UPDATE: Winners of Japan Earthquake Fundraiser. Over $40,000 raised!!

THANKS to everyone who has donated to help the people of Japan. Together you have raised well over….$40,000 !!!!!

Below is a recording of the live stream which cocked up halfway through but here is a list of winners. Thanks to everyone who donated and thanks to all the companies who donated gear!!




Digi effects suite –  Seth Evans Go Pro Kit –  Ken Wilson Z finder pro – Baron Sekiya

DSLR remote trigger – Dillon Adams

5″ Marshal Monitor – Neil Smith from Brisbane

Letus Hawk Viewfinder –  Brian Reinheart

Pluraleyes or Dualeyes- Chris Curl from Texas

Red Rock Running Man Rig – Deny Chang

Ipad – Louise Watson

Vimeo Plus Membership – Daniel Cuccia

Vimeo Plus Membership – Brian Cohen

Vimeo Plus Membership – Jasec Salanski

Vimeo Plus Membership – Sylvain Garassus

Vimeo Plus Membership – Adam Guil

DSLR Trigger (2) – Grant Melhorn

Kessler Revolution Head and full Oracle Kit – Kevin Huggins

Red Giant Suite – Stuart Radford

Cineroid EVF –  Yesenia Hernandez

All winners should receive email contact from the prize donators within a few days!!






It seems every month a natural disaster hits the world somewhere. This one is particularly hideous. An enormous earthquake off shore in Japan caused a devastating tsunami in the northern part of the country. So far the death toll is around 7000 people not including over 10,000 people missing and with 400,000 people homeless it’s absolutely devastating.

This is the third time I have asked my readers to help people in need after the floods in Queensland and the Quake in New Zealand but never has it been more needed than right now. I hate to keep asking but the it’s so awful and having recently been to Japan too it especially hurts. Such a wonderful country with incredible people…

In the past I have asked people like Rode and Kessler Crane to donate gear for a fundraising giveaway. I haven’t asked them yet and I hate to ask them for a third time. So for now I am giving away my pristine ipad 64gb 3g. It’s not the version 2 but the original one but it’s still awesome and in perfect condition. I will send it anywhere in the world. If you have something you want to add to the fundraising give-away please let me know.



Aaron Pinto from Letus Direct has donated a Hawk viewfinder…the optics are milled in Japan. Thanks Aaron!




Go Pro have donated a complete set up consisting of

  • HD Helmet HERO
  • Skelton Housing
  • Tripod
  • LCD BacPac
  • Chest Harness
  • Ride Mount
  • Anit-Fog

Marshall monitors have donated a 5″ monitor!

Steve Weiss from Zacuto has donated the awesome Z-Finder Pro!

Redgiant Software have donated Magic Bullet Suite, Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite, Effects Suite. That’s a value of over $2,400.00.

Redrock Micro have donated the excellent Running Man DSLR RIG

Digieffects have donated their  Megasuite which includes Buena Depth Cue v2, Delirium v2, and Damage v2, a total of $597

Joseph Jang from Cineroid has donated the also awesome Cineroid EVF!

Simply donate to any of the below sites or any one that is raising money and send an email to this address with a copy of your receipt and I will do a live draw around NAB time. Of course you don’t have to enter the fundraising draw. Just simply donate, that is the most important part, if you can manage at least $20 that would be incredible!  I am sure you don’t need an incentive to help these people but fundraising draws are a great way to raise funds.





Please watch Dan Chung’s heartbreaking video from there…

Aftermath – The Japanese Tsunami from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Images from what remains of the town of Shintona in Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the Tsunami.

Please read the accompanying article by reporter Jonathan Watts – http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/13/japan-earthquake-tsunami-miyagi-destruction.

For more see http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/japan-earthquake-and-tsunami for more info

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  1. Mr.Bloom,
    You’re trying to help those in need. Don’t hate asking for money from your subscribers for humanitarian aid. I donated yesterday at SUNY New Paltz; two of my students are Japanese. One of the two has family members who, as far as I know, are still missing.

    -Joseph Vlachos

  2. Done and Done. Always important to stay in touch with the bigger issues of reality and help those in need when we can. One of the reasons this site stands above many others.

    Good work Phil , especially as I know how hammered you must be on tour.



  3. Hey Philip, I just donated on Word Vision but they didn’t email me a receipt – said they would mail one in 3 weeks. I can email you the copied webpage as proof, or the link that has my name on it. Is that ok?

    Thanks for yet again rallying people to help those in need. It’s refreshing to see this happen. Praying for Japan.

  4. Pour tous les Français.
    Il est possible de donner à la croix Rouge Française, via un paiement PayPal.
    je vous conseil tous d’aller là bas si vous utilisez ce mode de paiement pour donner.

  5. Philip,
    Great that you are generating much needed funds through this giveaway.
    Should I expect to receive confirmation of being in the draw? I sent on my receipt but have heard nothing back from you.

  6. Philip you are truly an amazing cinematographer and human being, I hope to become half of the person you are. You deserve everything you have gotten, hats off to using your “celebrity” to raising money for worthy causes.