use Red the uncertainty surrounding the reliability issues just adds another layer of concern and doubt to my brain which is already full of stuff to I’m tying work out.

    My cash will be going on a Canon c300 come Jan (placed my order last week) because it might not be the best but it suites the variety of work I do and most importantly it will work (more or less) every time come rain or shine.

    I know where you’re coming from now hurry up and test the Canon!

  58. Regardless of what prissy “fanboys” do or say, I for one have found all of your work and opinions very educational and will still be following and considering all of them. Haters gonna Hate! Thanks for sticking to it!

  59. I am also looking forward to your C300 review. I handled one at the Prokit open day and was very impressed with its handling. If as I have read, it comes within a nat’s whisker of the Alexa image then at £9995 it is a bloody bargain! When you consider it was not that long ago you had to sell your children to pay for a broadcast shoulder mount and lenses!

  60. Regardless of what they might say Phillip,

    I do believe that:
    Any good product has it’s faults, but only the best constructors listen to any problems users might have and try to solve them… that’s the only way to get to a better product !

    To just buy your camera back, they didn’t solve anything. And for those who try to break you over the fact that you wrote about it… they should know better !!!

    Thanks for sharing this info Phillip!!

    Kind regards,

  61. Religion over equipment has always seemed to be something that makes up for a lack of creative ability. That’s why people like you challenge yourself to shoot with a camera body that costs a couple hundred bucks, and it’s why people like you will always be admired over companies. Haters are noise, and not even worthy of acknowledgment.

    I got out of TV more than ten years ago, but working in software, have been able to buy a lot of expensive toys to retain the work as a hobby. I bought an HVX200 back in the day (it’s for sale!) because I had a good experience in my pro days with Panasonic. It served me well. Today I mess with Canon DSLR’s. I too was excited by Red when they announced what they were trying to do, but ever since then, I’ve perceived it as potentially awesome tech hindered by its arrogant man at the top. I’ve always perceived it as, “We’re f’ing brilliant, so suck it up and wait because we’ll be awesome.” In my days of having to get work done, and paid for it, that would have never worked.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work with the current generation of inexpensive cameras, and those coming out that are, for better or worse, driven as a response to Red. I love that you leave the religion out. That’s what it’s all about.

  62. Thanks for such a fascinating and honest insight into a bleeding edge camera, unfortunately it’s more on the bloody side.

    If I spent that much money on a sports car, I would expect some reliability and would be horrified if I received such attitude back from the car company.

  63. As a native New Yorker with a bit of an attitude, the only thing that crossed my mind as I read this was, “who the heck is this Red pencil pusher!!! I would luv to give him my 2 cents!”. Because of things like that is why we have companies like Microsoft who release products then spend months working out the “issues” after consumers complain. Or companies like Toyota who end up doing something with faulty parts after people die because they can’t stop their cars. If you exhaust “issues” in your products BEFORE releasing to consumers, then you don’t have to worry about trying to shut people up from pointing out such “issues”.

    As for the fanboys, I wouldn’t worry about it. Every industry, every aspect of life has close minded people that would go to the grave supporting 1 view or one thing blindly. Some people should google or look up in the dictionary the word objectivity. Just because YOU like one product or view doesn’t mean anyone who doesn’t share it with you is wrong or incorrect.

    Keep up the great work Philip and keep sharing openly your experiences. For many of us it’s a great resource!

  64. I agree. I will boycott RED forever more. (Unless they honestly change their attitude and fix the apparent issues RED has).

    -Coming out with last minute camera’s which are COMPLETELY different then they promised.



    -Deceitful advertising (at least with the Scarlet). They forget to mention some very important details in their advertising about the camera.

    -SLOW! They take DAYS to get back to me about products. When I bought the scarlet they eventually told me “we don’t know when it will ship, but probably eventually”. Basically, saying it could take months, even though they promised it would ship on Dec. 1’st when I bought it. Needless to say, I cancelled my order.

    -Prideful. But no the good kind where you take pride in your product, rather the kind where RED thinks they are better than their customers, and straight up treats them poorly. I was disappointed in the way RED treated me, so I cancelled my orders.

    -Poor marketing, and quite frankly, a lack of professionalism. In many different areas.

    Regardless, I’m done with RED. Canon C300 here I come!

  65. Hey Philip, don’t mind the fanboys. I have been following you for more than a year, saw you in Boston and have enjoyed and learned from your blog. There are unfortunately a number of “experts” living in their mother’s basement who derive pleasure in craping on people like you, Kirk Tuck and others who put their comments on line and provide enormous knowledge to those of us who are learning and using suggestions you all offer. It requires a thick skin to put yourself out there and to ignore the fanboys. Keep up the good work; there are many more of us who appreciate your effort and don’t question your integrity or motives.

