Panasonic Lumix GH1

608939I want this camera. 

It hasn’t come out. Maybe June and no idea how much it will cost but it uses the micro four thirds system shoots 12mp stills and 1080p 24p full hd Video in AVCHD. 

lumixgh1apanasonic-lumix-g-micro-system-dmc-gh1Could this be the stills camera that I have been waiting for? Sure it isn’t full frame 35mm sensor, but the sensor is still bigger than a 16mm sensor or a 2/3″ video sensor. 

It gets past some of the issues with the Nikon D90 and Canon 5dmk2. Namely sound looks better supported and the LCD is completely movable. 

I haven’t seen any killer footage yet or any low light stuff…but if i can just get my hands on one to try out…well one can wish can’t one?!
Check out these links for more info:

Who do I need to speak to so I can try one out!?


  1. I own the non-video version. It’s a great little camera. Feels great in hadn despite the small form factor, electronic viewfinder is excellent and auto focus is much faster in live view mode then i.e. Canon 5DMK2. Only downside is that the standard lenses are quite slow. I build my own adapter for nikkor lenses and there is a commercial adapter for leica M lenses. There is also rumor of faster panasonic lenses coming out. All in all, I can’t wait to get my hands on a HD version.

      1. Yes, I do have the 5DMk2. Lovely image with shallow depth of filed. Compression mostly acceptable. A very good stills camera too. Very handy as all in one. Stabilized lens very recommended for hand held shooing but then you get only F4 with normal zoom (24-105). Very lovely with 70-200 L VR. Waiting for my Nikon adapter so I get full aperture control with Nikkor lenses. Sound quality with external mic is ok.

        Downsides: Impossible to hold focus with little screen on even the slightest movement on subject. It does provide focus assist in when you are not shooting though (live view mode) auto focus not usable while shooting movie. No slow motion or time laps mode (miss it a lot). Codec a pain since you have to render into apple pro res or XDCAM to be able to edit it in Final Cut.

        Definitely not a replacement for EX3 but we use it as a B camera for closeup shots on some episodes or as an all in one while shooting landscape stills.

          1. I think right now it’s only do it yourself. For fun I used literally a sock to make an adapter with which you get cool effects like you get with TS lenses and lensbabies. I have a Nikon 14mm 2.8 which gives you 28 on four thirds in 35mm terms. The cheap nikkor 50mm 1.4 turns into a 100mm on four thirds. great setup for medium length shots outside.Also great for macro and extreme shallow depth of filed on closeups.

    1. @ Peter Urban:

      How did you build your own little adapter…

      What about Nikon G lenses…???

      16:9 build an adapter for Nikkor on Canon… including the ability to change the apature.

      Anything like that for the Panasonics?

  2. It does look good but the data rate is still low 17Mbps and if you look at the specs it say the sensor captures 24 but output is 60i for 1920×1080.

    While for me nothing is quite there yet, the 5D is close in terms of spec, I am very excited to see this growing trend and hope that it will force the video manufacturers to stop going for the ‘what we can get away’ with spec and do the best they can produce.
    Example being there is no reason Canon could not stick the 5D chip in a XLh1 body & skip the tape, Sony the same with Alpha sensors.
    They have to step up their game or prepare to be left behind when people like Red get up to speed and other follow their lead.
    looking forward to a bright future (through my F1.2 lens).
    P.S. Keep up the great work Phil nice to see someone good at what he does with out the ego.

    1. Thanks Nick for comments. Don’t know why, maybe it’s the size and the red colour but love the idea of this camera. Yeah the glass is too slow. Will be using a 5dmk2 at NAB. Trying to get a Nikon adaptor in time for it so I can use all my super fast glass (like my f1.2 50mm!!)

      The compression of the Lumix is a bit shitty but I will wait to see what it is like. Just looking for a great do everything camera to go on hols with!

  3. The problem will be glass..

    There aren’t a lot of fast lenses in the 4/3rds market.

    If you get an adaptor you will still have a hard time getting wide enough since all of your Nikon primes will be doubled in terms of focal length/fov.

    It is tempting at such a low price point. Once I start adding in the glass, I have second thoughts.

    1. For me, it’s all about having a nice camera to take away on hols, or keep in my bag. But also for those time when you need REALLY low light capabilities for some night shots. Perfect for that!

  4. Hey Philip, when testing the 5D 2, make sure you bring along some strong ND filters, as you will need to stop down about six or seven stops (in daylight, if shooting wide open) in order to get an acceptable shutter speed. The Manfrotto 577 Plate works really great with the 5D 2 and a Zacuto baseplate (using mattbox), also the pin on the zacuto baseplate prevents you from directly attaching it to the 5D. Here is an interesting look at the difference between letus and canon 5d 2:
    Here is a recent test I did with the 5D using 50 and 100mm Zeiss ZF lens:

  5. I have had my eye on this one too. It looks like a fun camera at a relatively low price compared to the Canon with a usefulness that could pay off the price in a single job. I heard it was meant to be on sale tomorrow, yet no prices on the net!! Please get one Phil and do a review. Adam

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