The dark side of timelapse…

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Whilst here in Chicago my so called friends Jon Connor and Cristina Valdivieso tricked me into doing something which I thought was a video behind the scenes guide on how to shoot timelapse…they lied.

Below is the result. Read more on their website I don’t like them anymore!

Intervention from Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor on Vimeo.

For more info check out


  1. Haha that was brilliant! Loved the point you made about calling your username or company ‘somethingfilms’ when you shoot video haha! Truely great short film… sorry video! If only more D.P.’s and Directors would do more stuff like this about themselves etc 🙂

  2. boat.

    Terribly amusing. I laughed, I cried, it became part of me. Great editing and even good “acting” by Phil. I know it wasn’t much of a stretch, but DeNero always plays DeNero, right?

  3. Hahaha very funny!

    As if you can do too many timelapses! Clearly, the others were overreacting 😉

    Is the rehabilitation program still open for registration…?

  4. Very funny, was chuckling all the way through. I am sure the TV stations will want a more positive ending though. How about “Philip is on the long road to recovery. He says he is having to live his life one frame at a time.”

  5. Only just found this on your site Phil, putting the timelapse issue to one side for a second, I’d like to ask what it is you about to watch on Pay Per View on the TV in your room? 🙂

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