Canon 60D officially, er… official.

Not much info to share as all I have is below linked press release. But I wanted to let you guys know about it so I just knocked this quick one out for you before my shoot today!

I haven’t seen it, played with it, touched it, shot with it or done anything to or with it! So I all I can do is regurgitate the press release and talk a little about how you should approach it. I can’t tell you what I think of it truly until I have used it.

Canon have confirmed what we kind of already knew. The 60D, the 50D replacement is coming out at the end of the September for just under $1,100 body only. It’s a consumer model that sits between the T2i and the professional 7D.

The best thing for me is the articulating screen. The press release offers us no clues as to whether the video mode has been improved. I guess we will find out soon…but it has all the frame rates of the 7D and T2i/550D and manual audio like the 5DmkII.

Stills wise it has a fun feature that can let you do special effects like fake tilt shift and toy camera look. I wonder if you can do them in video mode? Again, time will tell if this is useful or a gimmick…Most likely the latter but could still be a bit of fun!

Read the press release by clicking here.

Couple of videos here to take a look at on Here and here.
If you are about to get a T2i then save up and get this, the extra features make it worthwhile. About to buy a 7D? That’s tougher. I don’t know how it stands up to the 7D in picture or build quality. It will be inferior in many ways I am sure otherwise it would not be cheaper but just what those are I am not sure yet…Certainly the build quality of the 7D is totally Pro Line and that is going to be a major difference I am sure.

That is all the info I have. No word on any other features. I guess we will find out soon! Nice preview on DPreview here…

One last thing…some of the comments perplex me and some of the attitudes are pretty poor. Why are people pissed off? This is a much expected replacement for the 50D, yes it’s better than the T2i…it’s more money. Yes it has features the 7D does not have…and personally Canon need to urgently bring firmware to the 7D, 1DmkiV and T2i to give them manual audio…but your 7D or other camera is now not suddenly obsolete and as one comment says, a doorstop. That’s nonsense. It shot great video for you yesterday so why today is it a doorstop? Just because they bring out cool features on a lower camera does not make your current camera a pile of junk!

Yes…Canon do need to make improvements with many things, like the codec, moire, aliasing, rolling shutter and let’s hope the next professional line camera that comes along does do this for us as it is almost 2 years since the 5DmkII came along but I have absolutely zero problem with them updating old cameras and giving them the current video capability. I am all for it and certainly won’t complain. I just hope we see the big improvements to picture quality soon!



      1. Mr. Bloom, I can’t speak for others, but it seems you thought my comments odd, so I’ll respond to clarify MY initial comment/questions.

        I was/am simply surprised that the camera is being announced now as the T2i still seems so new to me. And I wonder if there really is a market *between* the 7D and the T2i– why not just majorly improve one of them based on user feedback? (audio out, resolve overheating/battery issues, etc.)

        …That, coupled with your statement on Facebook less than 48 hours ago, something to the effect of “don’t believe everything I say…” made me genuinely ponder the thought that you might be playing a joke on us.

        But mostly the “for real, are you serious?” part of my comment was rhetorical as I ponder what this means for me and my little low-budget film making community. The more info the better. That is all.

        Thanks for all your amazing work, both behind the camera and here on your blog.

        1. the “don’t believe everything i say” was simply in reference to the post I put up a minute earlier about the number of emails I need to read!

          I didn’t understand the “are you serious” for sure. Thanks for clarifying.



      2. Phillip. Any thoughts on what Nikon will be rolling out @ the upcoming PhotoTechnia event? I own way to many nikon lenses to entertain going the Canon route!

      1. I don’t think the D3100 is a joke at all. It has the potential to be an excellent entry-level video capable DSLR. It will have a Nikon APS-C sensor which is 1.5 crop rather than the 1.6 crop APS-C sensor in the 550D, and being a lower resolution sensor the video extracted from it might not suffer as badly from aliasing.

        Combine its compact size, compatibility with Nikkor mount lenses and inexpensive retail price and it looks like an excellent budget HS-DSLR. Not only that, the stills side will probably be a little more flexible than a 550D in terms of ISO and WB settings. Not to mention that many people prefer the build of Nikon lenses and cameras, their less processed aesthetic image-wise, excellent auto focus and intuitive layout.

        It looks like a good little camera. If it did 25P as well as 24P and had a higher video recording bitrate, it would be a great little camera.

    1. I wonder what that makes my T2i. Unfortunately I cannot buy a new camera every time a new model comes out but I would get this over the T2i now. The second dial is worth a couple hundred bucks. Still love the T2i wouldn’t give up the 3 months of shooting with it. The camera you have always takes a better picture than the one you are waiting to be released.

  1. I downloaded the sample movies from preview. The 720/50 looks worse than the 550D, lots of aliasing artefacts. The 1080/50 shows aliasing artefacts on the terracotta penthouse roof across the water and detail such as the pointing on the fountain bricks behind the reeds.

    Overall taking into account of the camera colour profiles being set up as a still camera, I think the same problems are present with the aliasing artefacts.

    Links from

    1280 x 720, 50p
    1920 x 1080, 25p

    1. How can you say it’s worse than the 550D when we don’t even have the 550D footage of the same scenes to compare?

      The only thing we can conclude from the sample movies is that moire/aliasing is still a problem.

      As a still DSLR, I agree this 60D update is a joke (its actually a downgrade from the 50D). But for someone using it mainly for video work, it is quite a good update. Articulating screen, manual audio control and, for me, the good news is that the ISO can be set by 1/3 stop increment. Also, white balance can be manually set by Kelvin temp.

      1. The point being the footage still appears to be processed by line skipping, causing the usual aliasing artifects.

        I only said the 720/50 looked worse than the 550D not the 1080/50.
        It’s probably the set up and the standard profiles used and would closely match if compared to the 550D/7D under the same scene.
        The aperture used on the London Bridge shot looked between f5.6-f9 enhancing detail and image arifects.

        I can only comment on images I have seen and my comments are just my observations so far. The camera seems like a worthy addition to the range with many of the features from the 7D. Wether it brings any other additional advantage to the movie function is yet to be seen.

  2. sounds like a 7D with manual audio gain and a swivel screen, so GOOD!

    could have hoped for digic V without line skipping, but this will do

    bugger: for a start, I’ll have to wait and see if the quality of the 60D mic-in audio is good, but then: what do I do with my H4n now?? obsolescence, my good old friend…

      1. currently, digitalrev are selling it on pre order for £1110 and the 7d for £1010,
        plus the 7d is available ‘new’ on ebay for £899 body only, so why opt for the 60d.

    1. Those are some nice positives to take from the 60D. How’s your mum Norman? 😉

      It’s a great camera, I definitely like it over the 7D and 550D because of that screen. But this old Canon video mode with it’s rainbows and lack of fast AF is really getting on a bit now. When are we going to start seeing some proper upgrades? The 5D Mark II was released in December 2008!

      1. I’ll try to wait until I see some real tests, and the rest of the pre-photokina announcements, but if the D3100 and A55 are the best the other camps are going to offer below the $6000 AF100 segment, we can call the 60D to be the biggest step forward in 2010, toghether with the GH1 mod and the price of the t2i

        if all the others keep disappointing, I will choose between “get a t2i and keep the H4n” and “get the 60D and sell the H4n”

        or maybe 5Dmk3 will come out, without line-skipping, and I’ll break the bank… or maybe nikon will get it right with the D90 replacement… or maybe the 2000D will have 1080p24/25/30 with manual aperture and shutter speed, and I’ll save my money and momentarily settle for that bare minimum as I wait patiently for all the issues to be solved

        or maybe…

      2. things that may move my decision from the 550D to the 60D:

        * ergonomics (not a small deal at all, but I wouldn’t miss the dial that much since all my lenses are 100% manual and have aperture rings)
        * no need to sync audio
        * swivel screen
        * white balance control
        * HDMI out (still not sure about this one)
        * live histogram while shooting video (read it on dvxuser, will have to confirm; in any case, not such a big deal, the 550D also has it until you hit record, which looks good enough for me)

        one question: you can set the ISO manually in movie mode in the 550D, but not white balance, right?