  66. Philip, you are the most respected film-maker on the internet, you have been an inspiration for a large range of people, from newbie/wannabe film-makers like myself up to professional film-makers/directors who have been in this industry for years.

    It’s a shame RED have acted in the way they have, the epic is an amazing product but no technology is perfect, they should have been open and supportive to you as you have done with your constructive feedback to them. Owning another EPIC for a backup is ridiculous!

  67. I’m really sorry to hear your experience. I find it unbelievable that they didn’t offer a replacement camera first up. Don’t they realise that potential customers have the right not to buy a product from anyone with a bad attitude?
    I really appreciate your blog. You shoot on an NEX5n and make it look great and shoot on an Epic and make it look equally as good. You’re into the gear but in the end you prove over and over that it’s not just about the gear – you have a fantastic collection of work under your belt that can not be returned. Thanks for a great blog and please keep it up.
    Now I’m off to try and figure out what spooning means.

  68. So sorry to hear of this Philip. It hurts when such a love for the tool and what you create with it is so tied to the soul. It’s worse than and much like a break up in a way. You and RED have some serious integrity and a ton of politics to deal with in the worlds you live and create for. They are two different worlds when it comes down to it. It is my hope that you will continue to shoot with Red when appropriate. And of course I might be accused of working for RED. I don’t. I WORK FOR MY AUDIENCE. You sir remind all of us that sharing the way and path to do the same is why you do what you do.
    Happy Hols to you and yours

  69. What a shame what a shame, you we’re doing fantastic work with your EPIC I must say I was looking forward to a lot more. Hopefully with time you get back to more RED work, and was really looking forward to your scarlet review…

    Just wanted to mentioned, for every single asshole saying something stupid on reduser about you there were five guys defending you.. just sayin

    Keep up the good work Philip!

  70. Phil,

    Firstly sorry to hear this has happened mate – I’m very surprised that a company selling a product for so much money could have such an unprofessional approach to customer service.

    I feel that free speech is important and nearly anything I buy nowadays whether it be camera related or not, is influenced by reviews/videos and generally peoples opinions I find on the net.

    It aggravates me that people should wish for you to not speak your mind on your own blog. At the end of the day, the UK exercises free speech and people have a right to their opinion. Ironically, although I will probably never be in a position to purchase a RED I am more likely to be put off buying one by the blatant disregard of decency by the company you have invested 1000’s with than the actual issues of the camera itself.

    Lastly, without blowing too much smoke, I really appreciate that someone like yourself (well known in this industry, in high demand and obviously busy) takes the time to continue writing a blog and helping those of us who aren’t as knowledgeable in film making. I for one find the information on this site as well as the workshop I attended in Leeds invaluable and it would be a sad day should you decide to stop writing because of constant ball-ache from nay sayers.

    Continue as you are doing mate. Great work and great instruction.


  71. What a row… I have worked with the Epic on a few shoots and the beta firmware was workable due to some excellent ACa and a great DIT. The cameras held up and everyone left excited to shoot on RED again. It sounds like you got a lemon, as you seem to feel, but the political-emotional drama has got to be wearisome. I hope people calm down soon, and stop attacking you and others because of their egos.

    Best of luck!

  72. Feel for ya, I joined the reduser group … and casually questioned when the firmware was going to come out of beta … I thought it was obvious that it was in beta … had to deal with that. I really need something around 3k for some work i’m going to do … and the Arri stuff is out of my price range.

    BTW … thanks much for your post’s on Kessler … they have helped me out a ton.

  73. Hi Philip,

    I`m very sorry to hear (read actually) all that.

    I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time and the patience to share with the community what happened to you. From what I could read on your twits, you were not very inclined to do so.

    I became aware of this situation on a Reduser post, (The guy quoted on of your twits in which you said you would miss your EPIC and another one in which you said you had cancelled your Scarlet) and went out on discover what happened and after reading your twits (I do not follow you since i do not have a twitter account) and thouth to my self: “Well, he is not gonna tell what happend, so I can only guess.”

    Very glad to discover now that I was wrong.

    This is very concerning for everyone that is planning on buy or has bought a Scarlet (I`m on that list) or any other RED Product.

    I`ve always felt that Reduser could be a very inhospitable place sometimes, and I guess that that is because most owners are tired of the bad reputation their`s camera have, but never expected that it would get to the point that some people would trash someone`s reputation like this.

    A big part of the bad Reputation the RED has is concerned to the quality of it`s footage anyway and about that you only said very positive things…

    Many of the funboys are probably jealous of you (I know I am) and they must be very angry at how strong your opinion is in the community.

