Almost $8000 raised for the Make A Wish Foundation/ Kessler Crane Stealth fundraiser!!


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EDIT: ADAM SOTO has won the STEALTH from a random pulling of a number in the live draw. Thanks to EVERYONE for this incredible figure raised You are brilliant…and thanks to Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane for his continued generosity. 

To tie in with the release of the rather nice new slider from Kessler Crane and the re-launch of my website, Eric Kessler has generously come up with the idea of giving one away in conjunction with a fund raising for a charity very close to his heart. The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Make-A-Wish grants children with terminal or life threatening illnesses wishes to give them hope. To give them some joy when they have none. It’s a really special charity.

To be in with a chance of winning a Stealth all you need to do is donate $10 or more (more is better!) to any of your local Make A Wish chapter and send a receipt of it to this address. The fundraiser will last 2 weeks and I will make the live draw on Feb 12th. More details to come. This is a world wide competition so doesn’t matter where you live!

The great news is Eric will match the donation up to $5000. So get donating!!

About the slider: The Stealth is an all black hybrid between the basic pocket dolly and the top of the range Philip Bloom Slider.  Whereas my one comes with a case, feet, flat head adaptor and crank. This a build your own system (not possible to add the crank), with a starting price of $799.95 for either the 2 foot traveler or 3 foot standard.

Not everyone wants a flashy red ended slider like my model. Some want it all in black and of course some people naturally don’t want my name on it either! So that is where the stealth comes in. Sexy black. Minimalist. As smooth as all the pocket dollys. This is the dolly you don’t want to attract attention to…hence the name “Stealth”

If you want to order it click here or the banner below. It’s generally in stock unlike the Bloom dolly which is available in small batches once a month near the end of each month.


  1. hello philip, i made a donation a today and i copied and pasted the email they sent me in to the message. i also attached a screen shot of the email. is that acceptable?

    thank you!

  2. Philip, just sent my receipt! I love this competition because it’s a “win-win” all around. First, Make-A-Wish gets its sorely needed support, we in the US of A can deduct the donation on our taxes, and one lucky winner gets a new choice piece of gear!

    Rock on! BTW, if I win, can I get your signature on the stealth? 😉

    Cheers from Mardi Gras land!

  3. Just donated!
    I hope next time it will be possible for me to donate more.
    That’s great idea. Not many people care about more things than their projects!

    Have a nice day everybody!

  4. Philip I’m at a lost for words right now, thank you and eric for this wonderful contest. most importantly thanks to everyone that donated to this contest!!!!!

    philip i have a story to share with you!!!

    thanks again

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