    2. Crippled audio on Canon DSLRs force me into higher production values in sound. I shoot mostly in RnG environments, and have found the H4N invaluable for event recording. I can place it on a mic stand to record an acoustic music performance, or use it as a fast and dirty boundary mic when recording a group of people speaking. At the same time I can run couple of wireless mics into the external inputs for good close mic effect.

      So, as someone who’s using the T2i to make money, I’ll be snatching up a 60D and probably leaving the H4N in the bag for the most part. But I don’t think I’ll dump it. And when I’m not using it, I’ll certainly be missing the ready-made stereo ambience provided by mixing in a bit of the built-in mics along with primary track provided by the external lavs, shotguns, or sticks.

      1. Articulated screen. I’m gonna have to disagree with Canon on this portion of the camera. I just find this as another “something to go wrong” option. I know people have oops-a-dazzies with their cameras here and there, will the screen survive such conditions? This does not bother me so much, its just a “What If” question.

        What bothers me, there’s not a menu layout behind the screen once pulled out. On most traditional cameras and camcorders with a articulated screen you will see other options where that screen used to be. Its just a big empty space on the camera now. I personal think they should include at least some buttons for quick custom presets once the screen is pulled away from the camera body. Then people can just hit a quick preset button to change the over all image of their subject. (Example: I own a Canon XHA1s and when I flip the screen out there are some buttons that are now showing where I can adjust light or sound with a quick push and not take my eyes off the screen of the subject I’m shooting.) Just Seems wasteful not to include anything behind the screen and leave it blank. Now if your really that worried about getting the best quality video from this camera hook it up to a high res monitor, that way you will at least get some video justice on what is in focus and whats not in focus.
        It’s way hard looking at things on a high rez 3inch screen and determining then and there it’s a perfect shot. These are just some of my opinions as of right now. I’m not saying this is a bad camera in anyways shape or form. I will wait till I get one in my hands and give it an over all rating after I use it.

  3. Philip you certainly have your fair share of crazy people visiting your site. Nice info on the 60D, heard about it here first. Looks a fair camera at this price point, I guess they couldn’t make it too good as it would surpass the 7D! Nice to have lcd readout and articulating screen, although Nikon’s video autofocus on the D3100 looks more interesting.. have you had chance to try this at all? not keeping my hopes up but good to see genuine new features still popping up.

    Keep up the good work and ignore the crazies

  4. I think canon is milking it. They could give a bit more after such a successful 2 years

    Still think my 7d is brilliant and if I’m not mistaken, the guys at zacuto are soon going to release THE viewfinder. Also let’s see what’s gonna happen in NY. I doubt canon is only going to bring the 60d

  5. I don’t really understand why people are getting snobby about the stills aspect, Canon saw a market grow in the video field and made adjustments for that emerging group of users.

    Now they whine about the aspect of the camera they should consider secondary? Only thing I’m interested is the HDMI out (articulating screen is great though), and I’ll wait till I hear more like I’d hope most others would.

  6. “I just knocked this quick one out for you”
    You like it THAT much eh?
    It would take at least a Red One before I’d touch myself over a camera, personally.

    Screen and LCD might make it worth the price hop over the 550 alone – but I wonder if it’ll feel as solid as the 7D or as “value” as the 550. Probably more the latter.

  7. BLURG!

    as a nikon user, these new canons are really depressing me. Manual control and 60p are just features i would love to have. I know everyone says “its not the camera but the photographer”, well, trying telling that to the poor soul who’s trying to do slow motion of 24p footage 🙂

    so enjoy your fancy new canon camera….i’m holding my breath that the evil empire over here in nikon world will come out with something….decent…soon?…please??

    1. Nikon have some great stuff up their sleeve. I am gonna take educated guess that the Nikon D90 replacement will be like the 60D but without the issues with rainbows and with better low light performance and higher build quality.

      The camera I am most excited about is the 1DS Mark IV and GH2. GH2 because I can afford it and 1DS because it is most likely to be the first to carry Canon’s video mode into it’s proper 2nd generation phase, with improved image processing and more resolution. DSLR 1080p looks like 720p upscaled right now.

    2. We should have an official announcement on the D90 replacement (rumored to be the D7000 on Sept 15th). From what I have read the D7000 might be much closer in specs to the 7D than the 60D. Perhaps a D5000 replacement will be more equally matched with the 60D?

  8. I’ve been waiting for a camera that was more rugged than the 550D and more lightweight than the 7D to make my DSLR move…I’ve been reading the rumours about the 60D for weeks.

    This camera is clearly my destiny.

    1. It seems that the 60D is not as rugged as the 7D as it is mostly plastic… at least according to the DPreview article. Yes it is smaller and lighter, but I wouldn’t expect it to be rugged. I suspect it is like the Canon Rebel T2i/550D.

  9. hi philip, my guess is that the tilt shift effect will just be a stills mode thing, i would have thought that it would be too much processing time and power to add the blurring effect to all those frames. be good if it could though.

    i too am confused as to why people think you are joking! weird.

  10. Nice upgrade for me. They fixed the AGC 🙂

    For me,this is a reason worth buying this camera. And the rotating screen is a big improvement too 🙂

    Now i wont have to worry about syncing sound in post 🙂 WOW!

    I am thinking of getting a juicedlink or a mixpre. I will have to make a pad for mixpre, but i think thats okay.

  11. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the info.

    Question: with the articulating screen, would one still need a Z-Finder [or similar – and/or an external monitor for focus, etc?



  12. Ok this looks a bit like just an upgraded 7d to me not a real hybrid of photo and video which we all hopeful for, but hay the articulating screen is a very cool and will save me from laying flat on the floor some time to focus a low shot.
    I guess its still aimed at mainly at photo work and besides the true hybrids are coming.
    Still it offers fantastic value for money considering what you can get out of these dslrs.

  13. Hi.

    As 7d user hoping for a quick and big firmware upgrade for my camera, just like the 5dmkII.

    Specially, audio level control, aspect ratios and in-camera raw control.

    Philip please ask for this when you meet canon guys next week…;)

  14. So does this mean that the 7d will have a firmware offering manual audio? as I think its cheap that they provide a lower end camera with that feature?

  15. Do you reckon they’ll give the 550D and 7D the option to turn off AGC now?

    Nice camera for those that want something in-between the 550D and 7D but not worth the upgrade from the 550D for me at the moment.

    1. I could be wrong, but I don’t think this camera (or any of the Canon cameras) has a “disable AGC” feature. I just spent the last few hours trying to discover this and got excited when I saw a picture of the audio menu of the new 60D (at DP Review) that showed three choices under “Audio”: Auto, Manual, and DISABLE.

      But, I think this means you can set the camera to record audio “automatically” (meaning the camera adjusts the input volume to a level it thinks is correct), or, you can set the input volume “manually” (meaning you can lower the input volume if a mic is more sensitive), or, lastly, you can shut off audio recording altogether (perhaps as a way to lower file size).

      (Additionally, I think you can only “manually” change the input volume on the 60D BEFORE you hit record, but not during a take.)