    Since you said the high up person you contacted has no superior and since it must be someone active in the forum, I have a very good idea of whom it is…

    All in all I feel very sorry for you and for me as well, since I was really enjoying the content you where producing with the EPIC, one of the best out there in my opinion…

    I`ve dreamed about being a RED Owner since 2008, and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you to make the decision you made. I know I couldn`t.

    If it helps, I have a strong feeling this will turn out for the better for you…

    My Best wishes.

  74. Totally speechless Philip,

    dont know what to say other than you didnt deserve that, and RED really have thrown basic concepts of customer rights/service out the window. They really got to take a good hard look at themselves, the company and the so called ‘RED ARMY’ as to how the think they have the right to treat an individual like that, especially in a creative industry.

    Im a huge fan of RED cameras but utterly appalled by how you were treated. You were right to give it back.

  75. I’m so sorry Philip, this is really disappointing.

    As a film student I learn so much from this website, and honest guys like you. From my limited exposure to our industry, I can tell that it desperately needs more integrity. We need you! Don’t let these people burn you out. Thank you for this awesome resource you provide, I know we all can trust you to keep it legitimate.

    On a side note, my school is currently in line to trade in our RED One for an Epic. Hopefully we have better luck with the camera than you did, it really is an amazing machine when it feels like working!

    Thanks again man, we really do appreciate you.

  76. Know that more people appreciate your honest approach than those who have thin skin and can’t handle the truth.

    It seems like an unfortunate incident and a blown opportunity for people to make things right.

    I own two businesses and I always say to people that no business is perfect and there isn’t one out there that does not make a mistake. The difference between a good company and a bad one is how they handle the customer when they make those mistakes.

    Just keep in mind, sticks and stones… 🙂 and keep up the great posts.

  77. I have know Phil for a few years and he is a good friend of mine. This is my first post on his website.

    I support him 100 percent on this situation. The fact he had to sell back his EPIC because he spoke the truth about the product, both positive and negative is ridiculous. He didn’t get this camera to evaluate for free and in secret tell RED what works and what sucks, he bought it. He spent well over $60,000.00 on it.

    I use Red cameras (mostly rentals) for commercial and feature work. I love the image at 4 and 5k, but always worry that it may fail due to heat or something else beyond my control.

    One rental company I have worked with had a few RED MX cameras to rent, but they would always keep a “spare” in house. This was done in case of an emergency in the field. When I heard that, it stuck in my head like a thorn. Many of the rental REDS in the field were on big budget gigs. Tons of money on the line. Plus the cinematographers reputation. My reputation!

    I understand the camera is in Beta and always being worked on behind the scenes at RED HQ, but why can’t an end user talk about its limitations and quirks online?! A possible customer should understand what they are getting themselves into! Phil also said many great things about this camera too. And I published a few RED tutorials on my website to help people out.

    If I spent $60k on a camera and I was told never to speak negatively about the thing to anyone, I would never purchase the rig. I would continue to rent.

    That brings me to REDUSER. I do not use it because of the tripe that is posed there. It seems to me, in my limited time browsing for answers on the forums, that most of the people in there are NOT EVEN RED OWNERS OR OPERATORS. Just a bunch of people who think they are part of a club or something. If someone posts about problems or issues with RED, these “REDUSERS” jump on the author and speak way out of order.

    I think this above post came at the perfect time. Because of Scarlet, now many more people will be creating R3D content, inside and outside a professional environment.

    The RED company now has to really step up their game in terms of customer service. Also, once you dumped the $20k on the camera and the bits to make it work, the thing should function as advertised. I was hoping that the delay in Scarlet release, was because RED was working everything out. I expected it to be sold as a non-beta camera to a much larger customer base. This remains to be seen.

    Stating that RED has treated Philip Bloom with disrespect is an understatement for sure. I think that this blog is one of the most important ever posted to the internet to make very important change: To get RED to open their eyes and take care of the end user. Also to make improvements based on the feedback they get publicly, both the good and the bad.

    I cancelled my order for the Scarlet not because of Phil’s situation. I was unaware of this sad affair at the time. I cancelled my order because I needed to see how the Scarlet survived in the wild. If I like what I see and hear from owners, I still may buy one in the future. But now, I am interested in how RED reacts to this “Conspiracy of Silence”. The ball is in RED’s court now and my decision to buy a product from them depends on the company making positive change.

    I am looking forward to RED free speech online, in addition to the eye candy on Vimeo. And perhaps a well told visual story shot on Scarlet.

    Good luck Phil, glad you got this off your shoulders.

    1. I agree 100%. RED’s marketing seems backwards. Why sell a beta camera? You can obviously see the marketing differences between a rookie and a pro. Canon handed out their EOS C300 cameras and let guys run with them. I can’t say that they did not charge these people but it seems in my perception that they sent out pre-production cameras for free to get feedback from real professionals.

