TEAM TIMELAPSE VIDEO NOW UP!! Huge prostate cancer gear give-away. Winners announced and we raised $36,400!!

 ETHICS STATEMENT: This is a blatant attempt at me trying to raise money to fund Prostate Cancer research (something very important to me as it claimed my grandfather) by giving away prizes. 

EDIT: Here is the finished time-lapse video from out team. Even though the prize draw is closed YOU CAN STILL DONATE! It all goes to charity and we are about £1000 from beating Barclays bank in the team rankings. Be nice to beat them wouldn’t it? 😉

Click here to donate!

EDIT: Here are the winners. You will be contacted shortly!!

We raised an astonishing £23,186 which equals $36,500. Fantastic. Thanks to everyone who donated!!

Adobe CS5.5 – Will Stockwell
Magic Bullet Suite – Benjamin Tucker
Rode Video Mic Pro – Jon Minnihan
Zacuto EVF – Nathaniel MacDonald
Kessler Shuttle Pod – Dusty Deen
Jag 35 Straight Rig – Andrew Dempsey
Lens Skirt – Matthew Lee, Samuel Olley, Neil Coldrick, Curtis Searle.
Canon S100 – Adam Nicholas
Switchtronics Torch LED – David Atkinson
A Day with Philip Bloom – Michelle Murtha

EDIT: I will be doing the live draw a bit later than planned. I wanted to do it on the 1st December but I will be in Ireland and hotel internet generally SUCKS so best to wait until I get home on Sunday. So it will be on Sunday the 4th of December at 2000 (8 PM) GMT. It’s not too late to donate. We have, at the time I right this, raised over £18,000 which is amazing! More than many huge corporations. Way to go filmmakers!!

I will also be doing a live Q&A so ask away!!

My live broadcast is on my Justin.TV channel which you can access by clicking here or the image below…





In the UK alone 1 person every hour dies from Prostate Cancer. That is a pretty scary figure

The lovely people at Switronix have given me two of their new lights. One to try out and the other to give away. Like in previous giveaways, I want to try and raise money for charity with it and as I will be raising money for Prostate Cancer research all November with “Movemeber” it makes perfect sense to tie them together!

So just donate at least £10 via this link and I will add you to a draw and pick the winner on the 30th of November. The very last day of Movember!

There may be issues donating via Paypal if not in UK, but credit card works fine. Ignore the fact that the country is UK when you start putting in details – it gives you a drop down to select country later.

Donate to me or my time, makes no difference! All goes to the same cause and all goes into the draw!

There will be more and more companies adding stuff to this giveaway so stay tuned!

Here are some photos and specs of the lights. I have only had a little play with it and it’s pretty sweet. I am shooting a mini doc tomorrow on the Sony NEX5N with this light as my main light so I can report back on how good it is. Lovely having mixed temperature available and it’s very well made, bright and with a nice even light!

Adobe have incredibly generously donated a full copy of CS5.5 Production Premium worth around £1900! This consists of Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and so much more. This is an amazing package!!!

The ever generous Red Giant Software have donated the INCREDIBLE Magic Bullet Suite 11 package worth almost $800!!

If you don’t win don’t forget you can get any “Magic Bullet” software from for 20% off with code bloom20 !!

Rode Microphones have generously donated two Rode Video Mic Pros!!

Zacuto have been incredibly generous, donating the amazing EVF!!

Kessler Crane have generously donated a huge prize: either a Cineslider or a 4 foot Shuttle Pod system! The choice is yours (shipping outside of the USA is responsibility of winner)





More gear still coming through! Jag35 have donated their “Straight Rig” worth $500 and Aaron Pinto has donated 4 of his amazing lens skirts for shooting through glass!!

Guy Thatcher has incredibly generously donated the Canon Powershot S100 that he has pre-ordered. An amazing point and shoot camera. This is worth £439! Guy owns and runs which rents out DSLRs, camcorders and even my Kessler Crane pocket dolly!

I myself am giving away a one on one tutoring day with me. We go out and we shoot something and I help and show you my techniques. Unfortunately I cannot fly to you as you could be anywhere, but I will arrange it close to where you are as I travel a lot!



    1. Yes, you can donate in the U.S. As for team or individual, there is a reward for both the individual that earns the most as well as the team so that is up to you. I am sure Philip wouldn’t mind if you helped his efforts for the individual prize ;).

  1. thanks to your tutelage I’m at a place in my career this year where I can actually afford to donate thanks to all the new video production clients, so I’m happy to donate…although it took me a second to figure out what a “pence” was 🙂

  2. I am going to donate and asked a question earlier which I believe was misunderstood and moderated, and taken the wrong way.

    I meant to ask, when you go to the link there is an option to donate to “me” (Phillip) or to his Team, I was wondering if both are for Cancer and the same cause and if both are being sponsored by the above generous organizations. I asked what the difference was, meaning between the options on whom to donate to and not in the sense that donating doesn’t make a difference! Sorry if there was a confusion!

    Keep up the great work! Fantastic cause and fantastic site!


  3. Donated, skint but it’s a worth while cause I support yearly so figured just as well here than on just giving or something).

    These things are everything I keep trying to save for but the cost of living/moving to London for work has taken away from me! The cost of following the dream eh!

    Good luck on this. Its a great cause and I know many of my mail friends part-taking!

    *crosses fingers*

    *remembers that this is basically the lottery and won’t win*

  4. Glad to help fight such a hideous disease – I donated. Cancer took both my parents and my Grandmother here in the US. My Mother-In-Law is a 25 year survivor. Trying to grow that stache…but I am not a hairy guy by nature. It’s for a great cause though. God bless you Philip!

  5. The benefits came early, so I was able to donate.

    A word about Prostate Cancer. My father had this cancer (and others) and after the doctor gave him the news, he went straight to the bar and had a scotch. Several hours later, he tippy toed out of the bar and went home to tell his wife (my other mother, a lovely woman) the news. A few days later he had the surgery and they were able to successfully remove the cancer. Early diagnosis is key.

  6. Late as ever…still, didn’t want to forget to donate to this cause.

    Good luck to you and the team Philip. Let’s hope it will contribute to a solution so everyone with prostate cancer can be cured.

  7. Happy to donate as well. My Movember ‘stache is as ratty as it’s gonna get!!

    Hey Philip…is one lucky winner gonna get all that gear? Why not have multiple drawings…one for each piece? Give a bunch of us a better shot as winning something!!!

    I had a BLAST supporting you and Movember UK. Hope it helps towards stomping out this nasty form of cancer in our lifetimes 🙂

  8. Mr. Philip, one of my friends went to Austin City Limits not long ago and she took a picture during the Skrillex concert. In the corner of the picture, there is a man on the stage holding a DSLR camera who looks EXACTLY like you. Were you there? If so, I am SOO mad that my friend didn’t try to say hi to you haha. Anyway, great job on everything Philip you are definitely my inspiration! Oh and I donated 😉

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