We have a winner! Vote for your favourite video of the London PB meet up

EDIT The Judges have voted for Filippo’s film and you lot have gone with Mat’s…just! It was a close thing. Filippos wins the Kessler Crane $500 voucher and I will find something of mine to give to Mat! Well done to everyone. I was SO impressed with the work done on these and I loved the winners. Congrats to everyone.

Although this is a competition and the winner is being chosen by 3 independent judges with results in about a week or so… I would love to know what you guys think of the films made of the biggest meet up yet. 200 odd people turned up in what could have been a wash out but turned out to be a lovely evening. Great people. Lots of colour. Perfect for some filming.

I have some personal faves that I won’t share. But I do have some gear I don’t want anymore and may well be giving it to the most popular vote. This is where I implore you act fairly. Let us see if we can do this without emailing your 1000 friends to vote for you, I would love to see a genuine poll fro, regular visitors to the site. Remember, cheat and karma will get ya! 😉

So in no particular order here they are:

Clockwork London – Featuring Philip Bloom’s Meet-up from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

UPDATED – new sound track due to copyright reasons.

[Cue A Clockwork Orange style voice over]

“Me and 200 Droogs had found ourselves in old London to get at Philip Bloom. So I decided to make an ultra-violent video with lots of the old in-out. Of course, there is none of the old in-out in my film because Vimeo won’t allow it, and there is not much of the old ultra-violence either. But it does have some pretty camera work if I don’t say so myself.

I shot on the old Panasonic Lumix GH1, Panasonic LA7200, firmware hack (AVCHD 44Mbit) and some lens by a company that makes photocopiers and printers.

Check the in-out of it on EOSHD.com and tales of other mischief with the old Philip Bloom eoshd.com/content/301

FOOTAGE is ungraded – straight out of camera (Dynamic B/W picture profile was used)

MUSIC is ‘Resource’ by Philip Glass from the sound track of Koyaanisqatsi

Mind Manifestation – my journey around PB Meeting Up from Tiago d'Oliveira on Vimeo.

A last minute edit, been too busy…. I didn’t really had the time to talk to anyone at the meeting, too busy shooting away… not really! just shying and hiding behind the camera.

I never thought I would have so much fun in Piccadilly Circus. Shoot on 5D MII with TS-E 24mm. Edited on Aperture and FCP. Music on Logic Pro.

Many thanks to Ann Ferry for allowing me to remix her track Mind Manifestation which end up giving the name to the movie! http://www.myspace.com/annmademusic

Have a colorful day!

Philip Bloom London meet up 2010 from Sunil on Vimeo.

It was an honour to meet Philip Bloom. Many thanks for the help, valuable advice and useful info on the blog. I’m new to video and find your blog posts invaluable. Hope you ignore the trolls. Myself and I’m sure many others are grateful for your inspiring online presence.

Philip Bloom’s Meetup in Piccadilly Circus from Duncan Trevithick on Vimeo.

August 14th 2010. Hundreds of photographers gather together. They are here to meet one man…

It was only the second day I had my 7D so I was still getting the hang of it – I also shot “Roz Goes to London” on the same day.

Graded in Apple Color. The music is ‘Bud on the Ledge’ by Alan Silvestri. Twitter me happy – @dunctk

ON THE WAY TO… from Franck Pierron on Vimeo.

A visit of London and the London meetup with Philip Bloom.
Shot entirely on a Canon 7D.

Editing: Avid Media Composer 4.05
Grading & FX: Magic Bullet Looks

Music by: Dinosaur Jr – Flying Cloud (www.dinosaurjr.com/)
Blue State – Arion (www.bluestates.com/)

London Meet Up in Portrait (9×16) from John Shand on Vimeo.

Shot on the 550d with the tripod plate at 90 degrees. Even though i have called it 9×16 i feel that is a little too long, frame size is 720×1024

There have been a few blogs that talk about the possible rise in ‘portrait’ (9×16) shooting due to the popularity of smart phones and ipads etc.

