Masters in Motion live: The must attend event of 2011

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In November I will be in Austin Texas at the simply brilliant Alamo Drafthouse where I hosted the Canon Filmmakers Live event early this year as part of Masters in Motion Live. The first in what is planned to be a continuing series of live learning events. It’s a 3 day event for limited numbers and has the above people, including myself conducting seminars on various filmmaking topics and techniques, and on day 3 a more hands-on shooting part of it.

I will be doing two seminars on Documentary filmmaking and colour grading with Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista II. On day 3 I will be out with Vincent LaForet with our RED Epics showing how they work.

There will be expert timelapse sessions there and Eric Kessler will be there, so you can get your hands on and see all the toys in action but also learn from some of the best in the business. There will be an audio seminar by Adam Forgione, a session about how movement adds to your story from Joe Simon, Vincent will be doing a seminar called “Opposite sides of the Spectrum”, which I assume has nothing to do with my much cherished ZX Spectrum 48k. If it is then super cool, but knowing Vince it will be an in-depth session about different levels of filmmaking. Tyler, Jon and Khalid will be the doing a menage a trois talking about lighting and production workflow. Tom Guilmette will be doing a seminar about how much he loves Abba, filming himself on multiple cameras at once, how his blog is inferior to everyone else’s and maybe something about composition 😉

If you have not been to the Drafthouse it’s simply the best venue. Great space, great screen, great seats, wifi, tables in front of you, full bar service to your table and a menu stacked with unhealthy American fried food with the odd salad there.

We are all staying at the Omni hotel a short walk away, right in the heart of downtown and a special nightly rate has been negotiated of $159 a night plus tax whilst availability is there. It will also be a great social experience as we all hang out together, eat, drink, shoot, sing karaoke. Austin is one of my favourite cities in the US. If you have not been, you are in for a treat.

The event itself is $695 early bird price until the 12th September so get in now! It then goes up to $850.

For a 3 day event to learn from people of this high calibre it’s a bloody bargain!!

Check out some work from some of the speakers below including a little piece I did on my first trip to Austin when I first met organisers Jon and Cristina!


  1. Squeezed in just before the early bird deadline and I am super excited about this event! Even if you didn’t get the early bird special, it seems like an amazing event for the regular price! I always learn a lot from just hanging out, much less the sessions themselves. I really just want to meet you Philip…you inspired me into this whole mess! Meeting the others will be cool too. See ya’ll in Nov!

  2. Don’t know how many local Austin guys will be in attendance, but I will so if anybody wants the down-low on good places to eat and spend time when not at the sessions give me a shout. I have a pretty good network of local filmmakers here and they only need a small excuse to hang out and talk shop. Heck if anybody is inspired to shoot some in the evenings and needs models/actors I know a few very talented people. Wish my Scarlet was gonna be here.

  3. I will be there. I managed to push a commercial shoot till Thurs. and Friday so I could attend. Great locations around town but it’ll be getting dark around the time we get out each day. Cool urban locals with interesting lighting though.

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