      I could see letting pros borrow the Epics and asking for no negative feedback as they want to fix their issues without the negative publicity. But to charge full price and ask the same is absolutely insane. It goes to show you how desperate they are to get the cameras out there faster than they should. Easily one can see that as a company they are minuscule in comparison to the major camera makers and have a long way to go. You would think this being fact that the one department they could compete in, would be customer service. It cost nothing to be nice and it cost nothing to make things right.

    2. i have read every comment and you wrote the thing, that i also wanted to write about:

      “I think this above post came at the perfect time. Because of Scarlet, now many more people will be creating R3D content, inside and outside a professional environment.”

      many people seem to think, that the reports of the epic-issues where the problem, but i assume, that this article is the actual reason: “To buy a Scarlet or not to buy, that is the question…” (http://philipbloom.net/2011/11/20/scarlet/).

      red looked like the big winner of the 3rd november. many kids where about to rob the piggy bank to get the holy grail and red was fine with that. then comes philip with that really needed article (the most importent one, in his 4 year bloghistory – i would say) and cleared many eyes (he needed to – i even guess he thinks he owes it to his readers). and he did a big service to red – how would they handle the amount of issues? the scarlet could be the killer for the company (imagine there is an issue like philip had on “strongman” and every customer needs to send the camera back).

      many people underrestemated the workflow, the real price and had just experiences with consumergear. it´s a giant step from the t2i or 5d to a scarlet – people needed to understand, that they need to learn many things and that the camera has not just options, but multiple limitations too.

      the articles where always very balanced and he wasn´t tired of talking about how he loves the camera (and imagine how many people just saw the videos and didn´t read the blog). every issuereport took in consideration, that it was just a beta classified cam… which leads me to another thing…

      isn´t it a little ridiculous to sell a product and label it beta for a year (no end in sight) just to have an ace in the hole, when it comes to complains?

      let me end with a red-quote, that customers are also able to say: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.” – jim jennard

  78. RED is (trying) to make some interesting hardware, and to varying degrees are succeeding.


    While their support staff are excellent, their “customer service” staff are sadly wanting. A few workshops wouldn’t go amiss.

  79. When I read about your trouble on “Host” and “Strongman” and then you continued to extol the virtues of the camera, I thought, “Man what a nice guy, the camera craps out on two productions and he’s so understanding.” It’s clear that you loved the camera and your citing the problems with it were only proper.

  80. Honestly, I never really understood, why you got this camera in the first place for exactly that reason!
    A couple of month ago I had an interesting conversation with a 1st AC who regularely works on blockbuster feature films and big TV commercials, which are both markets where the pricepoint of the camera is not a faktor, not even shooting digital is.
    He told me, that NONE of his colleagues would even consider shooting with any of the RED cameras, because besides of all the other drawbacks these cameras have, they just can’t afford to use an unreliable tool. That’s the reason you don’t often see REDs on these sets (unless peter jackson is payed for it) and the same reason why the Alexa was the first camera to really drive that market towards digital.
    An Alexa doesn’t need all the fancy 5K resolution, HDRx, raw-workflow (I know it has one) stuff, because it has all it really needs: it’s build like a tank, runs under any conditions, can be configured by a 5 year old, is compatible to all the traditional equipment (just swap out your 435 for it and you’re ready to go) and most of all: it outpus a stunning picture in 4:4:4 10 bit with unparalleled 14 stops of latitude in a resolution that’s perfectly suitable for 99,9% of feature and advertising projects.

    I think aside of all the “scarlet smoked the C300” talk lately, which is purely based on techspecs, Canon is offering very much the same philosophy on a smaller scale (and price) with their new camera and Mobius proved what images it is capable of.
    Since you’re foremost a professional shooter for paid jobs of all scales I would have thought you’d value those “secondary qualities” more, because from your everyday work you know what it means to rely on a camera to work. Thus, my surprise when you decided to bale out such an amount of money for what should really be considered an “experimential” camera, where you could have bought an Alexa for almost the same money!
    Now reading about your experiences with the company it’s just another proof that they rely more on creating a hype, than serving a professional market with all the background support that goes with that.
    I suppose they have to be that way because their cameras don’t hold up to those demands – but forbidding people to say anything negative about their products is not going to make them any better.

    All I really wanted to say is: Philipp, welcome back with the Pro’s! I’m really looking forward to see you get a C300 now and read many in-debth reviews of this magnificent camera! I’m sure, you’re experience will even have an impact on further development of that camera line and for all the high-end projects you will be shooting, you can always rent an Alexa or F65!