I decided to try it out at the Philip Bloom London Meet Up.
It was a fun day and great to talk to all the other DSLR filmmakers.

Music: The XX – VCR.
A great band from South West London
Download their music @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/xx-bonus-track-version/id325808192

London HDSLR Meet Up with Philip Bloom from Spritz on Vimeo.

HDSLR meet up in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Shot on the Canon 550D/Rebel T2i at 24 fps using two Nikon AI lenses (50mm & 24mm).

We had such a great day – it was great hanging out with you all. Thanks again Philip!

Piccadilly >> Bloom DSLR London meetup – ReEdit from Mat Cooper on Vimeo.

I didnt know that this was a comp- so after a friend text me ( thanks Ali) i have as i should have done in the first instance Re-edited this a bit better and done a bit of sprucing…. Hope as many people enjoy it as seem to the other one:)

Feedaback as always is welcome. Mat:)

Cut in Final Cut Pro
Nail Polish in Color
Jewellery in Motion

My journey to London meet up (Philip Bloom) from Filippo Chiesa on Vimeo.

Filmed on GoPro HD (great, cheap, little waterproof camera).

Phillip Bloom – London Meet Up from Bozzie on Vimeo.

Picadilly Circus 14/08/2010.

A work in progress. Only had today to put something together as I’m going away tomorrow! Hopefully will give it the time it deserves when I come back.

Shot using the Canon 550D.

The Philip Bloom london meet up Timelapse from VJ Cookie / Kevin K on Vimeo.

Shot this timelapse during The London Meet up at Piccadilly Circus London, 14 Augustus 2010.

I used Lightroom for the (minimal) colour correction.
Editing done on my good old white macbook with FCP.

The camera i used is an Canon EOS 550D with an Tokina 11 16 lens and an standard 18 55 lens for the tele shots.

The music is from Minus, from the free music archive.


Kevin Koekkoek.

It’s always sunny in Piccadilly: PB London meetup from Tony Stark on Vimeo.

Video footage from the Philip Bloom London DSLR meetup, August 14th 2010.
A fun evening out with lots of gear and Camera enthusiasts on show. Mostly shied away behind my camera o_O’ but did manage to chat with a few people

Shot on the Canon 550D/Rebel T2i with 50mm prime and 35-70mm zoom lens.
Graded in Magic Bullet (my first proper MB grade!)

Music : T-Rex “20th Century Boy”


London Meet-up with Philip Bloom from James Miller on Vimeo.

Great, London’s Piccadilly Circus meet up. Lots of great characters. Not a lot of footage, to much chin wagging.

Thank you to all the nice people.
Sorry Nel 😉 – ‘The Umbrella Shaker’

Shot with the Canon 5Dmk2, using the detached lens method. As I have had many requests on methods here are the general guidelines.

You need to start with a non canon mount lens, like a nikon f-mount or M42.
If you try this with a canon mount you won’t be able to get the back focus right and not get infinity focus.
Once you have your non canon mount lens, M42 work the best as they don’t foul the camera body when you try and swivel the lens.

1/ Start by setting the camera to live view.
2/ Open the aperture fully on the lens and set the focus to infinity.
3/ Hold the camera body to your chest with your right hand.
4/ Pickup the lens with your left hand. (50mm or wider work the best).
5/ Still with the left, hand hold the lens tight up to the body of the camera with your thumb and index finger whilst pinching the middle finger of your left hand, causing the lens to rock on this pinch. (Note: How much middle finger to pinch depends on the amount to back focus the lens)
6/ Try and use your left hand palm to act as a hinge that allows the focus to be adjusted by changing the gap between the lens and the body.
7/ Change the shutter speed as desired.
8/ If your worried about dirt or dust getting on the sensor 1/ Don’t do it. 2/ Cut out some good optical quality polyester film like Melinex and fit it under the camera bodies lens mount, on top of the contact pins. Has to be good quality otherwise you will get blooming on highlights. You can also use ND filter film acting as a dust blocker and filter. (Filters on the rear of the lens are very forgiving).

