7D and 5DmkII training videos now available as digital downloads and DVDs

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This is the online store for our Learn DSLR Video series. Both the 5DmkII and 7D training videos are available for instant download. The DVD of the 5DmkII will soon be available on this site too, until then click here to buy the DVD version. Unfortunately it is one or the other. You either buy the DVD or the digital download, we cannot currently offer both am afraid.

I am really proud of both of these videos but if for any reason you are not clear on something. Feel free to email me at philip@fstopacademy.com  or help@philipbloom.co.uk (any purchase related enquiries need to be directed to help@fstopacademy.com please!)and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Enjoy and I hope you learn a lot from them. Scott Bourne of Photo Focus has reviewed both “here and in fact he gave the 5DmkII version 8 out of 10 and the 7D version 10 out of 10!

There is also a review of the 5DmkII DVD from “DVINFO.NET here” they liked it too and the 7D one even more here.

You can go to the store by clicking here

You can also click on the version you want below too…



  1. I’m thrilled! 🙂

    Does this mean you’ll bring 7D-DVDs to Stockholm on the upcoming exhibition? I’ll be there representing a popular camera/print store and I’m so looking forward to visiting your booth and buying the disc! Just started exploring the video world (very inspired by you!) on my new 7D and loving it!

    Have a safe trip over here…

  2. Wow.. was looking forward to it.. Just ordered 7D / and your video. Internets kind of slow but will complete in a few days. Can’t stop to look for tips and tricks for the first time DSLR user. 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Although I recently bought the 5D DVD and I’ve had the 7D long enough to be familiar with the things you are showing, I still purchased the download version.

    I did it for two reasons. First of all, I think such training videos are invaluable and their development should be supported. Second, your work Philip has been a great inspiration to me. I figure that if I’ve spent many thousands of euros on the equipment I may as well spend a few hundred to support an artist whose work I admire. Sort of a small “thank you” both for your great work and for your continuous stream of hardware reviews, shooting tips etc.

  4. Hi Phillip, even tough I don’t own the 7d or the 5d for that matter, I got the GH1, your 7D dvd is great, and I would surely recommend it to GH1 owners, it doesn’t cover the basics of the camera, but that’s what the manual is for, but I found that most of the info regarding shooting, lenses, exposure, aperture, support and even work flow to some extent is pretty helpful and gives you a better idea on how to get the film look with this camera.

    I have purchased over the years several training dvd’s from other companies, and they are just useless and even boring, but this one is pretty entertaining and helpful. Also the idea to make it available as a downloadable product is great. Regards from Mexico.

  5. Just had my brother-in-law order it for my birthday. Looking forward to it. Also, I recently purchased Zacuto Z- finder and Canon 35mm 1.4L based on your praise and I love both items. Thanks for all the great work. If you have time, check out my latest Bar-Mitzvah spoof video based on the movie The Hangover. There is a LLama, chicken, midget and cameo appearance by Jeremy Piven. Password is llama

  6. Bought the digital copy today – and got a bunch of useful info.
    What I do like is that you do it in at straight forward and plain way that even a Dane can understand…:)
    So I am ready to go out a challenge my skills on my new 7D! Thanks Philip!

  7. Did I remember correctly that it was mentioned that those of who bought the 5dmkii DVD would get a small ‘update’ video for the 7D extras when it was launched? Any news on this? Thanks

  8. Hey Philip,
    I just got the 7D video wich is great !
    You mention in it that the sigma lens 10mm for APS-C is equivalent to 16mm for the 7D (do we have to apply the 1.6x even for APS-C lenses ?)

  9. Hi Philip,

    I’am a Newbie in Film-shooting. Just bought my 7D with gear and directly downloaded your training video’s both the 7D and 5D.

    Both where excellent Thanks 🙂

    But still I remain with a lot of questions ????

    Can I ask you two three simple questions, from the many that I have ?

    At the beginning of the tutorial(7D) , you talk about a standard setting for
    “Picture style” and “Highlight Tone priority”

    Do you use this settings for all your movies ?

    In the second part of the tutorial(7D), you explain how to convert the output from the 7D to Apple Pro Res (LT) with MPEG stream. Is this a necessary step ? Because I have no problem with the output I can directly drag the *.mov file from the 7D to the timeline in Final Cut Pro.
    When installing the Canon software it will also install a CanonH264 decoder.

    Or is it better to export to Apple Pro Res (LT) for the Quality ?

    And the last one 🙂 what is better to shoot with 24p or 25p ?

