Vimeo awards in NY. 2 DSLR masterclasses and a panel with myself and Vincent LaForet

EDIT: get $30 off for first 30 people who register using code “bloom” !! You get in for just $90!!!!

In New York on the 8th and 9th of October? Well you should be! It’s the first ever Vimeo Awards, celebrating filming in all it’s forms with talks, workshops, screenings and of course awards.

I will be there and doing 2 DSLR masterclasses. One for total beginners and one for intermediate users. To come you need to buy tickets to the whole event. It’s just $120 for most of us, $90 for students.but either way you get to come to the whole event for that and there is so much happening that to be honest I would rather not be doing the workshops and just be there as a punter! 🙂

On Friday at 1230, myself and VIncent LaForet will be talking DSLR cinema and what it has done to the industry and where it is taking us. Should be a very interesting panel. It’s moderated by the not to keen on DSLRs David Leitner! I am really looking forward to this as I know both myself and Vincent have similar but also different views on this topic!


  1. looking forward to this…. will be very interesting to hear both your thoughts on the future of this technology. i’m enjoying the ride so far (550 & a few bits!) but i’m yet to make the full switch over for my paid work. exciting times nonetheless.

  2. Philip, I see as well you will be in New York the week before with Vincent at Photo Expo If we attend the Vimeo workshop and skip Photo Expo will we be missing out on anything?


    Saturday, Oct 30, 2010 – 1:15 PM to 3:15 PM
    Platform Building: Using Online Video Sharing to Attract an Audience, Establish Creativity and Network
    Blake Whiteman, Director of Community and Product, Vimeo
    Philip Bloom
    Ryan Koo
    Vincent Laforet
    Type: NEW
    Track: Video + Multimedia
    Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Levels
    Sponsor: Vimeo

    1. Correction I miss read the date as the Vimeo workshops precede the Photo Expo, same question though as time and cash is tightthese days.

      In my case your panel at Photo Expo would be the only reason for my attendance this year.

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