      Having said all that, I’ve decided to continue using second system sound and syncing it to the camera audio, using a Rode video mic at the camera input, which is dropped in post. The Rode mic is sensitive enough to make a great sync track for PluralEyes, and with an extension chord (from Rode only) I can put it on a clip under the subject, or on the end of a boom pole (again, Rode make a reasonably priced and lightweight one specifically to be used with the Video Mic.

      I have a feeling that Canon will never update this AGC function in future cameras because its one of the things that really separate the prosumer camcorders that are used mainly by documentary film makers and for ENG (news) videographers. They know that professional video people would NEVER use anything other than second system sound to make a movie. Good audio for film is all about mic type and placement. Something that can never be controlled from the camera position.

      There is no ZOOM lens for audio. (unfortunately)

      But, I’m with everybody else… I sure wish they would ditch AGC. It would be great for those coffee shop interviews and impromptu live music videos.

  16. As a PROUD T2i user, I dig the 60D. I’d probably grab one as a second cam, but I’m currently saving up for the full frame goodness of the 5DMkii later on, or whatever boost they give that model by the time I’ve saved the money.

    Though that articulating screen is tempting!

    1. SH: I’m happy as well with the T2i. But why buy another crop-sensor? You’re ready for full-frame now. Like lenses, its good to have more then 1 for wide and zoom.

  17. There’s a 640×480 movie crop mode 60/50fps that gives a 7x magnification.
    Here’s some ideas:
    1. 1920×1080 is 2,1 MP and 640×480 is 0,3 MP.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 640×480 200 fps option?
    2. 1920×1080 crop mode.
    with a 8x crop and no line skipping and no moiree or aliasing?

      1. If you went into a crop mode for HD you lose what this camera has to offer. You basically using a 1/3″ chip. If you want the shallow DoF you have to be using the full sensor and scaling it down.

        1. not true. they are simply taking a small chunk of the middle part of the sensor and recording that. DOF etc remains the same. Imagine you have a still image and you do a digital crop to the size of this video crop…the DOF won’t change will it!

          1. Then how would that differ from a small sensor, it is my understanding that sensor size is what makes the difference more than the pixel count (but I’m sure the count matters also. So if you are just using the center part of the sensor you would get less Dof, which is what I believe happens with the Red at 2k, it is just using a smaller portion of the sensor and not down scaling. But I have been wrong before.

              1. I read through the article, at least until they got into the heavy math. I’m not trying to argue and if you want to drop it I will understand.

                As I understand it, if you have a lenses on the 5D set at 85mm and a 50mm on a 7D, both set to f2.8 you would have the same angle of view but the 5D would have a sallower DoF but of the larger sensor size.

                Now if you zoomed in on the 5D sensor to give is a 1.6 magnification to give a 50mm a boost by using less of the sensor, retaining all the 1080 resolution you would have a DoF similar to the the 7D and not the full sensor of the 5D.

                Are we just thinking/talking about different ways of figuring the DoF or am I just wrong.

                1. massive difference between optical and digital “crop”, you are talking about a digital crop which is the same as a digital zoom, you must have used one of those surely?, like zooming into a photo in post, the DOF won’t get shallower by you throwing about the rest does it?

                  1. okay, we are talking about two different things. I was talking about Canon giving us the ability to use only 1920x or 1280x pixels of the sensor. Which on the later would have you another 4x crop sensor effect. So if you had a 100mm lenses it would give you a 640mm equivalent field of view. This would reduce the camera to act more like a true video camera since the active sensor size is much smaller but it would be a handy option, much more usable then a digital zoom.

                2. Michael:

                  I believe the reason this is confusing is the myth that the shallower DoF created by the 5D is due to the larger sensor. Actually, the 5D DoF is shallower than the 7D because of the longer focal length (80 vs. 50 mm) needed to achieve the same field of view on the 5D. So, in other words, the crop factor changes the focal length of the lens you’d need to use to create the same field of view which in turn effects the DoF. This would be true of 550D/60D “crop mode” as well, but probably not for the reason you think. If you wanted the same field of view using the 8x crop it would require a 10 mm wide angle lens, which would indeed result in wider DoF, all else being equal.

                  Of course, the scenario described is not at all how you’d want to use the 8x crop mode. I assume the idea was to offer a high quality digital zoom capability that takes advantage of the high megapixel sensor. When you stack the 8x zoom on top of a long lens, you’ve got some serious magnification!


                  1. Matt, not from what I’ve read and that wiki says. If you put a 85mm on a 5D, a 50mm on a 7D, set them both at f2.8, the 5D image will have a shallower DoF, and the image’s field of view will be close to the same. From what I have read there are 4 things that affect Dof, 1) Focus length, 2) f-stop 3) sensor format (size) 4) Distant to the subject.

                    So a 5D, 81mm, f2.8 @ 10 ft Dof 9.1 in.
                    7D, 50mm, f2.8 @ 10 ft Dof 15.4 in.
                    from a Dof calculator.

                    So if the camera does a sensor crop like I’m stating you lose Dof, if the camera does a digital zoom like Phil is stating there is no lose of DoF, but the image goes to s*&# if it is taken past a couple of factors.

  18. This has got me thinking I should have waited instead of buying a 550d/T2i 3 months ago, oh well. Maybe they will give the firmware update for the 550d/t2i to turn off the AGC.

    I wonder if Canon is planning on releasing the 5d mk3 soon? I think Ill wait to upgrade to that whenever it comes out.

  19. By naming this camera as a 60D, Canon is marketing it as a successor to the 50D and 40D. As a still camera, the 60D turns out to be inferior to its predecessor in key areas such as the built quality, controls, AFadjustment, frame rates, etc. Photographers previously holding out for the 60D are now furious. The 60D is a downgrade for them.

    In another word, this 60D update is disappointing and therefore a “joke”. We’re not saying Philip is joking or the 60D is fake! LMAO lost in translation much!!

  20. I just hate how they release this effectively making the 7d a paperweight in comparison, if they at least added manual audio to the 7d it could still be in the running.

  21. I hear a lot of people talking hope of the new ‘hybrid’ that will be out soon.
    Guys, I’m a Beta shooter like Bloom, been for fifteen years, and I can say with certainty that the price point/lenses/capabilities is way off the mark from a $1100 camera. With new powered zoom lenses that they would have to develop (necessary), viewfinder, XLRs (necessary), the price point probably won’t get below 5000USD, and event then, why would you price it that low if you’re selling the super-camera? Nobody even makes 4/3 zooms that consumers would even think about buying. A 2/3″ Beta zoom can run you at least 7000USD, they go up to 25000 and beyond. See the point?

    That should be reassuring.
    Your investment is better than you think.
    Your bang for the buck is outrageous compared to pro video.

    Guys, the hybrid is not coming for DSLR shooters any time soon. More importantly, the price of that, glass alone, will hit you right between the eyes if you’re buying a powered zoom, which is necessary for any fast action shooting.

    As a guy that lugged a 40kUSD beta around for years, you’re all making the smart money decision right now. Shell out your cash, up your skills. You’re leaving a lot of my Beta colleagues in the dust right now.

    1. good points. funny all the complaining being done about a camera with a price point this low with these capabilities. being a current T2i owner (and lover), this camera appears to have the 3 things that drive me batty about not having on my T2i.

      – kelvin temp white balance
      – native ISOs
      – manual audio settings

      if it exports full res HD to monitor as well, along with the articulating screen, it seems like a nice bargain to me. not that i’m upgrading…yet.

      1. Really? Because I can’t find anything at the DP Review of the 60D that says it’s weather sealed and Canon’s website specifically says “PC Terminal: None”…

        So I think that makes it a “No” and a “No”.

        (I originally attached a link to the Canon website, but I think that put me into comment purgatory.)

