XDCAM PDW U1 Mac write back software…finally!

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Just downloaded it, tried it out briefly…it works! It has been a long time coming but this is the way to back up SxS without a doubt.

It should be available for download any day now from http://www.sonybiz.net/xdcam

At the moment it isn’t data, you need to convert to 50mbs 4:2:2 XDCAM. Native data writing is coming soon.

XDCAM transfer 2.9 will also be out very very soon! Watch this space!



  1. Would be interesting to hear your find Philip. Does this mean that the U1 will now write data back to the XDCam discs or that it will write 1920×1080 XDCam EX back to the discs (or both?)

    Expensive unit though. And the 50gb discs aren’t cheap.

    Would this also be a viable back up device for P2 and Red footage methinks?

  2. hi Michael. It’s not data yet. When it is it will work with anything. it’s pure data.

    I think the U1 is actually pretty cheap compared to a full deck. I also only use 25gb discs, still not dirt cheap but they are the best archiving format I have come across. So robust and reliable.

  3. Hey Phil,
    I have been waiting almost two years for this thing to write and it is now worthy of the $3000 US pricetag.

    I bought the PDW-U1 tonight and look forward to using it as a method of delivery for broadcast clients and as an archival device for myself. Now that this device is (close to) fully working, it might become hard to find!

    I will keep an eye on your page as you experiment with the new firmware. I will post my tests on my page as well. Thanks again for your help.


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