New film competition

After a bit of a delay I can now start my second film compo. Sorry for delay got a bit busy.

This time instead of a title you have to use a royalty free track, Saint-Saens Aquarium in any way you want. Conventionally by setting it to beautiful pics or having it playing in the background in a scene, it’s entirely your choice.

The good news is there are two big prizes.

The very generous Red Giant Software have donated a copy of Magic Bullet looks for the winner!

Not just that but the also super generous people at Letus Direct have donated a $500 gift voucher to be used in their online store.

Entries need to be submitted by the 25th November, here: 

There will be a private vote, more reliable than last one.

This needs to be an original piece of work, made specifically for the competition and the music must feature SOMEWHERE or you will be disqualified!

So good luck!!!!



  1. Hey Phil I think there might be something wrong with the link, right click save as gives you a file but it’s only 24KB in size – either that or you have mastered a compression codec that is about to make you a squillianaire!

  2. Could be a Mac thing Phil? I’m on a Mac and when u click on the link it just directs you to a “The Page You Requested Couldn’t Be found”. Is this some cunning plan to ensure that only P.Bloom wins this competition?? Damn Dirty Ape!!

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