Superb new shoulder mount for EX1 type cameras

Edit: Gliders hasn’t stood the test of time well. It went limp after a month or two, had it replaced twice and have now given up with it. Go with the el cheapo or better still if you have the cash, the Zacuto one.

Sorry it wasn’t as good as I had originally said.

I recently took delivery of a new shoulder mount for my EX1 that i bought on ebay. I have been using the “El Cheapo” mount successfully for a few months but this is altogether WAY better and still affordable.

Priced at $160 and from Cine City in India, the experts of cheap versions of camera gear. I have a Matte Box from them and it is fine, not great, just fine. But here they have excelled themselves!

Now it is adjustable in many more ways than the el cheapo.

First off you can adjust the height of the chest support to even go against the belly.

This makes it more comfortable and is less problematic with movement when you breathe.

As you can see here it is height adjustable for the camera. Another useful addition.

You can also adjust the distance of the camera away from the body

It hooks onto your shoulder like the El Cheapo. It is here that I still prefer the El Cheapo. But only just. It feels very comfortable to use, more than the old one and I was able to adjust it into the perfect position very easily.

It is also much better made and looks more professional, important in this business.

Now it is much more expensive than the El Cheapo but still a bargain.

I will be using it from now on. I can get really steady shots with this for hours on end. It looks like we have a new champion.

You can read all about it and buy it here:

Seriously, this is a really good bit of kit! Exactly what we have all been waiting for! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this. It is what every handheld camera owner should use.

I shall dub this the “Steady as she Blooms”

Good luck with it!


  1. I’ve got the “El Cheapo” and it works fine. I doubt it will do any good on the EX3, so, still looking for a support for that one!

  2. Sorry if this isnt relevant to this thread, but anyone have experience with the Sigma 17 – 35mm f2.8 OR the Sigma; 70 – 200mm f2 ?( is that so, ..a f2? ) A bit more barrel distortion on the wide end and edge to edge sharpness a bit off compared to Nikon’s same zooms?

  3. And while we’re at it, what about the ‘new’ Nikon 14 – 28mm f2.8….I wonder if the wide end would be scrificed abit and not quite be as wide, therefore shortening your effective focal length abit….but maybe the half inch chip /sensor see’s more of the piece of glass….and you do get the full wide angle effect, degress horizontal…????

  4. Hey Phil,

    Do you use this with your Ultimate setup? Seems like it might be difficult to get to the focusing ring unless you’ve got extra long arms.

  5. this is for naked camera only. Tested on EX1 and is great. Letus is too heavy. You need Zacuto for that.

    Got Sigma 14-24mm lens for my D300. Will test it out on Letus tomorrow…

  6. Ah.. so you do have problems with the breathing too. Thought so. This thing should sit perfectly on my waist (hoping that you’re a lot taller than me since your caucasian and i’m a short asian) and hopefully that should be perfect against breathing motion. Been using the el-cheapo, or rather trying, but ended up just dumping it every time and using the EX handheld.

  7. It has so many adjustments. If you loosen the chest dial it lets you tilt up and down easily .

    Seriously this is good. Will prob make a demo video

  8. yes, someone did a few months back.

    They said it was a poor copy of the Redrock M2.

    Shows some things aren’t that easy to copy well!!

  9. although it seems a little too light to take on a full EX 3 mount with Letus Adapter, could you just mount some heavier support rods to it even with handles? maybe theres a more inclusive kit out there but it seems worth the price alone to get the main brace ..

  10. Hi Philip. Is it possible to adjust it close enough to your body that you can use the screen on the EX1 rather than the eye piece? I have the cheapo mount and as a woman, struggle to reach everything as I can’t quite get the camera close enough!

  11. What do you mean, by “mine has gone a bit floppy”?? I’m assuming that you’re talking about your shoulder mount 😉 but would you mind elaborating a bit…

    I’m considering buying one of these, but I’ll hold off purchasing until I’m sure that it works and is not something that will not last…

    From the images posted, the base where the camera is mounted seems a bit flimsy…it doesn’t look as though it can support a fairly heavy setup for any extended period of time…

    One more question: I know that the EX1 and a 35mm adapter would be way too heavy for this type of setup, but do you think it could handle an HV20 and a Brevis35 with the flip module??



  12. I got mine in something like an impossible 36 hours from India to mid-America (seriously, it showed up in like a second! I think they must be at the airport waiting for orders!) and it is a good design, good build overall. I do think mine has gone floppy too, though, as I cannot seem to get the main hinge point knob to be tight enough. I don’t want to strip the thing, but it needs to get tighter somehow. Any ideas? An additional gasket/spacer? The rest of it is all very nice.

  13. It seems that the base plate is a bit too forward for the EX3 but … with a long support arm under the camera to place the front end of the camera near base plate (rails would help), you might be able to use this shoulder mount. As is, it seems the base plate is too far from you eye to use the EX3 viewfinder.

  14. Gliders hasn’t stood the test of time well. It went limp after a month or two, had it replaced twice and have now given up with it. Go with the el cheapo or better still if you have the cash, the Zacuto one.

    Sorry it wasn’t as good as I had originally said.


    1. Phil, unfortunately your advice to go with the el cheapo does not help since nowhere on this page do I see you telling us what exactly you mean by “el cheapo”.

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