World’s first iPhone 3Gs film competition

Just got one, it’s got potential. But what I am interested in is how much you can make out of it’s limitations. How good can you make a film on it? Well this is the place as I am now going to start what I think is the world’s first iphone 3gs film competition.

It starts as of now and you have until the 24th of July 0001 GMT to Submit it to my group on Vimeo, email me details and if it follows the guidelines below then I will add it to my channel on Vimeo

filmfestMethods of judging to be announced soon. It may be a panel but most likely will be public voting…I will probably enter myself but just for fun, not in competition!

Very simple rules. Shoot ONLY on the new iPhone 3gs. Make as long or as short as you want, but don’t forget we all have VERY short attention spans. It can be one continuous take or edited. Pg13 content only 😉 Oh and it needs to be follow thses rule, and that rule is to make the most out of the small form factor. It needs to be utterly guerilla, I want to see you make the most out of filming in places you really shouldn’t film in and couldn’t film in with a proper camera. It can be any genre…So get out there and impress us!

I will try and rustle up some sponsors and get some prizes so if you are reading this and would like a bit of publicity please become a sponsor!

This isn’t Bloomfest 4. That will launch right after this. This is just an appetizer and a bit of fun! OH and if anyone fancies doing me better vimeo logos YES PLEASE, I suck at photoshop!

Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.


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