From “The Music Bed”, a film & music magazine of exceptional beauty and it’s called… “Film + Music”!

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I love The Music Bed as you may have guessed. I use their amazing catalogue of music a huge amount. In my recent FS7 review I used about 9 tracks. Film Supply I am signed up with as an artist, but am a bit behind on getting them all my clips…working on it!

The team behind both of these amazing resources created a magazine of exceptional beauty “Film + Music Magazine”. It’s a work of art and, for a company who are  very much of the internet, marvellously retro as it’s something you hold in your hands! The quality of the magazine needs to be seen in person, it’s made with the most beautiful thick paper and the design is wondrous. This is a magazine I will keep on my shelves and not stick in recycling like so many.

With more info on it I will hand you over to the team themselves to explain!


The reason we began Musicbed and Filmsupply was simple — we wanted to help filmmakers tell great stories. Licensing high quality music and footage was a piece, but not the whole picture. Providing filmmakers with beautiful visual and audio components is great (and we’re still obsessed with it), but if we stop there, we’ve missed it. We want to challenge makers to move forward in their creative process, take the next step, realize their vision. After years of holding and publishing conversations with storytellers, creatives and industry influencers online, we saw that inspiration and encouragement was the one thing most craved by our community.
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We love the digital world. It’s amazing. It’s virtually impossible to imagine our lives outside of the norms afforded by it. But two years after launching our web publication and seeing such a genuine response from our online readership, we wondered if there might be an even better context for our community to enjoy these ideas and conversations. Our eyes spend a lot of time with screens, so we wanted to create something tangible, that you can hold, spend time with, and experience something meaningful. We call it Film + Music magazine.

Film + Music is a one-of-a-kind publication. There are many mags in the film space that focus on equipment, technique and other practicals and they do this really well. What makes Film + Music unique is that the focus is more on the filmmaker and musician as a creative — holistically as a person. It questions why we create in the first place and explores how living fully in every arena of life directly translates to doing your best work as an artist. We value our community as people — separate from what they do, whether making images or albums as a hobby or for a living.

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To mirror the way we value our community and how we’re inspired by beautiful craftsmanship, we chose to add another dimension of inspiration by printing Film + Music on the highest quality paper with the highest quality printing. It’s a solid piece, one that we hope will be just as inspiring open in your hands as it is lying on a coffee table.

Packed with timeless print-exclusive articles, Film + Music is released quarterly in the months of January, April, July, and October. Purchasing is subscription-based and costs fifteen dollars per issue. Each issue features one hundred full-color pages of conversations with industry influencers, original photography, and guides focused on film, music, and innovation.

Subscribe to Film + Music (here at for an ongoing supply of inspiration and resources for creative types. The first 50 people to use the code “PB50” will receive the inaugural issue for free!

Introducing Film + Music Magazine from Musicbed on Vimeo.

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