Shooting with the Panasonic HPX 301e

I was lucky enough to have the new Panasonic HPX 301e, which is the European version of the HPX 300, for the weekend. I went to film some ducks, to Piccadilly Circus (again) but the really nice stuff was when I nipped down to St Margarets Bay near Dover in Kent whilst visiting my parents. I know, I went to see my folks and spent most of the time out shooting. Bit of an addiction this shooting lark!

I love filming water. It fascinates me and I could watch it for hours. I also like tired English seaside resorts. St Margarets is really just a bay with a short promenade, not much there but a nice place to knock off a few shots. Everything was shot with the stock lens and filmed in AVCi 100. Edited in FCP using Pro Res 422

The camera was a joy to use. The LCD may not be as good as the EX1 but it’s still good. The viewfinder is also superb. I struggled a little with the camera, mainly due to my familiarity with Sony cameras and limited experience with Panasonic cameras. Just getting my head around the menus, how to change things. I couldn’t get a picture profile (scene file) that I was really happy with. Think this will take time. Also I found it annoying that in thumbnail mode to view my overcrank material I had to change the camera system to play it back. I suppose this is the same as my F350, but in the EX1/EX3 the dedicated media mode plays everything. These are just niggles that I will get used to.

The lens is fine, a 20x would be better but it performed well. There is CA in some shots but what do you expect at this price point?

Please check out the short here and do download the full HD version to see it at it’s best!



  1. Nice stuff!

    Satie really compliments water footage. Funnily enough, I’ve just finished editing some footage of the source of the River Meon from the spring-hole to the first mill and used the same piece of music, Six Gnossiennes I – Lent, particularly appropriate at the moment.

    Have you heard the Aldo Ciccolini version of it? If not, it’s an EMI recording and is an interesting take on Satie – more contrast in the moods. Well worth a listen.

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the production version of the Panny when you get it.

    cheers and happy shooting

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