    1. “unless peter jackson is payed for it”
      really? Do you have any reliable sources on that? Do you really think Peter Jackson would use a camera only for being payed to do it on freaking “The Hobbit”? Does that really make sense to you?

  81. I’ve actually shot with RED’s and I don’t like them. They have been unreliable ( drop out of record, crash, drop frames, and TC ??? thats a joke ), take 90 secs to boot up, heavy, suck power like no tomorrow, ect.. Its not a desert island camera. An AC once said ” its the worst of the good cameras “.

    I’ve heard of plenty of shoots that carry 1-2 backup MX’s for just these reasons. its sad EPIC is no better.

    given your visibility, they should of double kissed your butt to make you happy. it was a fumble on all levels by them.

    me personally, many years back I got a JVC HD100. they had problems with the first run of those cameras. JVC totally went out of their way to make it right. it certainly helped to know the service managers personally which made me more then just a customer with a problem, but a real person. my problems where resolved and it was a fine camera for the years I used it.

    for $80k, a camera has to work. every time, every day, no matter what. you can not be told you should have a backup body in that price range. we all have cameras that are far cheaper that work every day like even the t3i / 60d / et el.

    I also think you need to learn that there are serious jerks out there who shoot their mouths off because its the only thing they can do. ignore them even when its not easy.

  82. Same here, registered for the first time just to tell you what you already know.
    “A Man is only as good as his word”
    You did the right thing, although I am sure it wasn’t easy.
    Your priorities are in the right place my friend.
    All the best.

  83. Part of your appealis your honesty, the other part are your clever t-shirts.

    I just hope we don’t see a post soon that is titled: Why I love Steve Weiss and why I don’t film Critics anymore.

  84. Since purchasing a serious camera (PMW-F3) I think I’ve read my fair share of forums and blogs this year and I can’t praise you enough, Philip for your insight in this modern age of video.

    It’s not your fault that you became so popular in recent years. You just happened to stand out from the rest of the crowd with a passion! Without having met you, I find you honest and friendly enough. I have no doubt that RED are revolutionary in the movie industry, but you have to worry when they repeatedly highlight the clause: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.”

    Their PR firm are perhaps a little precious and their ‘fan boys’ (whether they acknowledge them or not) probably do more harm than good.

    Perhaps I’ll see you next March when you’re in Melbourne.

  85. I’m glad you did this Philip. Their cameras may make great images but they have horrible business practices, and their upper management can be incredibly crass. It is amazing how people are afraid to say anything negative about RED in public for fear of a temper tandrum.

  86. Philip,
    Sorry to hear about your poor treatment. I felt compelled to register so I could leave a comment of support.
    I recently purchased an AF100, and must admit I found your comparison testing extremely helpful in making my decision. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your holiday and family time. Put this episode behind you and don’t let it bother you any more!

  87. You know we have had our differences but I registered to convey that I do appreciate the knowledge you help spread and to tell you to carry on and I’m sorry that you had to deal with that. Keep on keeping on. Your work is important. What you write is important to a lot of people. Unfortunately, in life, we sometimes have these kind of run-ins. Even though it’s tough, the strong ones, like you, carry on. That is my wish for you, carry on. I can’t wait to see more creative work from you. Thank you.

  88. The expertise you share with all of us is more valuable to us than piece of equipment and we are very greatful for everthing you share with community.

    You may may no longer have that specific tool, but I can’t imagine your work being anything less than brilliant, no matter what tool you use. plus, like yuo said, you can always rent.

    If some one said to me “you can have an Epic OR you can work with Philip Bloom for a weekend” I wouldn’t hesitate, working with you would help me in ways no peice of equipment ever could. Something tells me i’m not the only one.

    Thanks againfor all the help and encouragemnt you give through your website and in person.

  89. Philip,

    Thanks for posting all this. My first instinct is to be snarky because Red, as a company, has always rubbed me the wrong way, but I’ll avoid all that and merely say that integrity is king, and right now you’ve got the crown.

  90. Red is out of the picture, good, that gives you more time to devote to the Nikon d800 🙂
    I’m sure it was a lovely cam but you could make great film with a paper clip and stick of chewing gum. Put it behind u and let it go. Focus on all the positives…at least your not bald 🙂

  91. Hey Philip!

    Decisions has to be made and you made yours – nobody can blame you!
    Turn to new exciting cameras like the C300 and shoot away!
    The cam is great, was at the shoot with Mario’s & and Nino’s “13:59” and the cam is such a great tool and fun to shoot with!

    Focus on you strengths and keep up good work and your passion for the community!


