Price reduction on DSLR training videos

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Good news!

Thanks to the great sales of the DSLR training videos all the start up and production costs have been recouped and F-Stop Academy have reduced the price of the training videos I made for them for the 7D and 5DmkII. They are $97 and $89 respectively.

Personally and honestly I think my 7D product for them is superior to the 5DmkII one as it covers the same ground as that one and much more. Even though it’s sold as 7D training video it works just as great for all the Canon line. The T2i, 550D, 7D, 5Dmk2 and 1DmkiV

Click on the banner below to be taken to the site. Download is obviously cheaper (and quicker) as there is no product to send to you. You can easily burn your own dvd from the download.

Of course after watching it and you still have questions my site is always here and am always available to answer questions!



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  1. Just got your 7D training – wonderful…has already helped. My 7D has arrived…just waiting on the lenses!
    I also ordered the Fader ND 58 mm with a 55 mm ring thanks to your video – will be fun to try out!

    Will the Singh-Ray Vari-ND 77mm Thin Ring Mount work for a Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8?

    Thanks again…your site is a great resource – Vicky

  2. Philip!

    That’s great news! Although I already purchased your 7D video, it was well worth the price. I haven’t jumped into the DSLR for video yet, as I am still gathering information and saving up for it.

    However, I did want to say that I showed my sister your video (she’s a budding photographer) and found you extremely entertaining. I then showed her the last episode of Filmfellas where you called Steve a pussy one last time, and she couldn’t stop laughing.

    Anyway keep up the great work, and if you are ever in Maui, let me know!


  3. Hi Philip,
    I’d like to buy it online but you do not propose that paypal and residing in Lebanon I can not access this service. A solution for me? in advance thank you and thank you again

  4. Glad to read you’re doing well with F-Stop Academy.

    I was going to buy one of these DVD’s since I’m, going to purchase a EOS 550D in a few months (new to HD video here!)

    Do you have any plans for a 550D specific DVD? Will the 7D one be suitable for me to learn the basics of DSLR HD recording?


  5. Philip,

    i own a 5d, but i bought the 7d instructional video, because i saw you mentioning that it is better severel times. I liked the tutorial and would recommend it to anyone. Could you please tell me, what maximum ISO would you use for 5d? In the video, you say the value for 7d, i guess for 5d it is a little bit higher, since its less noisy?

    Thx for this great blog, its been very helpful.

  6. I’m really, really gutted about this as I only just purchased the tutorial file for $135/£90
    I thought it was a really great video, but much more fairly priced now. Typical.


  7. Also, Philip… do you experience the vertical banding issues that have plagued some 7Ds…? I get it at really low ISO in RAW and around 200 – 800 ISO on video.

    A quick Google of ‘7D vertical banding’ will reveal a few matches!

    What do you advise doing? Should I send it off for repair? Would a firmware update fix the issue?

  8. Regarding the workflow part of the training video.

    I use premiere and I truly hate to edit h264. What compression should I use for premiere in MPEG streamclip. Cant seem to find the one you suggested for FCP.


  9. Am I just a moron? I can’t seem to find the digital download version of the 7D video, I only see the physical DVD. Anyone know how to find the digital download? I don’t want to wait for the DVD!

  10. After purchasing and watching the 7D video (several times), I felt armed with enough information to try out the video capabilities of the Canon 7D. Here are the results of my *FIRST* video project (on any camera): Hope you enjoy… Plenty of room for improvement, I’m sure.

    Thank you Philip, for the fantastic video tutorial… I hope that you’re working a a 2nd edition to cover additional/advanced topics.

  11. About to pick up a 5d2 in the next day or two, but still haven’t made all my lens and accessory decisions, specifically whether I purchase old Nikon AI primes or a fast Canon zoom or two.

    Philip, your training video seems like it might actually be of great use pre-purchase, and though you recommend the 7d, what will I be missing if I don’t buy the original 5d guide?

          1. Very methodical training covering all the basics. Thank you.

            But when you said ignore the slow motion section I didn’t realise you meant ‘ignore’ the slow motion section. Now I’m half wishing I’d bought the 7d! Anyone had any joy with Twixtor?

  12. hey philip,

    just downloaded and watched the 7D video. very informative! i’ve been using the 7D since may 2010 myself and already made a few films. one you might enjoy though you don’t have time surely is a button factory in austria:

    2 things i wanted to ask you:
    the attention to the shutter speed which i haven’t really paid much attention to. in your video you talk about the role of shutter speed (optimally at 60p or 50p for europe) and aperture setting, where you suggest applying a filter to reduce bright light. but other than recommending staying under ISO1600 you don’t really go into how ISO setting can reduce or add more light. is there a reason for this? up to now i have worked with all 3 settings to get the ideal exposure. any more comment on that?

    the audio recording: i also have a Zoom H4n and a sennheiser wireless mic set that i intend to use next month for shooting interviews. i thought the clips recorded on the 7D are time stamped and could be matched with the BAW (broadcast audio wave) time stamp on the zoom’s recordings. problem is all the time code on the 7D clips starts at 0:00:00:00 (i checked both converted and non-cpnverted files) am i missing something? or is it really better to use the plural eyes software.

    thx again for a nice tutorial!

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