7D training DVD now finally available



After a few issues with music licensing paperwork and artwork being sorted I am very pleased to announce the physical version of “Learn to shoot great 7D video with Philip Bloom (that’s me)” is now available to buy from the F-Stop Academy Store.

We have had some absolutely stellar reviews for this product from people like Scott Bourne, DVinfo, Ron Risman and many others.

I personally am very proud of this product. An enormous amount of work went into it and I don’t just mean the large crew that helped shoot it in Sarasota, Florida. But the post work was epic and the logistics and admin that Den Lennie put into making it all happen.

To celebrate I have 30 25% discount coupons to go to  the first people who email help@philipbloom.co.uk with the name of my dad…easy if you know my blog/ videos/ site.


Here are a few of the huge amount of great feedback we have had:

I got the digital download copy and it’s the most coherent, concise and informative video I’ve ever seen about filmmaking.  I highly recommend it. Connor Rickman


“I was skeptical about 5DMkII workflow but when I watched the tutorial it helped me a lot to understand the workflow to editable format. It save me a lot of time rather than spending my time to do my own research and studies. Thank you for producing this awesome DVD!”
Fauzee Nasir-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Been shooting professionally for over five years now, even attended film school back in the day and studied lighting under the amazing DP, Ric Waite. Without a doubt, the DVDs from Bloom & Den at the F-Stop Academy have been absolutely invaluable in making the transition toHDSLR shooting. Their frank commentary is priceless, like a private lesson from a truly masterful cinematographer- I can’t recommend them enough! If you want to improve as a shooter, I don’t care what level you are, these DVDs are the way to do it.”
Ashley Scott-New Braunfels, TX

“As a documentary videographer, the evolution of technology has been fast and furious. It’s often very hard to keep up with new trends and techniques while on a tight time/money budget. Phillip Bloom has done a great service to those of us who are trying to step up their game, and thisDVD is a great primer for those transitioning from prosumer video, toDSLR video.
The information in this DVD, and on the F-stop Academy site has revolutionized my workflow, stepped up my skill set and, simply made me more marketable in this fast changing industry.Thanks Phillip and Den!”
Nicholas Whitaker-Brooklyn, NY. USA

If you just got the camera – you really do need this dvd. It will save you weeks of internet research. If you already have the camera – get this and maximize your use of it!”
Jayse Hansen-Las Vegas, NV

“I have been a cameraman in broadcast & corporate television for close to 30 years and what is considered “The Standard” for video is now a moving target. Philip & Den are a huge resource for information and training with this new technology. They answer the questions that every cameraman, (old and new), wants to know about this emerging field.”
Jeff Cook-Tampa, Florida

“This DVD is a must for anyone using the 5D. I consider myself a guru and can figure out any technical problems, but the 5D was very complex and I still didin’t learn everything I needed to know through trial and error. This video shows everything you need to produced a solid video of any kind with the camera.”
Mark Wiemers-Troy, IL USA

“This is a great way to jump into using the 5D if you don’t want too much of the basic fluff of other training dvds.”
Sunny Lo-Oakland, CA

I had owned my 5D for several weeks before really using it. I read through lots of forums, trying to learn as much as I could. The DVD did in an hour what weeks of trolling through the forums did.
Chad Dyle-New Orleans, LA

“After Betamax, VHSVHS-C, V2000, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, DV, HDV andAVCHD camera’s, DSLR is the next step for consumers to make film. Learn a lot within 1.5 hours and then step outside to make your own movie.”
Gert Kracht-Ens, Flevopolder, Netherlands

THANK YOU Phillip and Den for taking the time to make a DVD based on the vast experience you have with the 5D MK2. You shared a lot and I learned so much! Your video will help take my career to the next level!”
Eric Von Lockhart-New York, NY


  1. Question for you – how come you use … learn to shoot ‘video’ when you’re a how to achieve that ‘film look’ crusader? Not trying to be smart, just interested. All the best!

  2. I downloaded the 7D DVD a few days ago.

    I had some hesitation about the $135, but I was very eager to get up to speed on my new 7D. I have to say that it was money will spent, and I don’t regret a penny of it. Most valuable to me were the workflows and discussions about camera accessories. I also appreciated the tips on camera set-up to get a more filmic look from the camera.

    If anything could have been expanded upon, it might have been the time lapse applications, but a lot of that info is available at the Phillip Bloom site, so now I’m just being picky.

    Good job on producing this valuable guide.

    Wynn Winberg
    Aries Productions
    Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

  3. Congratulations on the new 7d DVD! I just bought a new 5d mark ii and I am planning to buy the 5d DVD soon.

    A question for you or other users……do you have any issues with dust in the viewfinder when you change lenses all the time? I just put on my first lens and noticed a couple of specs of dust in the viewfinder. I know you do not use the viewfinder too much, but just wondered if this is a problem that you have noticed on your two 5dmkii or if I should exchange for a new one. I know dust is an issue for DSLRs but have never had spots on my viewfinder (especially on a new one)!

    1. Specs of dust in the viewfinder are the ones that gather on the ground glass screen. One puff from the blower and they’re gone. Absolutely nothing serious. Get a blower Rocket by Giottos – fun to use. My friend has one, i use some Chinese c**p, but it gets the job done.

      1. that’s what I use. Sara asked me how to get rid of spot that her pics were getting on her 5d2, would it need to go in for repair. I said blow the sensor clean and that’s all you need to do!|

  4. I got the digital download copy and it’s the most coherent, concise and informative video I’ve ever seen about filmmaking. I highly recommend it.

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  6. Great DVD! Only one question:

    When using your color profile settings, nothing seems to have as crisp of a focus as it used to. Anything I can do in post to revive the crispness?


  7. I was planning to get the 7D, but just picked up the T2i instead. If I had bought the 7D, I would definitely pick up this DVD. Now that I have the T2i, I’m not sure.

    Philip, what are your thoughts on this? Will the DVD still be relevant for video using the T2i.


  8. Hi Philip!

    first of all, many thanks for having my film in your film critic (Webisode 7-Khoda animation). My jaw was hanging for few minutes when I saw it…

    I got myself a 7D today, and going to order a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L as my first lens (hope you are agree on that).

    I’m gonna order a copy of this DVD, once I finish reading the manual.

    thanks for the tutorials and the inspirations 😉


  9. pbloom, would the 7D DVD still be of use to someone shooting with the GH-1?…aside from menu’s and some features being different, is there enough in the dvd that covers shooting good video to make it a worthwhile the expense for a GH-1 owner?

  10. This training DVD look great but I am thinking of purchasing a Canon 550d…

    Would I still get a lot from this training? E.g. are the functions/button/modes of the 7d similar enough for me to understand how to apply the techniques on a 550d?

    I think I remember reading that the two cameras are quite similar for video.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  11. Hi Phillip

    I just bought your 7D training video. Is there anything that should be updated since the video came out? I know that the newer firmware includes audio metering, but is there anything else useful?. Plus FCP X Pro has been released and computers are more powerful. Do you still recommend the same work flow for post, including format conversions?

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