Another new episode of “Critics”!

We start filming Season 3 next month, now in a change to my previous blog, we are totally embracing YOU…in a non pervy way that is! Do you want your film/ video/ movie etc to be reviewed by myself and the American fellow? If so then click the image below to submit your own! Good luck!


  1. “moments” film:

    If i saw a lot of those things i wouldn’t think twice because they are “ordinary” but to splice them into a montage of moments and have them just a second long…thats extrodinary! totally agree with ya Bloom.

    its so funny watching you and steves different opinions. love it

  2. The second movie is great, but as an editor and artist myself its much more clever than it may first appear. He likes to rhyme things, but its between the literal and physical, its very interesting when you pick up on those things. Like a “flip” – person doing a flip & a “clip” – person clipping their toe nails. quite brilliant. He has some other videos that do this to a more extreme, where every edit is connected. amazing.

  3. As very well shot and edited as “Moments” was, it would have been better had it been more subtle. Its attempt at manipulating your emotions was so overt from the first ten seconds that I had the opposite reaction to what it intended – it didn’t move me at all – precisely because I could see exactly what the director was trying to do. Better for it to be more subtle and for the intended emotional impact to dawn on the viewer over the course of the film.

  4. the last scene in “moments” is glorified littering…

    …I can’t believe the esteemed and honorable reputation of “Critics” has been muddied by the endorsment of such practices!

    …just joking 🙂

    great episode, the 1st video was really fantastic


  5. I got so much more out of “Moments” than what you guys mentioned. Listen to the electrical snap at the end of the quick montage just before it goes black and the lady says “I don’t know”. That sound (to me) can be the shock of paddles bring you back or your last moment as you pass. The image at that moment is like a hospital light as you lay on a gurney. Amazing sound and visuals in 14 days! The Footprints show how we come to the worlds stage, have an impact and time washes it all away. Thank you guys for your impact on the DSLR revolution. This our moment in time! Reg Taylor

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