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Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 11.15.24I have finally sorted created an Amazon store where I list the gear I use (that they sell) so it’s all on one page for you. I do of course make a small commission of each sale, but it just goes into Amazon credit so I can buy more gear to tell you about! I will add more sections when I have more time. If it’s in my store. I recommend it and you get the great Amazon guarantee of knowing your won’t be ripped off.

Click here to go to the store.


  1. Thanks, Philip! This actually answered a couple of specific questions I had about choosing gear (whether the 35 f2 was a good alternative to the 1.4 until a specific need for the L lens presents itself, for one).

    One question, though: did you mean to include the 100 f2 as your “great macro lens” or did you mean to choose the 100 f2.8 Macro? I’ve looked at both, and would get the f2 if it works well with a converter — is that the one you meant to include?

  2. thanks for listing your lenses…very helpful. one question regarding the tokina 11-16. since it’s listed as a nikon lens, i’m wondering if you need the fotodiox lens adapter. thanks, paul

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