      2. Lies….two websites with hands-on preview already explicitly said that there is no PC sync port. Now I don’t know whether to believe what you said about the HDMI-output anymore 😉

  22. Some might consider this as making the DSLR choice easier because of it essentially being a 7d with an articulating screen and it being about a grand cheaper body only.

    But for me it made it worse, I definitely want the full frame epicness of the 5dmkii but something in the back of my head makes me believe that the 5dmkiii will be announced with revamped HDMI 60p in 1080 and an articulating screen…. (if santa or anyone from Canon reads this, you know what I want)

    ugh, to bite the bullet and buy the bullet and buy a mk ii now or wait a while and mk iii it up…

    Also to the person considering selling their h4n because of the onboard mic in, don’t… Regardless of what DSLR you shoot with in the future I can bet with a solid Australian dollar that the bitrate that a h4n records in will be much higher (it’s much higher than most pro level XLR capable video cameras now anyway)

    Sure it’s nice to have good quality audio on your native video files but if you use some syncing software such as Pluraleyes one could argue that recording audio with a h4n is an advantage and not as cumbersome as you once thought.

    1. Thanks for the advice on the H4n, I’ll try to keep it if my budget allows and the oportunity cost seems fair (in terms of other things I could get with that money, like a 35mm vintage leitz elmarit, or a 550D to 60D upgrade when I finally buy my camera)

  23. Been waiting for this one. Swiveling screen will be great for video and my purposes. I have been after a camera body to shoot stop motion, down shoot hand drawn animation, and something to shoot nice usable video. Not to mention the price and having the proper canon dial instead of the T2i buttons. Good stuff Canon!!

    Really is a shame how many crazies comment on your posts. People hitching about something they have no knowledge of…

  24. I’m still sniggering at the opening paragraph. I guess “knocking a quick one out” doesn’t mean the same around the world as it does in the UK.

    My 7D still does everything just the same as it did yesterday. A new model doesn’t stop features working on the old one. The screen is nice though.

  25. I still love my T2i and am sticking with it. I have so much to learn that it’ll be quite a while until I’m ready for a body upgrade. Yes there are some features the 60D has that I’d love on my T2i, but I can live with the “limitations” of my camera. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my T2i (mainly photography with a little video) and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I think the T2i is perfect for a noob like me. 🙂

  26. I just wondering if the image quality of the video is going to be better… But probably will be the same… If it has coffe maker or a calculator in it, for me has no diference…. Of course the LCD that moves and manual audio its a cool feature… But at least manual audio I hope its coming soon for the 550D!
    So, it there is no enhanced image, like more latitude, less moire, etc… For me there is no reason to upgrade… Its just a new camera with some new features and a bit more expensive… But for who is going to buy their first hdslr should be a great camera…

  27. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 550D but I would have absolutely loved the articulating screen on it even more. It’s a really useful feature for video and stills alike, especially in tight corners or odd angles. I’m quite annoyed and frustrated they’re releasing the 60D so soon after the 550D because I would have waited and paid the extra cash had I know it was coming. The articulated screen has been a much moaned, coveted and discussed feature for ages and is already in existence on Canon’s non-dslr’s like the powershoot range.

    And why have this half-way house between the 7D & 550D anyway? Seems a bit redundant given the price gap between 550D & 7D isn’t that astronomical?

    I guess I’ll keep saving for that magic day when they release the 5dmkIII and hope it has the screen and the rest of the features (within reason) we’ve been waiting for. :-/

  28. Audio isn’t overly important to me on the DSLR. I plan on recording external audio anyway. I would use the in-camera sound for reference.

    A major point for the 60D is that it is “weather/dust resistant”. I think that’s worth paying the extra $300, rather than the T2i/550D.

    Honestly, I’d still rather go with a 7D right now though. We shall see.

  29. One thing i do not like in T2i is that it does not have a dedicated Video button,
    which could be switched between stills and video with breeze. You have to turn the dial from Manual setting to Video setting in almost 300 degree. That is very annoying and very time consuming when switching from still to video or otherwise.

    The 60 D looks similar to T2i in control, check the dial. One advantage is swivel screen and wireless flash triggering built in. No need to spend $300.00 for ST-E2.

    I think 7D is still better that since no dialling for video mode, if you are a shooter like me who switch the modes very frequently.

  30. All I can say is that I’m stoked that I didn’t jump the gun and sell my 50D right before the 60D was announced. Besides the HD video, much of this is a downgrade from the 50D, IMO. At least for the things I would personally find useful.

    Don’t get me wrong, from Canon’s perspective, positioning this squarely between the 7D and the Rebels probably makes a lot of business sense. But from a photographer’s perspective, the 60D seems far more like a Rebel+ than a 50D upgrade.

    Still waiting for the 5DMk3 that will give the “N” D700 a run for its money…

      1. Smaller body made of polycarbonate instead of magnesium alloy like before (plastic vs. metal). It also features a lower burst mode in stills mode.

        Like DPreview said in their hands-on, it’s more of a repositioned model than an upgrade, it’s a “super Rebel”.

  31. im glad to see canon finally considered the articulating screen, its a very smart feature. useful for those who need it and inconsequential for those who do not. but more importantly im most anxious to see if there has been any kind of consideration for more substantial issues the codec, moire, aliasing, rolling shutter issues as philip mentioned. to me these are more important than bells & whistles and/or price (5D may have a great chip, but im not paying that kind of money for a video cam that suffers from so many workflow & video shortfalls, especially ones that degrade the image and take away from the image/film), closing the gap between the dslr and the traditional CCD shoulder cam is what is preventing me from fully investing myself and my finances. the CCD shoulder cam market has felt little pressure from this new generation of video cameras because they still lack the fundamentals. if there was a dslr that had a solution for codec, moire, aliasing, rolling shutter as well as full manual control – you could ask and get the price of the equivalent CCD shoulder cam simply based off of the chip size and the lens system.

    on the topic of obsolescence – technology in a capital market isnt going to change for anyone. a new tech and/or a few bells and whistles = new cam every several months, this isnt a new system regardless of the gadget. i will complain as a previous t1i owner that i could not find a firmware upgrade, which was most upsetting (mainly for maual control) – especially when i read in several places that there was never going to be one. still cant imagine why someone would release a camera that did 1080p @ 20fps?! MINIMUM 24fps or dont offer 1080p.

    when these companies finally release a dslr that is also a video camera, ill pay a pretty penny but until then i continue to be disappointed by the lack of video camera fundamentals and features. (keep in mind gain, shutter and aperture are only recent developments, wtf) for now they are fancy flip cams with nice manual lenses in front of them. i cant yet see myself committing to a dslr that shoots video just the same as i cant see myself using a 2/3″, 1/3″ or any other CCD to take quality photographs.

    i think the dslrs will make it, i just dont know how long it will take. another two years…?

  32. AGC is a big deal for some people. Not all people using the cheapo 550d are professional people. A lot of people, like me, are doing it just for fun, and recording in camera sound is so much easier for one guy operation.

    I think a nice mixer like sound devices 302 or mixpre will provide good enough sound when paired with 60d.

    I know that many people will poke fun at me for recording in camera sound and not using h4n. But i know many sound people who make fun of h4n as a “professional” sound recorder. Different people, different opinions 😉

    Me? well i don’t care as much about quality as about ease of operation 😉 I will much prefer the manual gain on 60d anyday 🙂

  33. Impressive that all people can bother with posting is random bashing. Don’t worry, nobody (except the forum people) is going to laugh at you for having last years model.

    And what’s up with technical statements on a lowres youtube video comparing cameras? Are you serious? Haha.