  92. Phil, you know my thoughts on the issue, Just wanted to let you know that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not being open and posting about your experience – it’s what you have been about since day 1 and the reason people take such a liking to you and your site – pure honesty.
    Going forward you may have no EPIC, but you have the mind and eye of a great film maker and teacher – which will far outweigh any camera.

    Keep it real and power on in 2012,


  93. Philip,

    I believe that people follow your site because of your thorough, unbiased reviews, your integrity and your gentle character, besides the high quality of your work.
    To be honest with you, I was a bit disappointed lately reading your articles on RED. I thought you were supporting too much a camera company that has never managed to produce nothing more than BETA products(with a great delay..). It’s no secret that most RED owners suffer all sort of major problems. So your experience is no surprise to me.
    What strikes me is how egotistical some people can be… but then again that’s not something new.
    My point of view is that faulty products do not deserve our money, especially when that means s..t loads of money. There is a reason why some companies have invested so much money and research to get there. Consumers should not be treated as BETA testers, it’s ethically wrong.
    I do respect your work, your ethics and your insight on filmmaking.
    Keep up the excellent work you have been doing and good luck.

  94. Once there was a man in love with his wife for more than three years. And the marriage seems to be stable. But one day that man went to a bar and looked in the eyes of a girl with beautiful red hair and he fell in love with her. Other people in the bar told him that this girl was great: see looks so nice, can cooke very well and see is like a beast in bed.

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    Strange enough non of this friends have ever shared the bed with the red haired girl so how can they know she’s a vamp?

    Phil welcome back home 🙂

  95. Hi Phil
    What a crass public relations disaster. It would have far better to offer genuine support rather than using the heavy handed bullying tactics you’ve had to go through.
    Chin up. Just reading these comments should make you realise how valuable your independent evaluations are … valued by pro’s and up and coming pro’s.

    Ps We’re behind you “O captain my captain”.
    Doug Hancock (team Tache member)

  96. I just got banned on reduser from voicing my concern about how they are treating some of their customers. I put it in a respectful manner and I got a banned for life from reduser. Theyd Rather keep people quite than voice what I would think was a valid question.

    Couldnt care less, It needed to be said.

      1. Dont be sorry Phil,

        They never even give me a reason, just a life long ban. Said “you are banned, reason: none, reinstated: never”. honestly if thats how they do business then its not a business I care to be apart of anyway so Im really not bothered.

        I do love RED cameras and think the EPIC is amazing and Im hoping to shoot with it next year, but the way they operate leaves me feeling very sad indeed. They needed to be told they cant treat you/ or anyone like that, but I guess they dont want to listen.

        Keep up the good work Phil.

    1. Neil I took, was banned, and they were very rude to me when they banned me saying the reason I was banned was for saying “bullish*t” I couldn’t believe how unprofessional they were. It’s kinda sad really.

  97. had to register after i read this..

    oh man…. you made a big mistake!

    did you really think that you could argue with the guys on the reduser forum??
    that place has less freedom of speech than north korea!!

    after five minutes reading there i always recognize that my head is shaking..
    …people leaving negative comments, apologizing big time right in their next post because they really fear that they won`t be sold a scarlet because of a “bad attitude” …fanboy riots… everybody trying so hard to justify their investment in those cameras…. etc..

    honestly you can only go there if you are into good comedy….

    red introduced a whole new world to me!!
    a world where you go on a shoot and just after lunch you have the 3rd camera body delivered to set because 2 already broke down.
    a world where my focus pullers insist on taking “at least” one spare body with them if they go anywhere more than 15 minutes away from the rental house.
    a world where you loose 4 hours on a shoot waiting for a technician to arrive and then have 80 crew people watching him over an hour while he tries to re-upload the firmware..

    i`ve never been let down by any other camera, and i`m talking about a couple 1000 shoot days…

    somebody needs to say this, thank you! and keep up the good work!!

    by the way, guys, think twice to post anything bad about red here!
    especially if you have anything on backorder there….

    1. Thats not a reason not to voice a concern Bernd.

      If they are in the business of silencing people and treating customers unfairly then they need to be told even more.

      Saying nothing leads to the attitude that RED has developed with its fanbase. Total fear if saying the wrong thing gets you banned.

      I couldnt care less I was banned and neither should anyone else if they have a point to Emake thats valid. As long as you voice your opinion in a respectful and constructive way.

      Its not a mistake to tell someone their treating someone unfairly, you shouldnt think like that Bernd.

    1. Philip, you are a great value to the all of us, no matter what camera we use. I’ve steered many young filmmakers to your site and will continue to do so. You’ve always been upfront and honest. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, and others.

  98. What a nightmare….

    – When the CEO of a company demands to buy back a product apparently to silence critique, good or bad.

    – When the CEO of a company apparently can ban users randomly from a forum without a specific reason and without explanation.

