Free 1 hour podcast with myself and Guerilla filmmaker Chris Jones

I recorded this with Chris Jones at Ealing Studios earlier in the year for the new Guerilla filmmaker pocketbook which is out now and really is a must buy. There is a large section in it all about DSLR filmmaking. It’s the new version of the famous green book but updated enormously and a nice pocket size!

I am hoping to making the Launch on 6th May in London at 7pm  if I can finished my shoot in time!

Click the below image to go listen to the podcast and order the book!


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  1. You deserve praise and many thanks, Philip. Your dedication to the craft of filmmaking is unparalleled. This was an incredibly inspiring interview. I’ve been calling all my friends to watch the final episode and they all love the show and we’re all DYING to see what it looks like.

    What a beautiful dawn this is for the art of story telling. Again, thanks.

  2. Word to the wise… after a format… move the selection away from format. I’ve done it twice mid shoot. No one is ever happy about that one.

    Great interview BTW. Lots of great GREAT information. He asked all the right questions.

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