EXPIRES TOMORROW!!: 20% off the amazing plug-in PLURALEYES for 1 month only!!! Also Sony Vegas free Beta now out.

I have managed to negotiate a 20% discount with singular software for all readers of my blog for one month only!

This software is essential for all Final Cut Pro users who record audio and video separately or use multi-cam. It’s a magical piece of software that takes ALL the pain out of syncing sound and video together without a timecode and without a sync point! Just chuck everything onto the timeline and it will either sync everything up (as long as you have reference audio on the video) and create separate sequences for each clip or create a multi clip sequence depending on what you tell it to do.

Picture 2This software has literally saved me hours and hours of tedious work. Check out my little tutorial below of how I synced up sound for the Greenpeace commercial just at the click of a button…

Syncing audio and video shot on 5d and Zoom using FCP and Pluraleyes from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Pluraleyes is now officially released and out of beta with version 1.1 and can be downloaded by going to the website. At the checkout enter the code PB5849 and get 20% off the retail price of $149. But this is ONLY until the 15th of November so hurry. If you are unsure of this software you can download a free trial that lasts for 30 days. But if you like it, don’t wait 30 days until the trial runs out as the discount is only valid until the 15th of November!

There is also a free download of the new Sony Vegas Beta version which you can get here.

For more info and see how incredibly this software is for multiclip even if the cameras are buttoned on and off watch Bruce Sharpe’s excellent tutorial below.



  1. Pretty pretty good.

    As for hardware, Zoom H4N / Olympus LS10 – any idea how these compare? LS10 seems cheaper so maybe a good viable alternative? I currently have a Sennheiser MKE300D shotgun mic. Is the H4N directional or do you have to place it pretty close to the source you want to record?

  2. Hi Philip,

    Thanks for this post! I’m just starting to dive into DSLR video so have been wondering how to sync video and audio. However I do have to say that the second video tutorial (by Singular software) is easier to follow than yours, even though they teach slightly different things. Because I’m really a noob in FCP, a lot of your actions were so quick and didn’t really catch what or why you were doing them. My friendly suggestion would be to record them for viewers who have a limited experience with FCP.

    But otherwise, I’m completely admire your work here. Chanced upon it about a week ago and have found it to be extremely useful!

  3. Philip,

    The PluralEyes website doesn’t say anything about compatibility with Final Cut Express. I know some plug-ins will work with Express and Pro… do you happen to know if PluralEyes does?


  4. That’s great news! I was just about to buy the Pluraleyes plugin. We used it to make an edit of a three camera recording. It worked great! And because I also have the 7D now, the plugin will be mine this week. Thanks!

  5. This product is awesome. It saved me at least 3-4 hours on a project, and I still have a month to try it free, although I’m going to buy it. Any other software that does what this does costs twice as much. A serious thumbs up to PluralEyes for making a great piece of software that actually saves rather than wastes time!

      1. Never again manually sync audio! we both know it takes forever. In a Wedding ceremony I am often shooting with 3 cams all miked and also using a Hn4 with the wireless lavs. Now I have more time to write on peoples blogs 🙂

  6. Did anyone happen to notice, that after this wonderful demo of how to use Pluraleyes and FCP, that the audio and video were OUT OF SYNC!!!

    At least they were on my system. Please go back and check near the end when the interviewee talks…

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