FREE event & talks in Belfast/ Leeds/ London with TV-BAY!! PLUS shooting workshops in Estonia & Austria!!




I spend half my time shooting for a living, a quarter working on the website, and a quarter teaching. This year my teaching/ workshops has taken my to many great places. Dubai, Miami, Brussels, Toronto, Vancouver, Ankara, Bern, London, Transylvania, Venice and as I sit here, Bologna in Italy.

I have just 4 more education jobs this year left.



Next week I head to Estonia, to the capital city of Talinn for a 2 day and a 1 day workshop. I cannot wait for this. It will be my first time in Estonia. Both the 1 day intensive and the 2 day shooting workshop are fantastic educational experiences. PLUS I will have some amazing stuff there. I will have my Sony F55, 1DC and my new MOVI!! Yes the Movi! Don’t miss out. If you are looking to visit a new place, then this is a great chance to combine it. I myself will be shooting all over the city for myself whilst there!!

It’s not just me either, but my dear friend and far more talented colleague James Miller will be there!! Teaching his whacking as well as his fancy lens trick to get light leeks 😉

Read more by clicking on either image below or read my event post here.

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After that I am UK bound (my home!) for 3 days of talks surrounded by an exhibition of cool cameras and gear for TV-Bay. This one, unlike my workshops, is FREE. Yes FREE. So no reason at all not to come. Check out cracking gear and hear my talk about the latest trends and tools, plus a talk about getting yourself noticed and keeping the love of filming going. It will be in Belfast, Leeds and then London…and yes it’s FREE. You just need to register. That’s on the 16th (Belfast), 22nd (Leeds) and 24th of October (London)




Then for my first time in over 2 years, I will visiting one of my favourite cities in Europe. The stunning Vienna. For a two day shooting workshop, not just me but with Nino Leitner. A fantastic friend and even more fantastic filmmaker. So you get two for the price of one. This is my first ever workshop with just Nino, and I haven’t done any workshops with him since last summer. It will be great to team up. Learn more about this by clicking below. This is going to sell out fast as it’s  a small class and there is no 1 day workshop here!

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  1. Hi,

    I will be making plans to attend your workshop in Vienna, hopefully by then I will have my BlackMagic 4K Production Camera. However, it says bring your gear. I live in Ireland, and the ammount of gear I can bring on a commercial flight is very limited, what would you say is the bare minimum I would need to bring along apart from obviously a camera?

    Thank you very much,

    1. good luck with that! i doubt you will have the 4k camera by then. I dont expect to see them this year. They are struggling to get the pocket cameras out right now.

      Camera, 2 or 3 lenses, tripod and some audio gear. That’s bare minimum.

  2. Hi Philip

    Been a long time fan/follower of yours. Just wondering if you were planning on organising a workshop in Australia? ( Preferably Melbourne :p )

    1. afraid i dont chose where to do workshops. I don’t organise them. I am brought in. I have done some with Rode in the past. Would love to do some more. Perhaps if you told Rode you were interested and others followed it might happen! Would love to come back! 🙂

  3. Hello young Philip,

    Many thanks for the jovial talk in Leeds on Tuesday. I would have like to chat but had to go.
    I fully agree with everything you said but I have to take you to task over one thing.
    The distance to the horizon is not 7.1 miles as you said – Chicago shot.
    At 6 feet it is 3 miles (as I said … so there ;-)) or at 1 foot 1.1 miles.
    The camera would need to be 34 feet up to see 7.1 miles of curvature.

    Great stuff though…. I am the pedant in the room!


  4. Hi Philip

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for your seminars at the London Pinewood Studios Broadcast Tour. You were very informative and it was very good of you to take your time to talk to us all.

    Kind regards.

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