My RØDE Reel: The best film competition out there!

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It’s back! The best film competition in the world EVER! My RØDE Reel 2016 with $300,000 of prizes!

I am lucky enough to judge quite a few film competitions, and without hesitation the one that stands over the others in quality is always My RØDE Reel. This is the 3rd year and I have been a judge on all of them. This year I have amazing company with the other two judges being Shane Hurbult, ASC and Rodney Charters, ASC.

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It is always inspiring to see the quality each year. Yes, it helps that the prizes are always amazing, but I cannot recommend entering film competitions enough. They are wonderful creative outlets, a chance to do something you may not normally do, an opportunity to collaborate with others, and much more. There is nothing to lose in making one, as there is no entry fee!

This year there are more categories than ever:

  1. The Judges’ Best Film Category;
  2. The Peoples’ Choice Category;
  3. The Judges’ BTS Category;
  4. The Young Filmmaker Category
  5. The Female Filmmaker Category;
  6. The Best Sound Design Category;
  7. The Best Soundtrack Category;
  8. The Best Cinematography Category;
  9. The Best Art Direction Prize Category;
  10. The Best Location Category;
  11. The Best Acting Category;
  12. The Best Visual Effects Category;
  13. The Best Cameraphone Category;
  14. The Best Documentary Category;
  15. The Best Non-English Film Category;
  16. The Best Comedy Category;
  17. The Best Action Category;
  18. The Best Sci-Fi Category;
  19. The Best Drama Category;
  20. The Best Music Video Category; and
  21. The Best Horror Category.

To enter in My RØDE Reel 2016, entrants must create and produce an original short film of a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes in duration.

A behind the scenes component is also to be included showing a RØDE Product in the use of the production. If you don’t own much it can be as little as smart lav+ or even just an invisilav!

RØDE themselves have made an entry and BTS to give you a nice demo. Check them out below:

Sign up by clicking the banner below and good luck! Don’t leave it until too late…the clock is ticking! Please note the deadline of 1st June 12pm is SYDNEY TIME! They are in the future compared to most of us, so don’t wait to upload it until the 1st. Trust me, I have had people complain in the past that they didn’t realise the time zone and missed the deadline. You have been warned…no excuses! Here is a countdown clock to remind you!





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