“The Echo” Short Film

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Joe Shaw’s final cut of what was previously called “Confession”, my first proper short film that I had worked on, is now finished. Original score, new grade, much better edit and pacing are all present.

Take a look. I am very proud of it. Joe has done a cracking job


[xr_video id=”0451316f95fc4595811b777177dc544c” size=”lrm”]


  1. Philip & Joe, A Great piece of work and by everyone involved superb performances by the actors, I learnt alot on this day and my thanks to both of you for allowing me to help out. Stunning work and I know how hard this is to do.

    Best wishes


  2. What a strong piece that was. I really like your style – you got out of the way of the story, but the camera was still there. And I do like the wide angle shot near the end, after the “confession”. I liked everything, including the “creep zoom” or pull at the end. Wally Dolly?


  3. So, this is the “director’s cut”?

    The film struck me when I saw the first version. It was a bit colder color grading if I remember. More greenish.
    This is a really powerful short. And terrifying, too. The temperate cinematography brings the text forward. This is a really great work!

  4. Hi Phillip
    I have lived with this film for several months track laying and doing the mix, and I must say it doesn’t loose its power, and I was amazed at the depth of field and the quality of the cinematography .The work flow was great as Joe edited in premier then sent me a clone on HD. I replaced the camera sound with that from my pd6 in premier, exported to nuendo by omf. Then went out to get some extra atmos. Because this was in one location I did a 15 minuet 4 point surround sound atmos in the deserted station just letting everything happen in real time. This was then converted to 5.1 and put in the mix. The music and atmos and effects just blended beautifully. I am just finishing a stereo version, I think you have the 5.1 one.
    Well done see you in Cambridge?

    Steve Thomas (location sound d and dub)

  5. Very powerful & moving storyline and superb acting from these guys. Joe Shaw did an awesome job on the directing front.

    Cinematography couldn’t be faulted … the general mood was captured perfectly from all angles in my opinion, as was colour & lighting.
    Odd to see good old Folkstone station (only a few miles from me) being used for such quality drama.

    I think all involved produced a powerful (believable) drama scene that should be congratulated.


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