NAB 3: Update….recorded live appearances at NAB

teradek on Broadcast Live Free

Watch live streaming video from teradek at

Well, I am in Vegas again. A bit under the weather but nothing like last year when I had severe laryngitis. That was hideous! At last I still have a bit of a voice right now after the month long CF Live tour!

There are loads of cool things going on at the NAB show this year. I will be doing a few small things whilst there, talking wise, but most of the time just wandering around checking out stuff.

First off thanks to Teradek who make the awesome cube, the wireless device for streaming your camera to the internet they have a live broadcast studio set up with a fantastic line up…

I will be speaking at 1400PM local time on Monday and the same on Wednesday. Monday will be a live Q & A with me. Wednesday I will interrogate Steve Weiss from Zacuto about the EVF and get him to convince all of us that is lives up to the hype. You can see the line up is really good! Bui Brothers, Vince, Red Centre team of Mike Seymour and Jason Wingrove etc…

Tune in here to watch!!

Also I will be at the Allinfilm Poker event. Playing tickets are sold out but it’s free to just come and watch. I can’t play poker so will get knocked out very quickly so I will just hang out and film there and chat! Love to see people there. It’s at the Hard Rock.

I will be doing two speaking events for Vitec too. One at 330pm with Vincent LaForet and one at 12pm on my own. For that event it will be part q&a but me also talking about my journey to where I am today and showing some of my favourite work. Register interest here.

Other than that I will be hanging around the Zacuto/ Kessler Crane booth and just walking around so feel free to say hi! There may be Canon Filmmakers Meet up Wednesday evening. I will let you know asap…


  1. The Zacuto EVF looks to be a great product especially for Z-Finder owners, meaning I would just need the “Snap” version. Looking forward to the Weiss interrogation. I’m still unconvinced up-rezzing the 5D’s HDMI 480 output will look any better than the the camera’s LCD but at least one would be able to tilt the EVF for awkward shots. Or maybe for a similar price just grab a 60D instead.

  2. Phil,

    Will we be able to ‘Zoom’ using the EVF for focus whilst recording on the Canon 5D? 480p etc

    @Timothy Bates

    You would hope with the peaking and better screen detaik it will make focusing much easier. If not then it’s not worth getting…

  3. I loved the live feeds, unfortunately on every video the audio was out of phase and I had to turn of on channel so I could hear something probably a faulty lead or a wrong mix of balanced and unbalanced cables. Not very good advertisement, but still looks like an awesome product.

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