    – When a $60000 camera is ready to “compete with the Alexa” but is still “only a beta camera” when it then fails.

    – When repair of that said $60000 camera will take around 4 weeks.

    – When the only explanation given about the whole ordeal is that there is two sides to every story, but then utter silence regarding that other “true” side.

  99. You made a sound business decision based on your experience in the field with a RED product and the needs of your clients. You wrote, partly, from that perspective in a balanced article on another RED product.

    If RED and others find that the truth hurts, so be it. I wouldn’t loose a moment’s rest over this episode.

    Kudos to you for clearing the air and answering your reader’s questions and concerns.

  100. I’m very sorry to hear about your troubles. As a fellow shooter, and reader of your blog, let me say that your honesty is refreshing, and very much appreciated. I may not always agree with you, but I’ve never found reason to question your integrity. I hope this incident doesn’t dissuade you from further posts that for some may be hard to read. The internet can be a dark place at times. Let the light of truth shine through.

    I’ve read each and every post you’ve written on Red and found them to be largely positive. Undiagnosed intermittent problems can happen to any camera. It’s scary as hell, and can shake your confidence in a camera. A manufacturer should understand this and treat customers with technical gremlins accordingly.

    Breaking up is hard to do. I’m sure Red will miss you more than you know.

  101. I’m new to the video DSLR experience but I’m old to shooting stills. I’m a fan of yours because of your honesty.
    My favorite line that you continue to use is, “The camera is just a tool.” I think a lot of the “fanboys” forget that. I would expect you to treat any camera company the same way.
    I listen to you and others for information and education. You continue to be an excellent source. I find that I learn more if I listen rather than “chatting” or “responding.” The internet’s ability to give everyone a voice is a double edged sword.
    It’s because of your integrity that I continue to read your posts. Maybe someday we’ll meet at one of your seminars. Keep up the good work.

  102. Phillip,

    sorry you had to experience this. Just keep in mind that most of us think that you doing a great job 🙂
    I went to the presentation of the Sony F65 in Hollywood yesterday. It’s so amazing it even blows the Alexa out of the water.
    Maybe that’s your revenge. RED won’t be able to keep up with the big players anymore.

  103. It’s so true what many people are saying here. I got banned from reducer and dvxuser for being part of the conversation about this blog post. I didn’t even saying anything bad about anyone or even the camera. Then the moderators were very rude to me. I simply mentions that both dvxuser and reduser are related.
    “Jarred Land (born May 30, 1975) is an American photographer, cinematographer, film producer and the current president of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company.[1][2] He is the owner and founder of REDUSER.net and DVXuser.com”

    Anyways, Warning, if you mention this fact, you will be kicked of those sites. I think Red is really trying to squash any speech about this blog.

  104. i had to register as well after reading this.

    wow, man, this took a lot of balls.

    would have loved to have seen more of your work with the epic and … the forthcoming scarlet. the stills you posted a while back blew me away.

    new found respect for you beyond the stuff you shoot.

      1. i really love your last pieces. i think you made a jump and the c300 would just be another good camera in your collection, but would it make a difference? ok… canonglass, lowlightabilities and reliability – nice things, but i feel your love for slowmo – save the money for the shimadzu hypervision hpv-2 😉

          1. mine too! thats what i mean (and i was laughing my ass off, when i read a comment about how you achived the framing in post :)). but slow motion is the big difference about the epic and no other reachable camera is able to (so many fps). every other camera would just be like every other camera – in terms of quite the same creativ possibilities. (nothing against the c300 – it´s the camera i would take to make a film with – but if i already would have a f3…)

  105. I just quickly checked the REDUSER.NET, most posts have been deleted but there is an official statement now.

    ” “The Case of Philip Bloom… – Today, 11:29 AM
    I guess everyone makes mistakes… this one was mine.

    A lot has been posted about this so I thought I would clarify from our

    This situation is my fault… no one else’s. My apology was offered to Philip
    and apparently accepted.

    Philip has returned his EPIC and cancelled his Scarlet order.

    We will not allow any disrespectful posts here on Reduser about Philip or
    anyone else…

    We consider the case closed. Nothing to see here… move along.


    “Everything in life changes… including our camera specs and delivery

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude” ”

    Hopefully this might help draw a line under everything. perhaps, perhaps not.

    On a side note i’d just like to say Thank You. I find reading the reviews incredibly informative and the fact that they are critically assessed and evaluated with the equipment’s pros and the cons in an independent and unbiased manner is extremely helpful to get useful information on tools for making films.
    P.S. I saved up and recently purchased a PB sig Pocket slider, Kessler certainly do make quality and reliable products!