    “For me there is no reason to upgrade… Its just a new camera with some new features and a bit more expensive… ”

    Tip of the day: You’re shooting video on a still camera, and they still manufacture video cameras. (Yup, you read it first here).

  34. Lots of whining about 60D not being up to the xxD series standards – but it looks like this is an intentional downgrade when it comes to some of the fetures so that there’s a market for the 550D, 60D and 7D. I own a 7D and I value the magnesium body, weather sealing and bigger buttons, like that it’s heavy and beefy, and love the speed. Having said that, I’d also love to have manual audio control, but there’s no way the 60D would make my 7D worthless or obsolete! People hoping to upgrade from 40/50D might be disappointed by Canon’s decision to widen its product range but for older Rebel / xxxD owners this might be the perfect camera. Like’s preview says, it’s more of a “super Rebel” than a successor of 50D.

    1. Ofcourse the downgrade is intentional! do you think canon accidentally downgraded the 60D without knowing it?

      The biggest concern about this 60D release is the lack of innovation or technical progress (in contrast to Sony’s PDAF in video mode and Nikon’s AF-F in their recent releases). I can only think of several reasons why:

      1. Canon no longer has the ability to successfully innovate and improve their tech.

      2. Canon still has the ability but is now more concerned with rearranging their product line and waging price wars instead. Meaning we’ll see future bodies costing less but also with less features.

      3. Canon is now reserving the best tech and features for top end models only. Will this mean we’ll no longer see a low end model with high end video features like the 550D?

      4. Canon has plenty of features on the drawing board but feel its not ready yet for release. But this is more akin to reason 1.

      Anymore reason? In any case, I think all 4 reasons are bad news for those on a low budget. Nikon is rumored to release a D7000 that will blow this 60D away and even change this HDDSLR game. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. Yes 7D should get it, not that it was impossible to do 12 months ago on the 7D… that is why the staggered release of the same camera is so frustrating, why don’t they just put it all in the same body and wait for technology to move on before doing the next version? Because they make more profit this way. Perfect business sense and Canon are a business first and foremost – they have to be sharp.

  35. Is this Canon way of hitting back at Nikon for their D3100 that was just announced a few days ago? or are these 2 cameras going to go head to head? Cause from what I understand about the Nikon D3100 and this new Canon there is not much of a difference other then price. Is this correct or could I please get some more information on this subject if anyone knows a bit more about these 2 camera manufactures. I’m not looking for Fanboys here, just people who know their cameras.

  36. I absolutely despise articulating screens almost as much as jim jannard from red, I think the beauty of DSLR shooting is that we are using still cameras that look like still cameras. This appearance is what has allowed me to film in places i couldnt imagine filming in without a permit. I really dont want a ‘hybrid’ dslr, i’d much prefer the workarounds with all the focus being on improving image rather than minor cosmetic changes. The 60D is a waste of time, a big marketing ploy and a disappointment when placed next to the 50D.

      1. Yes I have I just shot a Kawasaki Commercial on the 5DMKII
        My neck and back still ache, could have used a monitor (Mine is broken, looking at getting SmallHD’s DP6) could have used articulating screen for sure,
        Maybe I can get Canon to pay my Chiropractor bill?

    1. Why does it matter what your camera looks like as long as it has a good feel for the user and gets the job done. When a company pays me to make a promotional video or any kind of video It does not matter how the style of my camera looks as long as they get there product shot and out to the public and I get paid. If I was worried that my cam moves away from traditional SLR camera body style then I should rethink my money making processes. I could understand if your shooting a wedding and you want your equipment to look good but I bet you could ask a bride after a wedding or company after a product shoot if they where more worried about what your camera looked like, rather then the product you just made for them. I can honestly tell you its 100% of the quality of video rather then the physical shape of your camera. You all need to understand that this is SLR first time replacing Pro Camcorders. If this was a book we are on chapter 3 out of chapter 100. 1 and 2 where the idea and making behind it, 3 is now letting the public use it. 4 will be improvements and so on… I would not be surprised in 10 years if a DSLR looks just like a now day pro camcorder. Technology can only get so small and be so effective then you must grow bigger.

  37. I think there is a disappointment in this camera just because we are so desperate to start ticking things off our HDSLR wish-list. But real advances are going to need new silicon – there is only so much you can do in firmware. Traditionally the new chips go into the premium models first and trickle down.

    Ironically, Sony and Nikon have made there change of direction in mid/low market models and aimed them at the consumer market. I can see the commercial sense but its frustrating because we don’t yet know whether that’s it or whether they are holding back.

    When Canon brought out the 550D we marvelled (or moaned) how little they had left out from the 7D. I got one as a second body to complement my 5D2 once it became certain we were never going to get 50/60p. I love it for how much they have packed into its light, compact body and that its like having a 1.6x teleconverter with no light loss. The problem it left Canon with is the space in between the 550D and 7D became pretty small for shoehorning the 60D into.

    The 60D is no great leap forward but it does seem to have a nice feature set with improvements on both the video and photo side and no major omissions. Will I trade up from my 550D? Probably not. Better to save for a 5D3. Would I have bought one instead if available back then? I think so, mainly for the common battery, flip screen and ISO control.

    1. I honestly don’t quite know what people expected. This was never going to be the next generation of video cameras. Could you imagine the feelings on here if it was? People are enflamed enough as it is!!

  38. I’m curious about the ISO. It’s listed as 100-6400 and expandable to 12,800. Have some previous cameras come with ranges that were then upgradeable somehow? Is that done with a firmware update?

    I’d sell my fairly recently purchased T2i right now in anticipation of buying the 60D, but I’ve been using it far too much to not have it around for any length of time. Really been liking it. I will definitely be upgrading to the 60D when they are in stock.

  39. Looks pretty good, but biggest thing against it is price. £1099 body only at Calumet so I see. It needs to lose £200 to make it more competitive as a middle camera between 550D and 7D. And the 7D needs a firmware upgrade 😉

    We’ll see what it’s priced like in a few months.

    This is a good camera as it’s a market prototype for more things to come. You can’t halt the march of technology and change.

      1. current calumetphoto preorder prices for 60D, body only:

        US: 1.100 USD
        UK: 1.100 GBP
        DE: 1.150 EUR
        NL: 1.150 EUR

        but it’s a bit too early, some stores don’t seem to have all the prices right… like on the 18-55 kit is cheaper than the body only, and on they have a 18-55 kit for 1.200 GBP… and another one for 2.000 GBP!!


          £1,099.99 on these sites too!

          it doesn’t bother me as I have no plan / no money to upgrade anyway, but seriously if the US price is the same in $’s as it is in £’s in the UK, then that’s crazy.

          The US one for reference:

          …I might have to move over there soon, or make friends with someone who flies back and forth all the time lol 😉

  40. Here’s to hoping the mkiii has an articulating screen, and 60p.

    That said, if they come out with a “cheap” body with a full frame sensor, the world would turn on it’s head. That’s what I’m waiting to see.

      1. I think what you’re seeing is people’s response to the ever changing technology…or rather the way in which these companies are processing and selling the technology. As I’ve said before it becomes infuriating to be told that you are buying the most up-to-date camera in your $$$ bracket, only to find that a few months later the next “best thing” is now available.
        For people who put so much time and energy and money into investing in the tools of the trade it’s maddening to realize that something better will replace or top your current gear in a few scant weeks.
        It sucks. Most people can’t buy every new model body that comes out as you do. So they end up feeling like they got duped because now they are missing out on the new features that aren’t available to them.
        You don’t have to post this, I just wanted to give you a little different perspective on why people are reacting the way they do.
        I feel their pain!

