Absolutely essential bit of kit for the DSLR filmmaker

There are as we know many issues with shooting with DSLRs (I now am sticking with just DSLRs rather than any other term) One big one is visual monitoring. Plug in the HDMI monitor lead into your Canon and the LCD disables. Very annoying, leaving you with just one monitoring method. The monitor

Currently no HDMI monitors are out there with HDMI passthrough so for me to give my director/ focus puller/ client/ mum a monitor to look at what I am doing whilst I operate the camera I am a bit screwed! A simple Y HDMI splitter doesn’t work, it needs to be powered. My great friends at JAG35 have made a nice elegant solution to this. A portable powered and compact HDMI splitter. The gave me one to test out when I saw them at Venice Beach the other day and I have tried it out and it works a treat. I can now run two monitors from the output of the Canon.

Now I have the Jag35 battery pack which sits underneath your camera or can be attached to their new cage which I will soon test out, currently this isn’t available but will be soon. In the meantime find a 5v battery pack or plug into the mains with the supplied power adaptor.

You do have to find somewhere to fix the splitter to your rig but that’s easy enough and again their new cage is very helpful for that. What we need now is for someone to PLEASE make a 90 degree mini HDMI to normal HDMI adaptor or a 90 degree mini HDMI to normal HMDI lead as I go through so many damn leads because of the way it sticks out it’s getting silly!

The splitter retails for $49.99 + shipping. Well worth it. You can order it by clicking here.