• Don’t try and focus using the focus ring on the lens.
• Only change the focus ring slightly away from infinity to adjust the back focus that will cause you to decrease the gap between the lens and the camera, thus blocking extreme light from entering the camera (if needed).
• Have fun.

More examples of whacking:

Group Meet-up people in shot, quick links/jumps: (once film has loaded fully first)
• Nel – VillageBoi – 01:36 01:51 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/villageboi
• Daniele Cuccia – 00:28 (holding camera) 01:37 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/user2933015
• Tony Stark – 01:32 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/user1153480
• Barry Best – 00:50 01:10 01:20 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/user4526155
• Theo Shaw – 01:05 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/user1300792
• TJ Jeffrey – 00:42 – Her Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/tjuk
• Simon Bevis – 00:33 – His Vimeo Films http://vimeo.com/simonjbevis

• Philip Bloom – His Vimeo Films http://www.vimeo.com/philipbloom

Send me a comment with your appearance time and I’ll put you on the list.

Music: Eros – Ludovico Einaudi

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  1. I’ve give my vote. For me it was important that the movie gives an impression of the meet up. And I’ve to say I didn’t look all films till the end, for me the indication the film should not receive my vote. Some films are so close to eachother in the way they lok the same. In this kind of situations it’s important to bring something extra. Some did nice post (color correction). I’m not into just effect just because of the effects. I that point of view I like the more traditional way of storytelling.

    At the end it was a ‘battle’ between two movies and i’ve voted for the 90 degrees turned film. And not just because of the 90 degrees flip. The camera takes you between the crowd and comes close to the subjects. And it tells a short micro story about the Kessler thing 🙂

  2. I like how you have included yourself on the list of people spotted in the videos. I have a feeling it might have taken a while to write down all the times though 🙂

    (I’m the one chewing gum at 1.33 in Sunil’s video.)

  3. They’re all great films but the James Miller one is the standout one for me. It’s the most atmospheric and creative one in my opinion and so it gets my vote. Nice use of music too.
    Liked Bozzie’s film too as we actually get to hear some words from Mr B. himself.

  4. Really, really tough decision because they’re all great and bring back good memories! Ultimately for me, it came down to two and this was because they stood out as different in their style and approach. There’s plenty of talent on display in the videos, but timelapses etc are standard these days, so it was great to see people taking it that one step further and trying new techniques. That was Flippo and James Miller’s pieces.

    We said at the time Flippo was a genius for bringing a full on waterproof camera when the rain started to pour before Philip got there (even though it had the bonus effect of clearing the area of tourists!). And Flippo’s video goes to show that you dont need an expensive camera & lenses to create a fantastic film if you add creativity into the mix. However, James Miller’s piece eventually got my vote because the creative style, editing, mood and technique just really suited my subjective tastes. I will definitely be testing out this technique in future!

    They’re all great videos tho, so good luck to everyone! 🙂

  5. It was a fine and relaxed time, and indeed as TJ states above, it was a tough cull, I watched all of them and am pleased to say that all had a unique individual outlook, however as storytelling is first and foremost about how you make someone feel, that’s where the leaps and bounds are made and the following three hit the mark.

    James Miller’s film amazingly took me back to my first visits to London as a child of the 70s. He achieves a music festival haziness, a Woodstock for camera lovers. Two very simple shots achieve the impossible in showing a very touristy spot, being more calm and soothing, then haranged with folk from around the world, and in this, showcases the film to be more like a picnic in the summer between good friends.

    Andrew Reid’s film in both versions, (I prefered the Clockwork Orange original, however good recovery with the Koyaanisqatsi remix) showed an angular London, more a gallery piece of shape, shadow and isolation, of lines and those that cross the void, interupting the hardness with their presence to soften the hard landscape.

    However, as I stated above, it’s only about emotive feeling in storytelling, and Filippo Chiesa’s film just took it for me, I watched it ten times in a row when he first put it up and let me tell you, it’s always the simple ideas that prove to be the most effective. This little gem with its perfect choice in music is so giddy with happiness, it should be required viewing before you start your day. There is just something about it, which is probably better not explained that is like mesmerisingly sweet, like being wrapped in hot pink bubblegum and because of rain drenched London, the film glistens in all the reflections.