        1. Dudes, it’s not about the equipment, when are people going to realize that? If you suck and you are not creative not even the Mark II is going to save you from failure. In the end it’s what you do with the camera what counts. Look at how many amazing movies are being made with the T2i, most are way better than a lot of crap I’ve seen on a mark II. It’s all about content in my opinion. What do you have to share with the world? is it worth our time? No one is going to give a damn about how expensive and how technologically advanced your camera is if your content sucks. People need to focus on that more in my opinion. I don’t get why some of you need to have the latest every 2 months, if a newer camera comes out a few months after you got yours, why does it matter so much? You still got a great camera for the price you spent, you can still make great content if you are creative. 2 more mega pixels, a bigger sensor or a more expensive body is not going to make you a better film maker.


  41. I bet Steve is scratching his head thinking about a Z-finder mount. I suggest a removable U-channel slide on Z-frame with a velcro wrap around.

    The 60D shoots the “clean” ISOs, something the T2i sadly lacks. The articulating LCD is great for low angle stuff. If there’s no 2nd gen announcements at Photokina my 5D might have found itself a mate.

  42. What’s the deal with the name calling around here. People criticizing the “still” aspect of the 60D are just giving out facts based on HANDS-ON previews from a few very legitimate websites. If you disagree with the criticism then reply with counter-arguments using facts and good reasoning. Name calling and labeling people whiners and crazies without any support really makes this blog look like those flame thread full of immature kids.

    Back on topic, there is a preview on imaging resource that quotes Canon claiming the 60D to be “dust and water resistance.” If this imply weather sealing then I think Canon is quite generous here.

  43. Great post Phil, why would anyone think this is a gag or be angry about this? The camera is comparable to the 7D, but so is the T2i. I like the screen feature, but most people would throw a monitor on a video camera any ways and the audio controls is a software fix that is long over due. I’d personally like to see a higher res screen. The iPhone 4 can go HD for 199 bucks, why can’t my 1500 dollar camera? All in all another smart marketing play by canon. For all those that are angry, remember, it’s the man behind the lens that makes the image quality, not the technical specifications of the hardware he has shot on.

  44. as a 550D owner, the thing I can’t stand about the camera is the lack of a dedicated iris dial. it makes iris changes a 2 fingered contortion while shooting, especially hand held. 2 of my lenses are electronic irises.

    so this is a cheap upgrade just to get that dedicated iris dial. loosing the AGC will be interesting to see if it works. I did a pair of interviews with the 550D today because I had to, and used its onboard audio… well it wasn’t horrible, but not what I’d like. it may well be a moot point of the quality of the audio is still bad due to a noisy audio path.

    its still cheap enough to just get one and not complain. my package is paid for already… so who cares. expect this sort of change. its not like a $80K F900 that you’d be lucky to get $15K for now, lucky.

  45. damn you canon, i’ve just purchased a 550d less than a week ago…. i was totally in love with my new cam but now i feel cheated… this is worse than apple’s perpetual upgrading of the iphone!!! damn you canon DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. has your 550D changed into a piece of junk all of a sudden ?
      if you feel like this, you should a) check the online rumour sites and/or b) never buy a camera again, cos there will always be a newer model right round the corner.

      1. Yeah but come on…people are sick of being told that they have the best technology and features on the gear they just bought only to find out weeks or months later that something bigger and better is available. It leaves you feeling like a sucker.

        It’s great for business but it’s a cheap trick by the camera companies and people are sick of falling for it.
        In a way yes…your “old” camera body does turn into a piece of junk all of a sudden.

        That’s the point. The camera companies are telling you that your old camera wasn’t good enough and thats why they are offering you the newest, shiniest camera now to replace the technology on your “old” one. It’s maddening.

          1. Oh, I wasn’t referencing a specific camera, just the way the equipment is marketed.
            But sure…every camera released has attributes that place it ahead of those that came before it…it’s “bigger and better” that’s why were told we need it.

            The part that people are getting bitchy about is that these new attributes take just a few months or weeks…which makes you feel like you have just purchased outdated equipment.
            It’s not like these technological advances were just discovered. You think Canon never figured out they could have put a flip screen on a DSLR until the 60D?

            Really…no one else agree’s with me on this? huh

        1. There will ALWAYS be people who bought the old model ONE WEEK before a new one was released. I see the same thing happen on Apple forums all the time … a new Macbook Pro or iPod comes out and people start whining, complaining about their own computer.

          What’s really weird is that noone does this when it comes to lenses … I use 30+ year old lenses, the newest Canon IS or USM doesn’t make my old Canon lenses useless all of a sudden.

          STOP COMPLAINING. If Canon and other manufacturers had listened to the whiners, we wouldn’t have DSLR’s to begin with.

          People were bitching when the 7D came out, then when the 550D dropped, now the 60D is a problem too ?

  46. I just purchased the GH1 because I love the lcd screen and how it tilts. Also with the hack it should rival the 5d or 7d. I went on vac to the Grand Canyon and shot tons of footage. The main problem with the camera is with the AVCHD codec. I have tried everything to get this to work. My Composer 5.1 takes it natively in but its a hit or miss. When I import footage from the 5d it comes in with no problems at all. Maybe I will sell the GH1 and buy the 60d or the 7d. keep up the excellent work Philip and can’t wait to see your videos on the 60D.

  47. Hi Philip,
    first time i post here. been following you for quite some time, and I totally agree with you when you criticize people for moaning about the fact that Canon is about to release a new Body. They, like a lot o my friends, believe that a great video only depends on the camera. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of short movies that are visually very compelling, but that forget to tell a compelling story, which is the most important.
    People, just stop moaning about the tech and shot stuff!!! Heck, If you guys want to worry about Gear, at least do it over the lenses, not the body (BTW Phil, thanks for the lens article from the other day).

    I’m right now also looking around for a DSLR, and might go for this one (1st wanted the 5D, then the 7D, later the 550D… and now comes this one). I might go for this one, considering the LCD screen can be adapted to your view (really useful), it still keeps the cool frame rates from the 7D, and adds manual audio (as seen on the 5D).

    keep up the good work, Phil

    ps: Phil, have you heard any rumor about a Canon camcorder that accepts the DSLR lenses. do you think one is going to be announced at the Canon Expo? would be great to be able to use your glass on a real camera.

  48. I wonder if the 550D, 60D, 7D all have the same chip and the 550D/60D models have just been limited so that the capabilities do not exceed that of the 7D. I am a 7D owner and I have love the camera, it is everything I need in a Camera, and it does everything I need it to. My photography/Cinematography business is really starting to strive to my surprise and I am looking at getting another camera. The 60D looks very promising but then again I would like to see the rumored 1Ds MkIV. These new Entry level DSLRs are awesome and I believe we should all be excited no matter what side your on. I can understand how you T2i user feel but AT LEAST YOU HAVE A CAMERA!!!!

    1. Same sensor and no limits on it. There are differences in meter, motor drive, quality of build and durability. But you can take the same video or still with a T2i as you can the 7D. The the differences are not just smoke and mirrors, they are real differences that makes one camera worth more if you need those features. Have options are nice, I got the T2i cause that is what I could afford, At this point I would rather put the extra money into the right lenses. I’m also thinking this is an evolving market, the cameras will only get better for video use, I think you will start seeing much better codecs, better video out, better sound in. When it matures I will want to get a higher end. BUT I want to take pictures now, take video now, so I got the best camera that I could afford and haven’t looked back.

  49. What’s a fair price for a used 7D back these days?

    I want to sell mine. Not because I’ll be buying the 60D, but because I have no time to use it. I’ve used it about 4 times. With this announcement I feel like I should sell it now, rather than later…

  50. Hello Phil – you mentioned the need for firmware upgrades for the 7D – do you know if Cannon is considering adding peaking and/or zebras to any of the DSLR range? Peaking in particular sure would help! 🙂

  51. It’s the moire and aliasing that I’m most interested in seeing Canon improving. If the 60D actually improves things on that front, then it’s a no brainer – the articulating screen and manual kelvins/audio gain are cherries on the icing.

