Bye Bye Canada and Stuff!

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Sorry to everyone for long delay in writing a new blog. Been working on a very full on corporate project in Canada. Shooting, editing and directing. Very time consuming and hard work.

Got lots of gear reviews that I want to share with you over the next couple of weeks or so including the new Brevis XL for the EX1/3. The top of the range steadicam from Cine City in India, the amazing Zylight as well as gear I consider to be best of, for cheap budgets up to professional budgets. 

 Me filming in the Rocky Mountains.

Sorry to the guys in Edmonton I didn’t get a chance to meet and good to meet the ones I did, if that makes sense?!

Well got a long flight ahead of me on Air Canada which EVERYONE says “Good Luck” to when I say it. So not worried there then, hey after some of my Siberian flights this will be like a private jet!

Got another trip to Siberia coming up very soon as well as two more big corporate projects. Hopefully squeeze in some short films soon. Confession has been re-edited, re-named, re-graded and re-mixed. Can’t wait to see it. Hopefully soon!

So many developments in the 35mm world. The Nikon D90 first and now coming up soon the very cool Canon EOS 5D MKII. If you haven’t already seen it check out
Thanks to everyone I worked with in Canada, to Peter and Christy and Plainpeak. Special thanks to Elisabeth for keeping me sane and helping so much on the shoot and of course to all the actors and to Stefan!

I wanted to thank everyone who emails me to thank me for the rather embarrassing “inspiration”. Even got one from a very successful film director recently which was very flattering. Glad I can be of help to people. We really are in the middle of a video revolution. Exciting times!


Speak soon!!!


  1. Philip,

    It was a pleasure to work with you here in Canada. Your professional approach, experience and dedication to the project take the scariness out of even the most challenging projects. Last but not least, the moving images that you crank out of your rig are second to none.

    Save travels back to England and many more exciting projects!


  2. I came here by way of Xanga and then via ExposureRoom.

    Watched first Russia 2008 Ugra ???
    Thoughts and feelings: one giving rise to another and another, none stillborn, none fully blown
    compassion, hardship, pain, hope, new beginnings, innocence, struggle…

    Did you speak in Russian with your subjects or did you travel with an interpreter?

    Viewing and writing from Champlain, New York, taking time from work at (my transcription service)

    Thanks again.

    Good work.


    Thoughts while Viewing “The Tramway”

    ? rumbling effect for scene of car crossing cable trestle

    felt “lost” in transition from tramway footage to snow, cigarette smoker, sunset, but maybe you intended the timelapse to sans narration simply say “transition,” but … from and to what?

    Thank you for producing it.


    I can and do caption films, and have done that in various formats.

  3. Really looking forward to the reviews, most of all the new Brevis, and if possible, more of the Letus Ultimate, as it seems such an exciting product. Wonderful as the new Canon EOS 5D mkII footage looks, it misses some grain perhaps?

  4. Comment on “The Jasper Rockies”

    Excellent job as always…!
    You said that used: cinesaddle but mostly smoothcam in FCP
    Have you ever used Boris FX 9.1 Motion Stabilizer Filter? Is it good as smoothcam?

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