Off to the West Coast USA on 1st March

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Shooting part of a doco for some cool indie filmmakers out there. Using two Ex1s. One with a Letus Extreme mounted on it for all the beauty shots and interviews. One clean and handheld for all the actuality.

Can’t wait.

Am flying into LAX on the 1st March then going straight off to Santa Fe to start filming.

We then work our way west through Arizona and Nevada back to LA.

This should be on cool trip. Going to many places I have never been to and will really be testing out the EX1. Lots of low light shoots and a lot of handheld work.

I will be blogging on the trip .


  1. That’s really great and thanks to keep blogging! Any handheld work with the Extreme? This is what I am trying to figure out at this point. It worked well with my PD170, but now with my EX1, it is not as comfortable, but still working on a solution!!!

    Have a nice trip!

  2. Phil,
    Love you works since my first time visit your blog.
    Now i starting my 35mm dream just because all your great works.
    You have the Letus rods support system, right?
    Need your advice, the 30+15cm and 45+15cm, which set were you recommend for EX1+Letus Extreme?
    thanks a lot.

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