The Sony NEX FS700. Super 35mm 4k and 1080p slow motion at up to 250/300 FPS

Mark 3 frame grab from shoot I am on click above for more.

I am out on a boat in the middle of nowhere off the coast of Australia shooting on the C300 and Mk3…you can see some frame grabs here. I have VERY limited internet access, but I heard of this and had to post, even though it’s costing me an arm and an leg to use the ship internet to do it! Too exciting not to!

The large chip camcorder market suddenly got incredibly exciting with the announcement of the Sony FS700 a 4k ready super slow motion super 35mm camcorder.

Although technically sitting between the F3 and the FS100E, it sports features that blow both of the cameras out of the water. Key being the ability to output 4k out of a 3G-SDI interface (via future firmware update) and in-camera recording at up 10 times your normal speed. This is a region free camera, so if you have to shoot 25p you can go up to 250 FPS at full HD…yep full HD, not 720p or anything smaller. If you go into 30p  we are talking RED Epic at like 300 FPS in Full HD. Crazy! I get the feeling that it is in 10 second bursts, not continuous. Still very impressive. It can also do higher frame rates of 400/800 and 960 fps at reduced resolution and at the higher speeds cropping….

It has ND filters, sorely missing in the FS100, and records AVCHD internally as before, which is surprisingly robust considering it’s high compression!

I own an FS100 and am constantly impressed with the image it delivers. I hate the lack of ND and find it a very fiddly camera to use. But for the price it is easily the best bang for your buck. This new camera betters the FS100 in most features…very much the same though in button layout, LCD placement etc…

I have yet to see any footage (EDIT: check footage below) but the release is scheduled for June with as estimated price tag of around $10k…Fascinating times!

Sony specs below and here


Preliminary Information

This is preliminary information. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


The first 4K-ready Super35mm camcorder in its class – providing an assured upgrade path to 4K acquisition and delivery – with full HD 1080p for today.The camcorder will also have the capability to produce 4K RAW 3G-SDI output via a future upgrade.

Super slow motion at 10x at full HD or 40x at lower resolutions

Incredible super slow motion capability of up to 10x slow motion at full HD resolution or up to 40x slow motion at a reduced resolution, giving you creative options that were once only available with specialist high-end equipment.

E-mount interchangeable lenses offer a wide choice of lenses

The E-mount interchangeable lens system utilises an extremely short flange back distance allowing you to use a huge array of lenses via a range of adaptors giving you almost unlimited creative options.

Additional A-mount lenses available

The Sony LA-EA2 A-mount lens adaptor allows you to use the wide range of high quality alpha lenses and take advantage of the auto focus function for quicker, more convenient operation.

Built-in HD filters

The NEX-FS700E features built-in, ultra-thin ND filters, offering exceptional shallow depth-of-field on highlights. It also means less accessories to manage as no external ND filters are required.

3G-SDI interface and HDMI

A 3G-SDI output enables easy integration with highest quality recording formats.

Exceptional ergonomics

The NEX-FS700E has a refined ergonomic design with a robust detachable handle and grip.

Switchable 50 Hz and 60 Hz shooting

The NEX-FS700E is switchable between 50 Hz and 60Hz to allow 24p shooting in PAL areas and no PAL/NTSC limitations.

Selectable magnification and positioning of expanded focus

Expanded focus improvement allowing 4x and 8x magnification and a moveable area of expansion for easy focusing with shallow depth of field.

Camera profile settings storage on memory card

Up to 99 camera profile settings can be stored, allowing rapid adaptation to multiple shooting environments without time wasted adjusting parameters. Settings are also easily shared in multi-camera productions.

Sony Professional: Introducing the Sony NEX-FS700 from Sony Professional on Vimeo.


FS700 480 FPS Test from Andy Shipsides on Vimeo.

This was a very quick test we did with the FS700 and it’s super slow motion options. Both clips are shot at 480 fps which records 10 seconds of real time. The image quality is reduced when shooting in this mode. The camera can be triggered at the start, end, or ‘end half’ when shooting slow motion. Even with some quality loss, the 480 fps looked pretty good. We did test 960 fps and the image quality was obviously reduced.

We had a very strong LED light source which caused the magenta / green shifts.