Welcome to my new site and a new attempt at a forum! There are many forums out there, so why create a new one? Well I want one that is specially for the lovely bunch of people that are you, my readers, and I want a really friendly helpful forum to spring from this. Although this is not a forum just about my site. Far from it. This is a forum for people who love to shoot, who love to edit, who love to create. If that is you then welcome!

I have had mixed experiences with forums. Some like DVINFO.NET have been incredibly helpful friendly places. Others…not. Forums often get a bad rep but I am convinced we can create something special and unique here.

There will be a lot of gear questions of course, and there are specific forums for all the main cameras and for equipment, but there are also some about filmmaking. Make use of these!

Directory is the place to tell people where you are and what you do. It’s broken down into geographical regions. I will add more specific regions if I see a need for them and if requested.

Showcase your work and share with us your upcoming projects in “Share your work”

If you have any suggestions for this forum, let me know. It’s brand new and therefore a work in progress. If you see a missing category, let me know! I am open to all ideas! Any bugs, then please let me know!! Naturally it is going to be bare bones with little content right now. That will come with time and from you!

You will notice that this is a real name forum. I think it’s important for people to know each other by name and not pseudonyms. Unfortunately it’s a separate registration to the comments section. Sorry I couldn’t get them to integrate. Well not yet, anyway!

We have some very talented filmmakers as moderators, and I promise they won’t get drunk with power! 🙂 If you feel you can offer something as a moderator, especially within specific categories, then email me telling me about yourself to

So for now enjoy the journey with me! Click on FORUM in the top menu and register away!

Currently it and my site don’t work perfectly with the iPhone…we are working on a mobile version of the site but with the £1.99 Tapatalk app for android/ iOS the forum works brilliantly. I have set it all up with the app and it is ready to go. Just download search for Philip Bloom, sign in and away you go!


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