  106. man, what a series of unfortunate events. I would do exactly as you did. It seems like it was more the way RED handled it than anything else. The people on the message boards are usually pretty helpful and friendly, but of course there’s always those few that take pleasure in creating drama, or bad mouthing whatever the topic is. Those people are fools, who probably will never have the pleasure of owning a nice camera. Don’t let them get to you.

      1. Pretty half-baked apology IMHO.

        I still think the way you treated, and the demand that you not post so-called “negative comments” about RED or their products was (and still is) absolutely outrageous.

        It might be a great camera, it might produce beautiful images, but where do they get off foisting what is essentially a beta product on customers for $58K (real price $80K plus) and then expect to people to just “put up with it” if it fails on a job?

        Sorry, but Jannard’s half-hearted public apology just shows the blinding arrogance of it all. This EULA that supposedly says all issues must be directed to RED and no-one else is also pretty outrageous, and is clearly an attempt to censor and control the message about the quality of their products.

        RED clearly has no respect for its customers, only its own overblown, pee-on-you image.

      2. Unfortunately Philip, I don’t think it’s over. Jim’s reply was basically saying “sorry, end of story.”

        It’s not the end of the story. Your problem with Red has not been addressed. Their cameras are unreliable in the field.

        In many ways I can see why Red reacted so negatively towards your posts – you posted many intense critiques of their product – by calling them unreliable in the field – and frankly you weren’t playing ball – you were being honest. And no company wants that.

        So they tried to silence you. But in the end, you humbled them. You humbled an entire multimillion dollar company. And now the head of a multimillion dollar company issues you a public apology. Pretty amazing.

        But this all raises a great question – can any working DP or professional of that matter post honest reviews of a product in a small community and not face retribution for it? In other words, should we all be careful of what we post online?

        No, unfortuately, as long as its not slander, you should be able to say whatever you want. Freedom of speech as we call it in America. Could the company then potentially not help you? Yes, of course. But that’s why you have balls – because you are prepared to be ostracized from the kingdom of Red.

        But what kind of kingdom is that? Companies have to grin and bear critisicm. That’s I believe one of the rules of public relations. And in the age of Yelp, there are tons of negative reviews of products. But a company can’t get angry and start trying to censor reviewers – they need to deal with it, learn from it. They need to get mad, but also they need to do this in private. And they picked a fight with a man that everyone in the industry follows. The person who dealt with you I’m sure will be fired. And he or she should be.

        It must be tough for red – they are working super hard making these cameras and this is their chance to have bigger widespread acceptance, and you Philip, you championed the dslr revolution – and then all of a sudden you say that you’re canceling your scarlet order.

        Red will hopefully learn from this mistake and quickly or they won’t be around much longer. Jim needs to do a more thorough apology, and allow discussion of it on his thread. He should open up a conversation about the problems with the red’s reliability and help his fans make his camera better.

        1. slow down. people wanted the camera so badly, that red gave a beta version to them (and i bet that they needed the money – it´s quite an investtment you have to make to be on the top). the meaning of beta is: you have to be prepared for possible issues and it´s not reliable.

          sure, as a filmmaker, you push to the limit and can´t resist to take it to a job. philip made this and had bad luck. so he wrote about this expiriences and said, that the camera is not reliable in the field NOW. he remindet everybody, that this beautiful camera is still beta and what that could mean for everybody in the field.

          that it is still beta a year after, is a problem for me. red might be a little to ambitious with the scarlet – but i totally understand this. it´s the other side of the red-medal. they move things forward and if you do so, you make mistakes.

          the scarlet is highly demanded and philip felt responsibility to his readers (especially the many young without much experience) and so he needed to adress the real life situation. he surly bewared some kids from debt and prepared others for the ride.

          so jim jennard took it a little personal and overreacted. iam sure, they gave the camera to some people to test them in real life and IT IS NOT UNPROFESSIONAL, that they want to get the results under 4 eyes in that testsituation. we want companies to take our demands in construction and therefor, we can be glad that they ask professionals. (think about the c300 – people like vincent laforet didn´t say anything before they where allowed to – the diffrence is, that canon just sells the final product).

          but philip was not one of the testers. he was a purchaser when they sold it on the free marked and jim might lost the overview and wasn´t aware of it, when they talked about the problem.

          i think this apology is honest and red lerned something for the benefit of us all. though, it might take a little time to accept every little fact of the situation… that´s human.

    1. Phillip you are a true gentleman of HIGH HIGH integrity and never succumb to the will and power of the manufacturers. I have never read as honest a response on cameras and gear as those that you review and talk about in the press and in person.

      Your words and images have influenced many including the work I do in the industry so please keep it up!
      Hope your Holidays are fantastic and that the stress of that situation has blown over!
      Cheers to you!

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