Australia and NZ DSLR/ Large chip camcorder workshop tour with RODE.

In February 2011 I came to Australia to do a series of short workshops for RODE microphones about DSLRs and recording sound. It was great fun but not long enough, and I didn’t get to go to Perth or New Zealand!

The good news is that the 2012 tour is confirmed and it’s longer – full day workshops AND this time Perth and Auckland.

There will also be a big in-depth sound section taught by Aussie sound icon Ric Creaser.

I won’t be covering the basics of DSLRs, it’s a waste of time, pretty much everyone knows them BUT if you are new to them I recommend watching my fun series I did for Vimeo which goes over these!.

I will be talking technique across all cameras.

How to get the best out of your DSLR.

Going through the large chip camcorders with a chance to check them out.

A nice big in depth timelapse and MUCH MORE!

It will be a lot of fun as I try and make my workshops entertaining as well as educational. There will also be a meet up after each one…

Unfortunately there is no Brisbane this time – it will be in Byron Bay at the SAE institute. A great venue. All the venues are linked below.

The price is $170 for the whole day, with a student discount available.


  1. Bought tix as soon as I got the email from RODE.

    I got a lot out of the last one, even as brief as it was, it solved a lot of audio issues I was having with the 5D.

    The meet up in Sydney afterwards was pretty good too, where Mr Bloom convinced me to blow a wad of cash on a stack of new Zacuto gear 🙂

  2. Bummer you’re not around in Melbourne longer Philip – could’ve filmed my great jazz trio performing in an amazing venue here in town!! Next time hopefully 🙂 Have a tremendous time doing the workshops!

  3. Hi Phil. Congratulations on doing a second-round tour to Australia! It’s a clear sign that filmmaking here in Aus is burgeoning, and that our industry is growing in strength! I am currently canvassing the local filmmakers in the ACT and surrounding regions to see what sort of attendance you could expect, if you were to include Canberra on your tour agenda.

    I will certainly let you know, and from what I’ve seen, the numbers will be significant. My question to you is: what are the chances of getting you to include the ACT, either this time around, or in an upcoming tour? We are VERY KEEN to have you, and Canberra is a beautiful place to visit, fantastic for photography and has some enormously talented teams of individuals that would love to meet and workshop with you.

    If you inform me of the parameters (costs, timing, etc.) I will be more than happy to assist with the organisational elements, to get the Phillip Bloom and Rode roadshow to one of the most promising emerging filmmaking regions in Australia!

    Yours faithfully, John.

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