UPDATE: Extra day added. DSLR Cinematography now Saturday and Sunday at CORONA CORK FILM FESTIVAL in Ireland

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UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand the film festival have asked me to do Sunday morning too. I have just found out that all places have gone. Sorry. But, I will be in Stockholm next weekend!

I will be in Cork from Friday at the Cork Film Festival. On Saturday morning I will giving a half day masterclass about DSLR cinematography using the Canon DSLRs. There are very limited spaces so if you are interested you need to book here. Obviously there is only so much I can talk about in such a short time, but I hope to cover all the pros and cons, show footage and let people have hands on with my gear. Both the 5DmkII and the 7D with the Zacuto gear.

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 08.06.56I am staying through till Sunday morning, hope to see you there.


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