Lens adaptors for 1/3 and 1/2 cameras

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I have already mentioned the Nikon adaptor by MTF services in a past blog. Well Mike Tapa has sent me over a selection to take a look at and they are pretty impressive. Not just that but they are bloody good value!

1/3" to 2/3" B4 adaptor from MTF
1/3" to 2/3" B4 adaptor from MTF


The above adaptor is to let you use 2/3″ B4 lenses on 1/3″ cameras like the JVC HD line, new HM700 and the Sony Z7. It costs £265+VAT (about $410). The Fujinon version from B&H costs almost $1200!!

Mike also sent me the 1/3″ to Nikon adaptor. Now this is a newly designed adaptor, the same with the one for 1/2″ EX3 as it lets you control the aperture on Nikon lenses without an aperture ring, more about this later…

1/3" to Nikon G
1/3" to Nikon G

For the ex3 1/2″ I have the following…

PL mount

B4 mount

Nikon G

Canon FD

I couldn’t try out the PL mount one as I have no PL glass nor do I own any Canon FD glass. He is working on an EOS one but it’s electronic so it’s harder to make, the Nikon lenses without apertures are controlled by a simple switch on the lens as seen below…


and aperture is adjusted on both the 1/3″ and 1/2″ Nikon G adaptors for these type of lenses is by rotating the outer blue ring, the pin below is used to lock it off.


I have to say they are all REALLY well made. The anodizing is perfect, they feel solid, not flimsy and are great value. The B4 to 1/2″ is again £265 + vat whereas the Fujinon version is almost $1900 BUT the MTF one has no way of attaching the power lead to the ex3 so you lose all servo controls, but manual zoom still works and you can roll from the camera. It’s a massive saving and worth considering. But if you want servo zoom then this won’t work…there is a cost to the saving…

Nowhere to plug in power lead...
Nowhere to plug in power lead…
EX3 to PL mount
EX3 to PL mount

Nikon lens with no manual aperture on Nikon G adaptor
Nikon lens with no manual aperture on Nikon G adaptor
B4 2/3" lens on EX3
B4 2/3" lens on EX3

Now you may ask, why can’t I put a Nikon lens on my EX3 all the time? Why do I have to use a DOF adaptor like a Letus, well it’s simple…ish…the image projected by the 35mm Nikon lens is HUGE in comparison to the EX3’s 1/2″ sensor and is effectively swamped by it. Imagine using a video or film projector and projecting an image that is 35 Foot in size but your screen is only 6 and a half foot. The screen is surrounded by black paint that doesn’t show up all that massive 35 foot at all, just the middle 6 and a half foot bit, that is what is happening when you stick a Nikon lens onto an EX3, that is why you end up with a 5.4x magnification of the focal length of that lens. So stick on the 100mm Zeiss that I have on the EX3 and you suddenly have a 540mm lens. Great for long lens stuff. Wildlife etc…Crap for wide angles. But if you really need long lens stuff THIS is the way to go, way cheaper than getting a very expensive HD 20x lens with 2x extender. I have a 400mm Nikon, now with this adaptor that is pretty long!

There is even more of a magnification when sticking on the Nikon lens onto a 1/3″ camera as the chip is even more smaller and even more swamped! You get a magnification of 7.2x!!

Here is the magnifications you get with the various adaptors I tried out…

Nikon G to EX3 adaptor crops the image to give an angle of view equivalent to 5.4X the focal length of the lens used.
The same applies to the Canon FD to EX3 and Canon EF to EX3 adaptors
(If the lenses are Nikon DX, as in not full frame 35mm lenses, the figure will be 3.625X)
For the B4 to EX3 adaptor this figure is 1.375X
For the PL to EX3 adaptor this figure is 3.875X (this adaptor is only for 35mm format lenses)
For the Nikon G to 1/3″ bayonet adaptor the figure is 7.2X ( 4.83X if using Nikon DX lenses)
For the B4 to 1/3″ bayonet adaptor the figure is 1.833X

I hope this information is useful. I really do recommend checking out MTF Services site they are constantly bringing out new adaptors and their prices are really competitive.

For me, I want the Nikon to 1/2″. B4 to 1/2″ PL to 1/2″, the 1/3″ to B4 and the Nikon to 1/3″…i just need to convince Mike that I need them for a MUCH longer test….;-)

Oh one thing I haven’t mentioned. Only done brief tests, but from what I could see the images out of them were top notch, but as I said…I need to do further tests…

Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.


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  1. Video tutorial how to attach all these things to Camcorders and cameras would be awesome, when i see a whole bunch of parts i get intimidated cause i think i will put it together wrong

    1. MC.
      Attaching these devices to the camera and then attaching the lenses could not be easier, just do it in the normal way..no special knowledge needed.

      Phil Johnston.
      With the Nikon G to EX3 and the Nikon G to 1/3″
      Just rotate the blue ring as if it was an iris ring.
      When you are happy with exposure, lock it off with the thumb screw.

  2. Excitiing stuff..thx for posting & sharing you’all.
    If one wants to use non-aperture ring lenses like Nikon G’s & Sigma’s like the not too expensive 10mm Sigma f2.8 (which iam dying to try …I need wide angle..only have the 17mm on the Nikon 17-35mm.)Would one fit the Sigma 10mm non-apeture lens (Nikon mount) via the Letus Extreme onto the EX1? with MTF’s adaptor plus maual aperture adjust ring?-I cant seem to see or find a MTF mount Nikon to Nikon…What am I missing here….What other wide angle route is there?…I want at least 10 – 12mm since it needs to be alot wider than my Nikon 17-35mm…The 14mm just doesnt seen to be that much wider than the 17mm I already have, considering the price etc….

  3. Hi Philip

    I have the 1/3″ to B4 2/3″ adaptor from MTF
    I use a panasonic 301 with a 2/3″ Canon 20 with extender
    Great adaptor but I have a problem with back focus, I can’t get the back focus right.
    Is this a common thing when you use the 2/3″ lens on a 1/3″ camera?

  4. I have a question about the MTF PL to Sony PMW-EX3 adaptor ?
    Could I use the Super16mm film lense on it?
    If I try that way, what the problems I will get?
    I think the CMOS size is closer to 16mm film, I can get more precise view angle on that.
    Why nobody try it and share their experience on forum?

    1. Hi there

      The 1/2″ chip is much than a super 16mm frame size. It’s closer to a 2/3″ sensor. I would just email MTF direct and ask Mike Tapa what will work and what the magnification factor would be when using these lenses.

  5. hello .
    i stay thinking in use other simple lens in a jvc ,
    perhaps from 8 mm, c mount , what’s up about that?
    is not posible?

    i present to the camera a schneider componar 50 mm and the image is very clean, and the focus can make with far and near the lens.
    i want work in any adaptator for that, but fucking dificult to do any way

  6. I have a couple of Sony Z7’s and I was pretty sure these cameras have the facility to mount Sony Alpha lenses on them directly. Not sure what the amount of control would be in this case, but I have seen videos done with the alpha lenses on them which look pretty awesome, however I believe it softens the look slightly from the kit lens.

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