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amazongearstoreI haven’t done many podcasts for ages. On Saturday I did one for AnticipateMedia and spent around 90 minutes talking with Paul and Ben about everything under the sun. It’s an honest, frank conversation that I think some of you will find really fascinating.

Download it, stick it on your iPod and enjoy!

EDIT: MP3 version for download here!


In this 44th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your host Paul Antico is joined regular correspondent Ben Consoli to interview very special returning guest, Philip Bloom. Hailing from the UK, Skype managed to make Philip sound very far and then extremely close as the show went on, which is just the way we felt as we went through a journey of fantastic subjects with Philip, who has been in this business for a very long time.

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Topics Included:

  • Additional background on him, most of it you can hear in Ep 31
  • How Philip describes himself and what he does today, in 2013
  • The value of starting your career in news shooting
  • How Philip came into the education/evangelist role
  • His advice for freelancers and the importance of work/life balance
  • How he chooses what he posts on his site and why (little news, shoot stories, gear reviews, posts about living in the industry)
  • How people connect with him on his site after he posts personal stories
  • Working one-man-band vs with a team – specializing is important, but there are real world cost limitations
  • Delineating certain situations that require just one to three people vs a larger crew
  • Crew size considerations when you have one – smaller vs larger
  • Directing and shooting – is it possible?
  • When working in a crew: “Letting go” and focusing on your role
  • Taking stills vs working in video
  • The speed and pace of the release of new tech and plunging prices
  • The obsession over cameras
  • The obsession over raw video – why?
  • The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and raw – the importance of budgeting time and money for the back end
  • Is there “one good camera?” – depends on what you are working on & the merits of the C300 as an example. Will there ever be one camera that does it all?
  • Looking at old footage taken – focusing on the value of the story and not tech
  • Looking at the future – maybe there will be one camera that does it all? We dive into a little Science Fiction
  • A generous 4K discussion – delivery & consumption: what’s the point? The limits of our eyes – will the audience notice or even care? How about streaming 4K?
  • The acquisition benefits of 4K even when targeting 2K (e.g. framing for interviews)
  • The realistic limits of broadband in homes
  • “Showing off” by having a piece of gear – by producers and shooters both – what’s the reason?
  • How do clients approach him about using certain cameras
  • The owner/operator conundrum- renting vs buying in this day and age
  • The downsides of large sensor cameras – A) the need for skill in focusing (and the plus side – not everyone can do it, it requires knowledge of the craft) & B) range limits on lenses
  • When to use a large sensor camera vs a more ENG-style camera – example about a series filmed at a beach in Australia
  • How the low cost filmmaker revolution had changed (or not) the value of talent vs gear- does cream rise to the top? Has talent flourished?
  • Pricing challenges and why (& how) you should stick to your convictions
  • The importance of enjoying what you do- what to do if you truly hate doing it
  • The Need to be Creative – as per Philip Bloom
  • And much more!

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  1. I just finished listening to the podcast start to finish. I’m a young guy in this industry, 30 years old. I’ve been in it since I was 18, but I always feel like I’m just getting started as the industry keeps changing. I remember when I was in college the DVX100 was the one I had to have, first there was the A then there was the B, then you came along and introduced us to Letus 35mm adapters. I was frustrated throughout college because I wanted a camera that could get as close to film as possible, but I also wanted nice depth of field. So then the EX1 was the one to own, hahaha. Needless to say I never bought any camera, I just kept renting them. Over the years when I get asked to speak at colleges I love to talk to students and I’ll often hear, “What camera do I buy?” I will respond “you’ve just asked the wrong question.” You should be asking, “What equipment should I buy?” I always respond, FIRST buy a great set of sticks, great head. Then start investing in good glass, buy good cases to protect those lenses, buy filters for them, then audio. Buy around your camera, because your camera is irrelevant. Then buy a nice run and gun slider. There is not one camera to rule them all.” Then I point them to your site haha.

    I thank you for doing this podcast. It was very very well done and glad you talk about the great gauge of the family. Latest and greatest isn’t always the best. Thinking about the right tool for the job is!
    Preserving, hard work, and don’t get down on yourself – well said!

  2. Philip!

    Thanks so much for posting this podcast! I love your view on not needing a 4k camera and not needing raw. Truly inspires me to work on creativity and keep working hard to tell a story!

    Thanks for all you do!


  3. Wow, definitely the best bloom interview I’ve heard/seen.
    Many many lessons learned and appreciate the honesty concerning 4K&RAW.
    Definitely made me re-evaluate how I spend money on gear.
    Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog as I wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

  4. I’m a regular listener /follower of your podcasts, articles and blogs and just wanted to thank you for the information that you so kindly share, freely. I have come to understand in greater detail the film making / photography process.

    So, thank you.

    Secondly, I just wanted to comment on couple of things that you raised in your podcast, which is about resolution, colors and 4K. Now, I’m not an optometrist, but I’m just wondering whether all of this resolution stuff with the super duper new cameras, etc, comes down the simple fact that as humans ( most of us) have only 3 cones in our retinas, which allows for so many millions of colors. (not sure the exact amount) This means that we will only be able to see what our eyes will allow us to see. This would then translate to the fact that no matter what output medium was created or built, as humans with these 3 cones, we would still be processing the maximum amount of colors that our genetics allows us to.

    Some people are born with 4 cones. This could mean that they would be able to see the 4K resolution images with the clarity and details that the 4K sensor will have captured. But for the most of us this would not be the case.

    So all of this boils down to the fact that no matter what manufacturers tell us or sell us, our human eyes can only see so much.

    Of course, I could be totally wrong, and no doubt I will be corrected on this – I just thought that perhaps sometimes we may overlook the simplest of facts…..

    1. The human retina contains about 120 million rod cells and 6 million cone cells- that`s what wikipedia say. Now start mathh. Beside that all, cones are not fixed but kind of sway like cornfield seen from above which means they see more then fixed elements. All that is processed in the human brain which invented and still invents computers, not the other way around. Beside it, visual acuity depends on distance to object, and so on. So many factors to consider. Microcontrast anyone?

  5. Best P. Bloom interview I have heard. The 4k stuff and the down to earth points should be useful for every shooter.

    I subscribed to the Need Creative podcast after this and found a few gems in past episodes, good to have found it existed.

  6. Dear Philip,

    Thank you so much for all the time, passion, and effort you put into these wonderful posts, films, and podcasts. I have learned so much on your web site.

    In your June 1 podcast, you mentioned that you now shoot interviews in 4K (for the freedom if gives you in post aside from the breathtaking beauty of the 4K image). Is there now ever a situation where you prefer using the C300 instead of the 1DC?

    Thank you in advance.

    – Nick

  7. I’m a long-time listener, first-time caller. Thanks for the great message. About a month ago I became paralysed with this idea of needing raw, but after listening to this I was able to reengage my brain and realise I don’t actually need it at all. I just need to get out there and do stuff!

    Thanks for the help.

  8. Hi Phillip,

    I also thought this podcast was great. I was particularly interested in the conversation regarding the heavy debate surrounding the BBMC & 5D. On this note however I was interested you didn’t mention anything about bit depth and the benefits of shooting at 12Bit as opposed to 8bit.

    What is your opinion on this topic?


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