    Greetings and thanks for the great work that you are doing.
    So we Newbies can learn from the DSLR goeroe 🙂

    Greetz van Mojito ( Amsterdam )

  10. Alright awesome video! I basically bought the saddle before the horse with this purchase (cool seeing Jehu in the video). I just want you to know I just spent my Canon 7d saving up money to buy your download (based mostly on the quality of your other tutorials you posted on your website). And I have to say it was worth it, thanks for the great info. Can’t wait til I get my very own 7d. Man, hope I can make the cut for your first group of 500 for the teliseminar (even if it means diping into the money jar again).

  11. Hello Philip,

    I just finished watching 5Dmk2 video. I found the information to be very useful. I am not a 5Dmk2 owner yet. How ever I am a 1DSmk2 and XL-H1 owner. After watching your video I feel very confident in the 5Dmk2.

    Thank you very much.

  12. Just like to to tell you how good this video is Philip , it should be bundled with the 7D. Very informative , I have a few years behind me with HDV and also shooting stills , never the less this was essential to my transitioning to DSLRs’. This video would suit complete beginners and jaded old hacks like me I cant recommend it enough.

  13. Seriously need to THANK YOU.

    I have a question before I download — is the video file associated with the instant download viewable on an iPod? I’m about to go on a vacation (I was planning to shoot video without a clue and hope for the best) but I don’t have the time to watch it before I leave. However, this is probably perfect material for me to watch and ingest while I’m on my 5.5 hour flight. So knowing if it is watchable on an iPod will make me decide if I buy it now or many months from now.


  14. Hey Philip, hope you’re doing well. I finished watching your video on the 7d and thought it was great. I just have a couple of questions. I was curious if you suggest the same picture style settings that you explain in the video if not doing any post grading? I am editing with iMovie 09 at the moment until I can afford FCP, and can’t do any grading. Also should I be using Highlight Tone Priority if not grading in post? One last question, you stated that you did no grading on Dublin’s People with the 7D, were the settings on that video like the ones you show in your tutorial?

    thanks in advance and keep up the great work.


  15. Hey!

    I bought the DVD, love it, lot’s of helpful tips. I use ENG cameras and am taught to zoom in, focus, and zoom out. I notice that you show how to use the digital zoom of the camera in the video instead.

    Today I was on a shoot and I noticed that the image seemed softer after I zoomed in and focused and zoomed out. I used the digital zoom and verified that the focus was lost when I zoomed the lens back out.

    I was using a pretty cheap lens though. Canon 18mm-200mm IS USM EF-S lens.

    I’m hoping it’s just the lens? Have you noticed the same thing?

    Thank you for your time man.

  16. I downloaded this new 7D video yesterday and have to admit that it answered 95% of my questions Ive tried to get answered since day one I got the new 7D. I specially admire the way everything is told, effective but still simple enough, so that a rookie like me will understand it without having to rerun everything over and over again. Despite this, the genre of filming movies in the first place after just taking stills is challenging enough to make things difficult. I specially was amazed, how much work and time, a simple shot can take – its sometimes really frustrating, but as always, training makes you better!

    Thanks Philip for this DVD, its really geat tool helping me understand how to develop my skills with 7D and shooting videos!

  17. Hi Philip,
    I finally went for a 7D set up waiting for the Red Scarlet to come out.
    Regarding audio, is there any device to mount on the camera hot shoe so to be free hand when shooting shoulder mounted?
    Would the Zoom do this? is there a dead cat for it? Or is there anything better?

    Many thanks.

  18. hi and thanks to Philip for his blog… great resource…

    i have a 5d Mark II and im about to buy the DVD training… but i dont know wich one to buy…i heard that the 7d training video is bettter quality and more up to date than the one for the 5D

    so im wondering if i buy the 7D training… is most of the info valide for 5dMarkII as well or i should buy the one for the 5D ??

  19. Hi Philip,

    I bought your 7D on-line course a couple a weeks ago and found it incredibly useful. I never thought shooting video with a photo camera could be so rewarding and so close to shooting with a real film camera.

    One of the most useful things I learned on your Course was that I could use my old Nikon lenses with a ring adapter!! Wow.. That simple tip has saved me so much money (which I don´t have right now) in Canon lenses. Huge thanks for that too!

    One question, though. When I plug my AF Nikkor 70-300 mm with the Novoflex ring into my Canon 7D, my aperture reads 00. Could you please give me any tip on how to work around that? Is there anything at all I can do?

    Thanks so much in advance, and happy New Year to You, Sir

  20. Great work Philip,
    This DVD answer most of my questions? I wish the resolution was better.
    I was all set to Order the 7d and just heard about the new 550d. Just confused now.

  21. Hi Phil,

    Lovin’ your stuff, especially ‘critics’ because I laugh so much!

    Now, I ‘m buying the new Canon 550D, will your training vids be useful or am I going to have serious camera envy?

    Cheers form Australia

  22. Philip, thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience with us. I’ve watched the 7D video a couple of times now & I gotta say, it’s worth every last penny I spent on it!

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