Exposureroom (and my site) now goes iphone crazy!



Hot on the heels of the recent Vimeo iphone annoucement Exposureroom will tomorrow officially announce their iphone support. But I can exclusively reveal it here right NOW. I feel like a breaking news channel…

They have already converted 42,000 video, including all Editor’s Choices and anything uploaded in the past two months which are under 5 minutes long. Every video uploaded will be converted to an iphone friendly version and if you embed the videos on your site using the wordpress plug-in it will automatically detect you are using an iphone and switch to the iphone version rather than the flash version. This will be released by end of play today!

There will also be two version of iphone videos. One for low bandwidth on 3G and one for wi-fi. So that means all your videos will be converted  into HD, Medium, Low, iphone low and iphone high.

The fact that you can embed videos in your site with the wordpress plug in and your iphone will automatically play iphone version is a killer feature…over to you Vimeo for the next move 😉 Isn’t competition great!!

The quality is very good. Just click below to watch “Venice’s People” in your iphone. Very impressive quality. I don’t know if Vimeo embeds are going to have the same ability…

[xr_video id=”2d3f33283b70421689f2e90dcc1178d7″ size=”md”]





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