    Well done Filippo and congrats to all who made a film.

    Best Anil 🙂

  6. some nice vids, but i can’t help but notice that the voting seems to be in the order of the videos listed. i wonder how many who voted actually watched all of them? like others have mentioned, it was hard picking a fav.

  7. For me two videos stand out Fillipo is just pure genius and John Shand gave a different look and the best portrait of the event. I absolutely love Fillippos gopro film BUT my vote is going to John for two reasons 1) It was shot on a Canon DSLR and 2) I wasn’t there and his video gave me the best feel for the event and was well edited.

    I think the award should go to a DSLR shot film, but with a special award to the gopro film

  8. love all the different videos. For me i was looking for what really epitomises for most of us what the dslr is about. The style, the subject the romanticism of a situation. I went for Mat Cooper’s video in the end. I think it was a well thought out tribute to what Phillip had been promoting and with a unique style of its own. It was not plain sailing though Andrew reid’s video nearly took it- The intro graphics won out.
    Well done everyone.

  9. Hi there,

    Great spontanous contest, and very generous of you Philip to maybe donate some gear. Choose for the film that made some great shots, didn’t try to hide behind color correction. Also for me a great film is the composition of the shot but also motion rhythm. Rhythm in the editing but also flow in the shot.

    Next to that it is a good idea to put in some humor….

    That is why I choose Spritz.
    – great soundtrack good feeling
    – made me feel i was there
    – 1:18 beautiful close up of the girl with orange hair
    – at 1:35 guitarsolo combined with the police car with running sirens 🙂
    – 1:40 woman steps down, man behind her steps up
    – a normal click and throw away camera between all those prof cams
    – 2:50 wipe on the SANYO logo with the music


  10. What a wide and diverse set of films from a sometimes inclement evening in London. I love that there was so much creativity applied across these films and I going to try and learn as much as I can from them. I salute all the contributors for images and entertainment you created for us.

    However, I decided in the end to cast my vote based on which film most invoked the spirit of the event for me – to judge as a participant rather than as a viewer. My recollection is event full of camaraderie and sharing, with a simply bewildering amount of disparate cameras and rigs on show. A little bubble of photo tech centred round Philip, surrounded by a bemused set of tourists. For me, I think Spritz has captured that most authentically.

  11. I agree with Dave, John Shand was the best along side Fillipo’s because there was no other films like it, very creative. Mine vote went for John because i didn’t go but that film made me feel most involved in the action.

  12. I really wish we could vote 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Gotta say it’s a hard choice for me between Fillipo, James and John – I just love their videos. Having said that my vote goes to James for pulling off what seems to be a difficult and risky filming method. When I saw what he was doing I wondered what it would look like and it looks great!

    I do love all the others as well. A pat on the back for all the people that submitted a video, well done to you all and good luck!

  13. Hi there guys and galls,

    I’m so glad to receive the news.
    Many thanks for all your comments and votes.
    A very special thanks to Philip for the great, funny, crazy London meet up.
    Another very special thanks to Kessler Crane for the generous prize and the Judjes.
    Mat, congratulations for your great video!
    Well done to you all that submitted a video!

    Thanks again,


    1. Congrats Filippo! 😀
      I’m kind of happy in the midst of all the DSLR’s it was the little Go pro that could, that eventually won out the hearts of everyone! Well done

  14. Im pleased as punch to have been voted by you guys- Thank you all.
    Thanks to Philip for hosting such an event where we can meet great people, shoot great video and share our experiences with the wider world.

    I hope we can organise more UK events like this in the future.
    Congrats to Filippo on his video, I enjoyed it a lot and well donr to all who took part-

    Kindest regards all

    1. Big congratulations Mat!
      Yours was the first uploaded, so it feels like fate. Re-edit not withstanding 😉
      I actually liked it pre re-edit as well, so just good job all round. Enjoy your mystery prize ^_^

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