  52. Unbelievable… the 60D has manual control like the 5D and they won’t offer an upgrade to the 7D to have manual control??? Does Canon not realize I would but the 60D as a second camera, but they can’t even throw me an upgrade for manual Audio??? Come on Canon… throw me a bone… ugh!

  53. If this camera has full HD monitoring like the 7D, an articulating screen, an LCD in addition to the live view, the ability to set white balance and shutter speed in 1/3 increments… it seems like a obvious value priced alternative to the T2i. But, I’m not sure having the articulating screen as the only advantage with a less road worth build quality would keep me from getting the 7D.

    One thing that is really cool about Canon is they put the most features at the lowest price possible and offer it as soon as it is ready.

    They really have something for everyone. And by doing this, they are always making more things possible for more people. They even have a word for it:


    Thanks Philip for the “heads up” on the 60D, and I must say… I really like the way you handle criticism. Very professional. Totally respect you for it. Hope it’s contagious.

  54. I have been a happy owner of a 550d for a few months now. It has been a blast.

    The main reason I bought it was to give me an entree into HD video (replacing a 7yr old MiniDV Sony video camera) + high quality stills for what was the equivalent price of a high end consumer HD video camera.
    The 7d at the time was just too expensive, but I may have shelled out extra for this 60D. I can say from many years of using a tilt screen on a video camera, they are reliable. For those of you worried about stealth, just leave it folded back flush with the camera, screen facing outwards.

    I am frustrated (as it seems are many others) with various manufacturers using software functionality to differentiate their product lines, not just chipset/mechanical functionality. I wish additional software-based features (not only bug fixes), could be implemented via firmware upgrades across the ENTIRE range, chipset permitting. This would increase customer loyalty if they knew they could get some functional upgrades to their camera throughout its working life. Differentiation could then be based on hardware alone – plastic or metal bodies, weather sealing, shutter speed/lifetime, viewfinder quality, additional controls, etc. I am sure the cost of the additional software code, when amortised over millions of units, would be negligible.
    Thanks Phil: I enjoy your positive contributions to the community, by the way.

  55. I hope this camera serves as a final example to all who are still perplexed by Canon’s methods. Know that when you buy a camera: a new one will come out soon enough with a few new features, and then another, and another, etc. We all just have to deal with it because it’s never going to change. Buy the camera you’d like and do everything you can with it. If you feel strongly that a newer model one makes yours inferior, then sell it and buy the new one. Rinse and repeat.

    And thanks philip for your patience on this topic. I think a lot of people are forgetting that you have yet to lay your hands on one. But when you do, we expect a full review! 🙂

  56. Scott, I would imagine with the articulated screen, you might be better off with one of Hoodman’s sun shades – easy velcro fit and they work very well. I’ve used one on my canon hv30 for ages now and have no complaints.

  57. shame that canon have offered some level of audio control but still no headphone socket to monitor it, so that’s a great way of seeing that you are recoding a fine amount of something! I can’t see many leaving their H4n’s at home just yet, If they do they are very brave.

  58. I have about a $2500 budget (I’m only in high school, so don’t hate, it took me forever to save up). For a week or two i was intent on the 7D, then the 550D, and now this comes up. I’ve found someone selling a decent shoulder rig for cheap that should suit my needs, and I plan on getting a mic as soon as I find one for a good price…

    Which leaves probably around $2000 for a camera body + lenses. I dont need too much, one or two lenses should be enough for now, but I’m torn on what body I should buy. What do all you fellas recommend?

    Ive literally asked all over the net and no one gives me a clear answer, so this is my last attempt before I go crazy with indecision…

      1. I have taken a look at it, but since it lacks the review of the 60D, I can’t decide for sure. I would be using it for lots of stills as well, so thats another decisive factor. I think I’ll just wait until the 60D’s out and there’s more hands-on reviews on it. I’ve waited long enough…a few more weeks won’t kill me.

    1. Luke,
      I’ve found great deals for items on ebay. Be careful and check the seller out best you can, use paypal or something that will help you dispute if you have a problem, but a lot of us sell off old equipment when we upgrade. I’ve kicked out beautiful monitors, matte boxes, etc.. that fit a model of camera I no longer had or replaced with a newer model the old stuff wouldn’t fit.
      In turn when I was younger I saved a ton by picking lightly used mechandise. Some companies like iKan sell Bstock – scratch and dent items that work fine, come with the standard warranty and sell for 50% of retail. Just some things to consider. My buddy just sold an 8″ iKan HD monitor on ebay for $350… he wished the bid had been higher, but thats the risk he took in selling it there. The guy who bought it got a steal.

      Good luck!

      Oh, follow this rule – by the best you can afford. If you by all EF-S lenses now, but decide to upgrade cameras a few years down the road and go full frame, you will have a lot of glass laying around that you will be trying to sell. Go as nice a lens as you can get. Happy shooting.

  59. excuse my english, i am from argentina. i speak spanish. I have in my hands the 550D and I can t do any record without tripod, because the camera on hand is horrible, the image is deform like under the water, not have a good stabilization when you take it with the hands.
    It is the Cmos???
    I im going to do an independient Film . But I’m not sure if a use the HV40 with a lens 35mm letus or if I use an 550 D with leica lens.

    What you recomend me??

    I don t know if the camera 550d can stay hours working recording
    and if I use it I think that it is not posible do too much movements.??

    What do you think about the hv4???

  60. The 60D looks great. Hope to buy one when it comes out. Why so much backlash?

    [ Does it have True HDMI out monitoring during recording? ???? I couldn’t find a definitive source (or even rumour) to verify that. That would be so MINT, as focusing on a T2i is dodgy at times. If anyone can name a source or provide further info, it would be GREAT. ]

    Otherwise, things like “true” ISOs (e.g., ISO 320), manual audio, articulating LCD, all look fantastic. Why are people complaining? Because this stills camera doesn’t have XLR in, SDI out, and shoot in 6k without line skipping?

    I do wish it had IS built into the body, like the Sonys; and of course addressed jello and moire, I grumbled about that initially. But there are ways around all that, albeit compromises. Deal with it. Or wait a few months, it’s a dazzling technological age we live in, don’t ever forget it.

    Canon did a good job of offering a “mid-range” video DSLR.

    People who are whining (Loudly!) that an approx $1000 camera doesn’t do everything they need: are you 14 years old? Have you ever owned pro video cameras before?

    I’ve owned $10k cameras that didn’t do everything I wanted; and worked with RED ONE cameras that (still) have rolling shutter and jello problems.

  61. As someone who checked daily waiting for the T2i to hit the streets and bought one as soon as it came out I also groaned when I saw some of the features on the 60D. You just have to remind yourself what you are getting with ANY of these Canons. You are getting a piece of equipment that didn’t exist even 3 years ago. I am holding in my hand a video camera with an image quality that 3 years ago I could not have owned because I couldn’t afford it. I would have had to rent gear to get the quality I now get from a tiny consumer DSLR. I love living in 2010! It’s already paid for itself. I’m not about to trade it in for the 60D though—it’s just too volatile a time in the technical progress of these beasts. Besides, the biggest Achilles heel of these things for my work is the lack of a decent ENG lens. I shoot primarily on an EX3 which is about the cheapest pro HD camera out there and a lens comparable to the EX3’s doesn’t exist for a DSLR at any price. Everything else I can work around. Man, that articulating screen and dedicated iris control sure would be nice though. Oops, there I go whining…!

