Superb DSLR event in London this May

This can’t be missed with speakers like my good friends 24’s Rodney Charters, The Bui Brothers, Drew Gardner, Richard Jobson, me and many more. It’s a 2 day event at the BFI. One day is about 90 quid, both is about £150 quid!

If you are into DSLRs, just curious about them or like me spoon them each night this is the place to be!

Not just that but I will be showing the Great Zacuto Shootout results on a big screen and talking about shooting on a big budget movie with the Canons for Lucasfilm. Cool eh?

Click here for more info and booking!


  1. Looks like an amazing event, Philip … I’m sure you and Rodney will have a blast!

    Thanks for coming down to LA and filming the ‘Day At The Races’ with us … really looked gorgeous … your RAWworks Canon Master Class was stunning.

    Hope you’re feeling better …. wish you could have come back to West Hollywood after NAB … did you make it back home OK? … or are you trapped with Geoff Boyle somewhere in the Chunnel ???

    Can you make it to our HD SLR Extravaganza! here in West Hollywood on Saturday 1st May? … Rodney Charters and Bob Primes will be presenting workshops on lighting and lenses and we’ll have Redrock Micro Systems, Zeiss, LitePanels, Cineform and lots of great Canon footage to see in our DI DLP theater … will be a great day.

    Keep up the good work, Sir … you have a great eye!


    HD SLR fanatic
    West Hollywood

  2. Cool, I was hoping the Shootout might find it’s way to Converge. So much has been happened since Converge.One . I look forward to hearing your news.

    I wish you a full recovery by then so you don’t have to do the whole thing by iPad with Sat Nav lady or perhaps the ancient art of mime

  3. Hi Phil

    Sounds great, I have also bought a 550D (first DSLR) but as a novice will I be out of my depth. Please be honest, as though it sounds interesting and I would love to attend, I can also live with waiting until the next one rather than feeling isolated by my lack of knowledge. I know from your site you will tell it how it is.
    Thanks Gary

  4. Any info yet on what will be covered in particular workshops and talks on the schedule?
    I am very interested in coming but would like to know what the content of the workshops I’m signing up for is likely to be before I book, also what the talks are so I know what talk I’ll miss out on by choosing a particular workshop.

  5. Hey,

    Anyone got any ideas which day is best or if both days cover the same material? Would be a major bummer to spend the 150 if it is all covered on one day.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find much on the converge2 site.

    Any help appreciated.



    1. hi Elliot / Quentin,

      there is more info on the site now on the subjects covered.
      Basically each day ticket will also allow 2 workshops on that day and the both day ticket allows 2 on each day. So, if you want to see all the speakers and most of the workshops, go for the both day ticket. Otherwise, pick the day that most interests you.

      @convergeevents on twitter if you need any more info.



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