The Great NYC DSLR meet up!

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What a night it was! I generally try to arrange a meet up in most cities I visit. To meet fellow shooters but also to introduce people with similar interests to each other.

Photo by Tram Hudson

The last big one was in LA, Venice Beach earlier in the year. I chose Times Square in NYC, despite the overly touristic feel, as it was very visual, nicely lit and a great place to congregate. Loads of people have sent me photos and videos. It was absolutely terrific to have such a lovely response from so many people and meet and talk to so many great people from all walks of life. No idea how many people turned up but it seemed like a lot!

Here are some of the videos, starting with one of the timelapses from my hotel room looking down onto the even, shot on a T2i with a 70-200mm lens and tilt shifted in post using Magic Bullet Looks (discount code bloom20 for 20% off!)

If you have videos and photos you want me to add to this post, let me know! thanks to everyone who sent in photos and videos so far! It was great to put faces to names I have spoken to online via twitter etc over the past months and years!

NYC DSR Meet up: Timelapse from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Philip Bloom NYC DSLR Meet-Up from Brian Russell on Vimeo

The GREAT East Coast NYC DSLR meet up from Justin Ho on Vimeo.

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  1. Amazing … we are in the midst of a very special era in filmmaking!

    Only thing that would have made it better … if Chuck Westfall (the real one) came down and took a pic with Trammell (one for books!)


  2. so is it my imagination, or can you see the exact moment in the time lapse that the group went to the bar?

    speaking of which, i never did get that loan.

    thanks for the laughs,

    i’ll send pictures over soonish.

  3. girl: “are you someone famous?”
    pb: “are you into geeky tech?”
    girl: “…not really”
    pb: “then you don’t know me”

    I also really enjoyed spk2913’s video. Nice editing! Those first 2 photos are epic.

  4. Hi Phil,

    It was great to meet up with you and the other inspiring DSLR users. Hope you have a safe trip and hopefully I will have some films under my belt to sharpen my skills for the next meet up.


  5. Seeing this makes me realise how lucky you are, being able to travel the world like this, using online networking to gather like minded people together. You’ve truly created a new type of community around the world, one whose overwhelming passion and loyalty goes beyond that of your average filmmaker. Not only do these DSLRs make great images, but they’ve spawned a following that I don’t think anyone could have predicted, and watching those people crowd around you, you’re in a surreal way the leader of this fervent following.

    It’s a great thing seeing people brought together like this to share that passion, and I’m sure many are grateful to you for organising events like this that make us realise we’re not the only ones out there! I look forward to one of these events in London one day- it’s time your capital got its own Bloom-fest.


  6. Great videos, the Timelapse is just icing on the cake. I bet a lot of people thought Madonna was in the center of the crowd or something only to find a funny bloke with a weird looking camera surrounded by a sphere of eager fans.

    Phillip did you get to talk to Tram? I saw him on one of the vids.

  7. Hey Philip-
    You’re inspiring..and seem like a great guy to catch a pint with! Quick question: What timelapse controller did you use with the T2i?


  8. Philip,

    You are our leader and inspiration! The many great things you’re doing for the HDSLR movement is much appreciated! Keep up the great work and we’ll all stay tuned to your guidance and lovely work…

  9. Can’t wait till the next NYC meet up, hopefully by then I’ll have a DSLR haha. It was a pleasure finally getting to meat you, like everyone has been saying, you are truly an inspiration.

  10. Philip,

    Men, I check your blog every single day. Keep up the good work, I really like what you are bringing to the community.

    Thanks bloom, and if there is any T-shirt you would like from the bay area… Let me know, that would be my contribution….

    thank you

    Cheers mate !

  11. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Philip’s our leader, but this community of filmmakers he’s brought together really is inspirational and just plain awesome!

    I sensed Steve Weiss must’ve thought it ridiculous that I said I’d wanted to meet Philip more than Spielberg or Lucas.

  12. Philip, I’d say fantastic, so many people who follow you and considers you a great video of dslr, hopefully soon a meeting in Italy
    ciao alessandro

  13. Hey Phil. Where are the photos from your camera that Roman took from inside the pub. I’m in one and was hoping you’d post it. I wanted to show my classmates and teacher. I’m the skinny dude in a red hoodie with a 7D and Zacuto D-Focus around my neck. 🙂

  14. I’m sorry if this is totally off-topic but I need serious help with a project that I’m working on which needs to be finished before Friday. You’re basically the only person left to turn to. I have shot a short clip with the Canon 7d using settings: 1920×1080 24p. I’m done editing and need to get it on a standard DVD and here lies the problem. I used compressor to make a H.264 file but whenever I want to import it into DVD Studio Pro it tells me that it is a NTSC file and thus not compatible with the PAL DVD that I’m creating. So when I try to change the settings in compressor from 1920×1080 to PAL the frames automatically change to 25 which causes serious synchronisation problems with the audio, the same happens when I compress it to a MPEG-2 file. I wasn’t even aware that my footage was NTSC throughout the editing process as Final Cut doesn’t mention a format at all with my HD footage. I’m aware that you work with the 7d, Mac and the Pal format so I’m really hoping that you can help me out here. Hope you find the time. Keep up the amazing work. Yours, Philipp

  15. Wow! Your answer was fast. I’ll try doing that, hope that does the trick. Can’t tell you enough how great of an influence you are to all of us camera-fanatics. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding the time to answer! Greetings from the Netherlands. Philipp

  16. Philip,

    I had a blast hanging out with you and the hundred others in Times Square.

    The best moment was watching tourists crowd around wondering if there was a celebrity in the middle of the group. Taking photos of you not knowing who they were snapping shots of. Oh yeah, and the guy with the interlaced ACHDV Camera doing an on the spot interview. Hilarious.

    The Meet Up did exactly what you wanted it to – I met a lot of new folks there and at O’Lunney’s who all share the same geek interests in the DSLRs that I do. Can’t wait til Quintano puts together next month’s meet up.

    Thanks again for stopping by in NYC!

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