  62. Hello everyone,

    Sorry to bring this issue back on top, but I believe it has to be clarified.

    Mr Bloom, you say that:
    “they are simply taking a small chunk of the middle part of the sensor and recording that”

    If so, what the difference is between that “small chunk” and a small sensor in terms of DOF which we know is largely dependent on sensor size?

    I personally agree with Michael that the effect of such crop would be similar to using a comsumer camcorder instead of a full-frame cine-like camera. Respective part of Wiki article on DOF suggests that conclusion, as well.

    Besidea of that, I believe Canon guys bothered themselves with line-skipping algorythms (with all the drawbacks of such approach like aliasing etc.) vs. mere reading out chosen 1920×1080 pixels in the sensor’s center for a good reason, that reason being maintaining the full-frame DOF, failing which Canon video-DSLRs wouldn’t win the market.

  63. Hi Phillip, love the site! I have Nikon Lenses and a D90 at the moment which is great for my photography but I am a film director as well and currently can’t afford to spend lots of money on a stills camera and a moving images camera.The D90s video is awful but I have heard and seen great things from the Canons and am thinking of jumping ship with the 60D but I don’t understand why Nikon’s video is so poor and Canons is so good. It must be more than just spec?!

    Thanks for your time


    1. Tom,

      If you are heavily invested in Nikon equipment I would wait and see what the next year has in store from Nikon. Video on the Nikons has been getting steadily better on each new model that offers it. Video on the D90 was (as you say) awful and on the D5000 just slightly better. But the 300s looks noticeably better and the D6000 will be coming soon. They’re not quite up to the Canons but in a year? Who knows!

      My 2 cents that you didn’t ask for 🙂


  64. For me the most important function in Canon DSLR is the Video.
    And no matter what new features Canon ad to the new cameras if Moire
    and aliasing remains. I think Moire is like a stained photo

  65. Yes, you are right — there’s more to DOF than just sensor size alone. It’s optics, the distance, etc.
    However, as you probably know, the only way to get a shallow DOF on a small sensor camera (until now, at least) was a 35 mm DOF adapter. We call it “35 mm” because there is a so-called “focusing screen” between optic elements where photo lens project the image on with DOF already in it (thus faking a large full-frame sensor), and a camcorder only has to capture that image. It’s not enough to just equip a small sensor cam with a photo lens, you won’t get shallow DOF that way.
    As regards your reference to cropping — there is no cropping in such case. We just capture an image with a small sensor. It’s not the same — to capture a full-frame image and crop it in post as compared to capturing image with a cropped sensor. That’s essentially why 1.5x/1.6x crop sensors (7D/550D etc.) have deeper DOF than full-frame (5DMkII).

  66. T2i, 7D, and now 60D… gives me goosebumps from joy.

    I don’t get the arguments about video. They all take beautiful video, but due to overheating sensors, if you’re wanting to video weddings, plays, etc. then forget it! You have to have something that can record uninterrupted for 2 or 3 hours (or face the wrath of the bride)… That’s why Canon makes my gorgeous Vixia HF S10 (now S20, S21… and I didn’t cry “HAVOC!” when they upgraded it) at the price points of the T2i and 60D. If you just want to shoot pictures and also make indie films, TV series, or be a youtube star, these DSLRs are the way to go, I say! Just depends on what your needs are. But if you care nothing for still photography, why not just get a video camera where the video features are primary and make your life easier?

    Like the Ego guy on the animated movie Ratatouille, I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the dish that is your news from the expo. I need another bite of this perfection.

  67. excuse my english, i am from argentina. i speak spanish. I have in my hands the 550D and I can t do any record without tripod, because the camera on hand is horrible, the image is deform like under the water, not have a good stabilization when you take it with the hands.
    It is the Cmos???
    I im going to do an independient Film . But I’m not sure if a use the HV40 with a lens 35mm letus or if I use an 550 D with leica lens.

    What you recomend me??

    I don t know if the camera 550d can stay hours working recording
    and if I use it I think that it is not posible do too much movements.??

    What do you think about the hv4???

  68. it sucks, you know when you buy a camera a new one is going to be out in a few months and i excepted that. i got the GH1 i like it very much it’s a great camera, but if i knew this before i’d mayby waited for this one to come out.

  69. Philip,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the need for Canon to bring out firmware for the 7d to give it manual audio.
    I am using a juicedlink box which, quite frankly, terrifies me, because on playback, all you can hear is the white noise from the agc zapper.
    Also, do you have any insider knowledge about whether Canon is planning to produce either a new version of the 5d or 7d with a screen like the 60d, and, more than anything else….a headphone socket?

  70. I got my 60D for a few days now and love it so far. I noticed that the audio preamp produces a lot of hiss. When I put the manual gain to tick 1 and feed a hot mic signal (0db) into the cam from the sennheiser ew 100 G3 wireless system I am good. But as soon as I have to scroll up the input from the camera to get something in from the sennheiser MKE 400 I hear some very ugly noise/hiss. At least it doesn’t go up and down.
    So my conclusion is if you want to use the audio on this cam you need to preamp your signal with some wireless system or some JL adapter…


  71. Hi philip…
    Waiting for your word..
    Waiting for you to test 60D and compare it with 7D footage…
    Ofcourse 60D is not built 2 stand 7D with build quality but i just wonder if its video quality is better than 7D which can make me change my decision and save some money 😀
    Please reply

  72. Hi there,

    Looking to get a canon primarily for video and am just wondering which would be better to go for. 60D or 7D?

    I’ve been searching around and the one difference that comes up in the 7Ds favour is dual processors. Not sure exactly what this does for video. Does this in anyway enhance video, or is it only noticeable for fast still shooting?

    Flip screen would be awesome, but not at the expense of lesser video quality. Would be great to hear your opinion.


  73. is it possible to view live hd video on external monitor(laptop or smth)when u shooting with 60d or 7d? i mean when u connect dslr and monitor with hdmi .
    p.s. i am not sure if i explained corectly, but i hope u understand .

  74. Filmmaking. When you announce that it has at least the same video quality as 7d I will buy it. I need something while waiting for the 5dm3 that I heard will be able to fly and do aerial footage ; )

  75. Hi Phillip,

    Looking forward to your imminent Canon 60D review. As an EX3 user for the last couple of years I got into the DSLR interest back in February while sitting through a seminar at the Broadcast Video Expo at Earls Court, then I found your site and the rest is history, from there the world exploded!

    Bought a 550D as a second cam which I’ve now sold and got the 60D and I’m loving the improved features, firstly, being able to change batteries while staying attached to the Zacuto Z Finder Pro plate was worth the £150 difference I paid for the body alone. XLR Audio via the Juiced Link DT454 is superb for what I need! Flip out screen handy for working indoors!

    What I have notice is that although the 60D camera doesn’t have video peaking while recording, it does show blown out highlights when reviewing the footage back!!!

    Now that I’m familiar with the DSLR workflow, and much prefer the look compared to the EX3, I’m sure it won’t be long before I sell the EX3, which I’ve now started using as a second cam for fast action shots, especially if Canon decide to release a full frame 5D mk3 with HDMI out and improved moire issues!

    Thanks for your openness to sharing your knowledge, it has helped immensely!

    Cheers Kirk

    1. Kirk:

      I have an EX1 and have been wrestling all year on which DSLR camera to purchase: the 5D or 7D. I finally went with the 7D, but after its faulty focus problem ruined my first shoot, I’m sending it back. With time to reconsider, I’m looking at going with the 5D or 60D. I figure that the 5D will be antiquated soon, so I’m leaning towards the 60D. Anything else you can add to sway me?

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